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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mets GM Alderson Part of International Talent Committee

Major League Baseball's International Talent Committee, which is discussing the possibility of a worldwide draft and includes Mets general manager Sandy Alderson, met for the first time on Jan. 9, a person familiar with the schedule told the Daily News on Wednesday.

MLB and the Players' Association later issued a joint news release confirming that the committee — which, in addition to Alderson, includes MLB executives Rob Manfred and Kim Ng, Tampa Bay exec Andrew Friedman, and union officials Michael Weiner, Stan Javier,Tony Clark and Rick Schapiro — had begun its work.

Although it was created in November by the new Collective Bargaining Agreement to discuss myriad issues, the committee will be watched most closely for its treatment of the draft. The concept inspires vehement opposition in many parts of Latin America, and its opponents point to Puerto Rico as an example of why a draft can cripple a country's baseball economy.

"The concern is, countries do not want to be Puerto Rico," former Mets GM Minaya told the News in November, referring to the oft-cited example of the U.S. territory that became subject to the amateur draft in 1990.

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