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Monday, July 21, 2014

Mets Rumors: Shortstop won't come cheap, especially good ones

Mets Rumors: Shortstop won't come cheap, especially good ones

The New York Mets find themselves slumbering for offense with a core of mediocre players such as Ruben Tejada. Shortstop is one of the positions the Mets must upgrade to make a run at the division or even a wild card push. But some of the options that would make sense for the Mets would have to involve big prospects going the other way. The Noah Syndergaards of world have to be included to get anybody's blood flowing. The Mets can also ship other alternatives such as Rafael Montero and/or Wilmer Flores, who does not appear to have a future role with the big club. The Mets find themselves once again on the border of bad teams as the offensive woes run upon them. The Mets will have pitching depth with Jeremy Hefner (rehabbing) and Matt Harvey coming back to form for the 2015 season.

The shortstops  I think that would make sense for any GM to trade are ones that have large salaries attached to them. Three shortstops I think could help the Mets be a steadier at that position are Troy Tulowitzki, Elvis Andrus, and Starlin Castro. But they all could be to pricey for this Mets organization.

Andrus, a perfect lead-off hitter for the Mets has still yet to turn 26 and is already in the midst of his sixth consecutive above-average season. Though he has limited value at the plate, he rates as an excellent base-runner and defender. Despite signing a massive eight-year, $120MM extension that does not even kick in until next year, and which allows him to opt out if he is able to meet or exceed expectations, he is playing on a club that has fallen out of contention this year and which has several even younger options waiting in the wings.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Mets Rumors: Cubs Starlin Castro might be a fit for Mets, but might cost Wheeler or Syndergaard in return

Mets Rumors:

According to a report by John Harper of the Daily News, the Mets are an ideal candidate for a SS Starlin Castro Trade with the Cubs.

The Problem is who would the Mets give up to get him? The Cubs are looking to upgrade their farm system with pitching. The Mets have plenty of minor league pitchers, but it is up to the Mets to depart with some in order to get a deal done.

Harper suggest that Zack Wheeler and Jacob deGrom could get the deal in action, problem is the Mets are with injuries to Jon Niese and others like Matt Harvey.

If the Mets can get Harvey back to 100% and have Noah Syndergaard ready for 2015 the Mets will have some depth to deal with. Guys like Rafael Montero or Jacob deGrom could become available...

So would an offer of Wheeler convince Epstein to deal now? One baseball executive friendly with Epstein said it would take more.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Mets Rumors: Mets have Interest in SS Starlin Castro

Mets Rumors:

The Mets, as we all know are looking to upgrade at shortstop and it appears the Chicago Cubs are looking to deal SS Starlin Castro.

The Mets have company in the shortstop search as the Pirates, Marlins, Cardinals also have interest in the the 23 year old shortstop.

Starlin Castro was one of the best prospects in baseball when he entered the MLB in 2010. Castro was thought to have amazing hand-eye coordination and was able to spray line drives everywhere. For his debut and the following year, that stayed true. Starlin hit .300 in his 2010 playing time and had the most hits in the NL in 2011 with 207 while also hitting .307.

While Starlin was having success his first two season he started to slide down hill with only hitting .283 in 2012 and hitting .245 in 2013. The way Starlin has plummeted down hill has teams wondering whether he is really a .300 hitting short stop or if the .245 average in 2013 is what he is going to be the remainder of his career.

The reports which have come out as of now state that the Cubs would be looking for multiple top 100 prospects. The reports have also stated within this package the Cubs would like to get at least two pitchers.

The St. Louis Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Pirates would match up best with the Cubs as both teams have multiple pitching prospects that they could dangle in a deal for Castro. At this point thought it seems as if the St. Louis Cardinals have the most interest in Starlin, and would be most willing to deal it’s top pitching prospects for him.
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