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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

MLB News: Mike Piazza Falls Short Again - Maddux, Glavine, Thomas Get Elected to 2014 Hall

MLB News:

A player needs to appear on 75 percent of ballots cast in order to be elected. Only three got in and one was NOT Mike Piazza.

Greg Maddux (97.2 percent), Tom Glavine (91.9) and Frank Thomas (83.7) all were elected in to the 2014 class.

Maddux failed to unseat Tom Seaver (98.8 percent in 1992) for the highest percentage received in gaining election.

Mike Piazza improved his percentage in his second year on the ballot, but fell short again of election to Cooperstown.

Piazza appeared on 62.2 percent of ballots cast by eligible Baseball Writers' Association of America voters, an increase from 57.8 percent in his inaugural season of eligibility.

The remainder of the voting > 5% who will remain on the ballot next year:

Craig Biggio (74.8 percent -- two votes shy among 571 votes cast)
Piazza 62.2
Jack Morris 61.5
Jeff Bagwell 54.3
Tim Raines 46.1
Roger Clemens 35.4
Barry Bonds 34.7
Lee Smith 29.9
Curt Schilling 29.2
Edgar Martinez 25.2
Alan Trammell 20.8
Mike Mussina 20.3
Jeff Kent 15.2
Fred McGriff 11.7
Mark McGwire 11.0
Larry Walker 10.2
Don Mattingly 8.2
Sammy Sosa 7.2

They have to receive at least 5% to stay on but Jack Morris falls off the ballot after appearing for 15 years. He will be eligible for selection by a veterans committee every three years, beginning for the 2016 class.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Perez vs. Glavine

Remember when Tom Glavine gave up those 7 runs in the 1st inning on the last day of the season in 2007, costing the Mets a trip to the playoffs? I knew he was the worst pitcher alive that day.
Does Oliver Perez even compare to that? As much as he has sucked the past few seasons. Did we really expect him to blow our minds away with CY Young stuff every year then choke the last day of the season?
Would he really say something like "I'm not devastated. I'm disappointed. Devastation is for much greater things in life,"?? (Did he really just say that?!) In terms of baseball, that game was devastating. Obviously Tom Glavine had his head somewhere else. But with Perez we knew his head has always been somewhere else. But we accepted it and when he was good, we cheered and when he was horrible we booed.
As much as I couldn't bare to watch Ollie sometimes, at least he wasn't Tom Glavine.
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