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Friday, September 16, 2011

Paul DePodesta takes his name off the Moneyball Movie

Mets VP of Player Development -  Paul DePodesta says he does plan to see "Moneyball" the movie, and explains to Brian Costa in the Wall Street Journal why he did not want his name used. Jonah Hill plays Peter Brand, the character that would have been DePodesta had the Mets VP given permission. Writes Costa:

Over the last several years, DePodesta said he met with several of the film's actors, writers and directors to talk about his role with the 2002 Athletics. The team won 103 games despite having one of the lowest payrolls in baseball, in part because of how Beane and DePodesta used statistical analysis to find bargains on the trade and free-agent markets. DePodesta met, at different times, with both Hill and Demetri Martin, the actor who was initially slated to play him. There were various incarnations of the script, but he said he was always concerned about how he would be portrayed. Shortly before the film began shooting last year, he asked the filmmakers to remove his name from it, and they agreed. "I think for Jonah, actually, it was even a little uncomfortable, because as he told me, it was his first time having to play a real person," DePodesta said. Making the character fictional "gave him a little more freedom to do his job."

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Will Terry Collins Get On Board with the Moneyball Theory?

On this date in 1934, the Brooklyn Dodgers signed Casey Stengel to a two-year deal to be their manager.

Today, 77 years later, Terry Collins will look to the example set by Stengel in running a baseball team.

Though they Mets were downright terrible during Stengel's tenure, the fire and energy he brought as the first Mets manager rang true with the players.

Early reports have described Collins as "loud," which is a great sign for the Mets. The last three managers, Art Howe, Willie Randolph and Jerry Manuel, were more soft spoken in trying to get their points across. Half the time, did we even know what Manuel was saying?

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