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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mets will tender contracts to Angel Pagan and Mike Pelfrey

According to Jon Heyman of, the Mets will tender contracts to Angel Pagan and Mike Pelfrey.

Hardly a shock, as the Mets don't have quality alternatives for either player right now. Pagan stands to make between $4-5 million in his final year of arbitration while Pelfrey could make close to $6 million.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jose Reyes will have nine teams interested in him including Yanks and Red Sox

According to Jon Heyman of, Rival executives identified no less than nine teams that could be a fit for Reyes both in terms of finances and the playing field. Those teams are the Giants, Cardinals, Tigers, Angels, Nationals, Braves, Phillies, Red Sox and Yankees in addition to the incumbent Mets, who already have made clear they will make a play for the popular homegrown star who still leads the National League in batting average (.336), runs (80) and triple (16), even after missing significant time.

Heyman says, the most intriguing teams on that list are the Yankees and Red Sox, and while neither would seem to be likely landing spots for Reyes, execs say that they can never be ruled out.

Also, Heyman indicates that he believes the Mets will only spend $90 Million for 5 years and 6 years might be stretching it a bit.

There have been reports that say Reyes want to be a Met, but the question remains will Reyes give the Mets the hometown discount?

After killing them in the past with injuries and even this year will Reyes have pitty on the Mets Ownership a let them keep him at their price.
What do you think the Mets will offer?  and  What do you think Reyes will get?

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Rumor Mill: Carlos Beltran Suitors Down to Four?

Jon Heyman of list the possible suitors for Carlos Beltran at the moment.

Heyman says,
"The Giants, Phillies and Braves look like the front-runners for Carlos Beltran at the moment, with the Brewers another possibility. Milwaukee lost centerfielder Carlos Gomez, a former Met, to injury, and could consider Beltran for centerfield or rightfield, with Corey Hart moving to center. Some are suggesting the Giants already have plenty of outfielders and in early talks with the Mets they've been unwilling to include their top talent (they'd rather pay money; Beltran has about $7 million left on his Mets deal)".

I believe as much as I don't want to, that the Phillies will eventually end up with Beltran even though the Giants could use the offense a little more. The Braves have a lot of underachieving players including McClouth and Uggla , who has been awful this year. They also have some glaring holes in lineup without Chipper and now Dan Uggla who is hurt with a calf injury.  

The team that comes out on top of this 4 team race so far will have to pay for his services no doubt.  

For the Phillies, it's pure greed and for the Braves and Giants could mean one of moves that can get them through the playoffs

Monday, June 27, 2011

Texas Rangers are interested in Beltran and K-Rod???

WFAN and’s Jon Heyman reports that the Rangers are “interested” in Mets outfielder Carlos Beltran and Francisco Rodriguez.

Beltran and the Rangers are not an obvious match, since Texas is set at the outfield corners with Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz. Of course, there are ways to make it work, as Hamilton and Beltran are capable of playing center field. Plus, Hamilton and Cruz are not locks to avoid the DL from here on out.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Heyman: Mets would have to be overwhelmed to trade Reyes

As the deadline approaches there is many are speculating that  Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran will be traded.

Jon Heyman of has the top 20 everyday player candidates that could get traded before the deadline and of course,  Beltran and Reyes are on it

Heyman on Reyes:
"Reyes being dealt is far less than a certainty now. As one competing National League executive speculated, "the Mets will need to be overwhelmed'' to move Reyes. For a while, it appeared that his being traded was a foregone conclusion, but now that exec's assessment sounds about right, what with the Mets hanging around the fringes of the wild card race and Reyes generally playing better than just about anyone else in the league."
The Giants, Cards, Brewers, and Reds were mentioned to be logical candidates where Reyes would be a natural fit.

Heyman on Beltran:
"Because of no knee concerns they shouldn't be limited to examining deals with only American League teams, though that's still where the logical interested teams reside. The Red Sox have long liked Beltran (top assistant Allard Baird was the GM when Beltran was starring in Kansas City), with the White Sox and Tigers other possibilities. The Yankees were making some sense when DH Jorge Posada was struggling from the right side and right-fielder Nick Swisher from the left, but the Yankees appear very focused on upgrading their pitching staff at the moment. Beltran also has no-trade powers, but he is said to be likely to accept a deal to a contender."

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Heyman: "Reyes likely to command big salary , not Crawford money"

According to Jon Heyman of
The guesses for Reyes were for three years for $45 million, four years for $60 million, five years for $80-to-90 million, "at least $100 million,'' and six years and about $108 million.

The person who suggested $80-to-90 million saw Torii Hunter and Adrian Beltre as the fair comps. That one and the two guesses in the nine-figure range may be the most realistic in that Reyes impacts both sides of the ball, is as exciting and energetic player as there is when healthy and free-agent shortstops like him just don't often hit the market. Still, Crawford's deal seems nothing short of pie-in-the-sky at this point.

The guesses may be hurt by the history of free-agent shortstops, as no one comparable besides past-his-prime Derek Jeter has hit the market in recent years. Rafael Furcal got $39 million over three years from the Dodgers after the 2005 season. The very upper echelon shortstops, such as the Rockies' Troy Tulowitzki and the Marlins' Hanley Ramirez, have signed long-term deals with their original teams, as did the Yankees' Jeter when in his prime. The other factor playing in Reyes' favor is that several teams could use a shortstop, including the Giants, who have substantial money coming off the books, and perhaps even the rival Phillies if they fail to re-sign their own free-agent shortstop, Jimmy Rollins. Now wouldn't that be something?

The best guesses are probably the three highest estimates, the ones either approaching or at nine figures, considering Reyes' all-around skills. But still, none of those guesses comes close to Wilpon's claim of a Crawford request.
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Heyman on Mets: Bobby V, Terry Collins, Brad Emaus

Robert John Valentine (born May 13, 1950 in St...
Heyman on Mets:  

Two of the prospective buyers of the Mets, Stevie Cohen and Anthony Scaramucci, are known to be close to ex-Mets manager Bobby Valentine. The Wilpons are trying to sell a large minority stake in the team with the understanding they'd retain control of the operation of the team. But it would be interesting if a new partner wanted to bring Valentine in to manage.

Fred Wilpon has resisted hiring Valentine since firing him following his very successful run in Queens from 1996 to 2002, which included the first back-to-back postseason appearances in franchise history in 1999 and 2000.

But a vocal limited partner could bring Valentine's name back into play. Valentine, at the Yankees-Rangers game Sunday night for ESPN, was asked about the possibility of this happening, and he replied, "Why would I want to do that? I have a great job.'' Friends of Valentine's believe his managing career isn't over.

Terry Collins predicted his Mets would go 9-2 over an 11-game stretch but that isn't going to happen, since they lost the first three. But Collins helped the Mets to a win over the Braves on Sunday by employing starters Chris Capuano and R.A. Dickey in relief to break a seven-game losing streak. 

The Mets have made several mental mistakes this year, and outfielder Angel Pagan inexplicably seems to have regressed. 

Meanwhile, Brad Emaus, the Rule V pickup at second base, hasn't impressed many. "He looks like a Quadruple A player,'' one competing GM said.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Jon Heyman : Mets 25 Man Roster

Graphic Courtesy of Amazin Avenue
Heyman Says:
  • Tim Byrdak, a LOOGY, has already made the team.
  • The bench will have five players.
  • The twelfth spot on the pitching staff will go to Blaine Boyer, Jason Isringhausen or Manny Acosta, three righthanded pitchers.
  • The Mets are looking for a lefty reliever. This could be a minor trade maybe involving Luis Hernandez
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Citi-Field will host 2013 All-Star Game

Citi Field with Shea Stadium's Home Run AppleImage via Wikipedia
The Mets will host the 2013 All-Star Game at Citi Field, people with knowledge of the situation told

While the decision isn't being characterized as "official," plans are already in the works.

The team has not hosted the All-Star Game since 1964, the longest drought of any franchise.

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