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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mets News: Wilmer Flores to start at shortstop over Tejada Tuesday

Mets News:

According to Adam Rubin of ESPN NY, Wilmer Flores will start at shortstop for a third time in spring training on Tuesday. Manager Terry Collins suggested that is unrelated to Ruben Tejada's poor play, which should raise a couple of eyebrows -  if the Mets are going to make a move soon.

Tejada went 1-for-3 with two strikeouts Monday in a 10-7 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals. He is now hitting .120 (3-for-25) this spring training.

Collins iterated that he wants to see his agility in action at shortstop as Flores participated in a fitness camp this winter which worked on his flexibility and coordination.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Mets Injury Report: Duda leaves with leg stiffness

Mets Injury Report:

Lucas Duda, who started Monday's game against the Atlanta Braves at first base, departed with leg stiffness, Terry Collins said.

Collins indicated the rash of minor maladies is likely because of sun-baked fields and the effort being exerted by the players in camp.

The manager expected Ike Davis (calves), Ruben Tejada (hamstring) and Eric Young Jr. (side muscle) all to enter the lineup Tuesday, however.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Mets News: Ruben Tejada has discomfort in hamstring, held out of games

Mets News:

Ruben Tejada indicated he felt "a little bit tight" in his left hamstring while taking groundballs before Sunday's Grapefruit League game. He then decided it was better to report it to the Mets rather than try to play through the issue.

Tejada was scratched from the game at Roger Dean Stadium against the St. Louis Cardinals.

He noted that missing a couple of days now as a precaution would be better than suffering a strain that could cost him a few weeks of spring training as he tries to convince Mets brass he merits being the regular shortstop.

"It's better to say something before something bad," Tejada said. "... That's why I said something, because I don't want to miss two or three weeks with something."

Tejada will not play in Monday's game against Atlanta, either.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mets Rumors: Mets unhappy with SS Ruben Tejada? Drew, Franklin Possibilities?

Mets Rumors:

Despite the opportunity, Ruben Tejada hasn't exactly locked up the shortstop spot in Queens. Tejada still isn't working out for the Mets.

Even though Tejada attended an offseason strength/conditioning and nutrition camp in Michigan, Mets management has not been overwhelmed by the shortstop's "new" body. "He looks pretty much the same," one source told The Post on Monday.

Frustrated with Tejada, the Mets still have a strong interest in signing free-agent shortstop Stephen Drew, two sources have told The Post.

They also have shown interest in Seattle's Nick Franklin...Who is out of a position because of the signing of Robinson Cano.

The Mets are still waiting for their price on Drew. They also can trade for Franklin who might demand a pitching prospect.. Their choice...


Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Mets News: Mets send young players to nutrition and strength training camp

Mets News:

The Wilpon family has strong ties to Michigan University as Fred Wilpon and son Jeff Wilpon are both graduates there... Mike Barwis, who is the football team’s strength and conditioning coach became friends with Jeff Wilpon and eventually, the Mets hired Barwis as a consultant.

The Mets GM Sandy Alderson after the 2013 season wanted to offer a more regimented off-season training program for some of their younger players.

The Mets have suggested the Michigan training program to players Ruben Tejada, Wilmer Flores, Lucas Duda, Dominic Smith, Patrick Biondi, and Phillip Evans, two recently drafted players, became part of the group, as well.

The program was voluntary, the cost split between the organization and each player.

The players reported for about four weeks in the fall and have returned recently to put in a few more weeks before spring training. Juan Lagares, the Mets center fielder has joined the others this time around.

Barwis evaluates each of the players and comes up with a nutrition and workout regimen. The players have worked on their balance, explosiveness, strength, speed and flexibility.

Read More: NY Times

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mets News: Mets avoid arbitration with SS Ruben Tejada

Mets News:

Ruben Tejada has avoided arbitration by settling with the Mets for a $1.1 million salary for 2014.

Tejada, who was eligible for arbitration for the first time, currently is projected to be the starting shortstop.

Tejada's settlement leaves six cases still unresolved -- with Daniel Murphy, Ike Davis, Bobby Parnell, Dillon Gee, Lucas Duda and Eric Young Jr. The sides will exchange figures Friday if there is no settlement before then.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mets News: Mets Arbitration Eligible Players salary projections

Friday will be the  deadline to exchange salary demands...

The Mets have not yet settled with any of their arbitration-eligible players: Daniel Murphy, Ike Davis, Bobby Parnell, Dillon Gee, Eric Young Jr., Lucas Duda and Ruben Tejada.

Here are Mets Estimated Salaries Based on and Pace Law Projections:

Daniel Murphy $5.1 million
Ike Davis $3.825 million
Bobby Parnell $3.725 million
Dillon Gee $3.55 million
Eric Young $1.9 million
Lucas Duda $1.8 million
Ruben Tejada $1.0 million

Friday, January 10, 2014

Mets Rumors: Mets expected to go with Ruben Tejada at Shortstop

Mets Rumors:

The Mets have been rumored to be involved in talks for free agent shortstop Stephen Drew, but now it seems that will not be an option for the team.

The team has also explored trade options to replace Ruben Tejada, but that also remains a mute point.

"The same three alternatives exist: sign a free agent, make a trade or go with what we have, subject to probably bringing in a backup to Tejada," Alderson said. "I'd say right now, it's probably more likely that we will go with Option C, which is Ruben at shortstop with the addition of a backup."

The team is expected to try and sign a backup shortstop and right now the possibilities are a short list on the open market. They include Ronny Cedeno, a former Met; Cesar Izturis, whom the Mets discussed at the Winter Meetings; and Justin Turner and Omar Quintanilla, whom the Mets non-tendered earlier this winter.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mets Rumors: No Stephen Drew, Mets Going with Ruben Tejada?

Mets Rumors:

According to a interview with Mets Special Assistant J.P. Ricciardi on WEEI Thursday Night, the Mets are more likely to stay with SS Ruben Tejada instead of exploring either Stephen Drew or any other shortstop possibility out there.

“I think we are,” said Ricciardi when asked if the Mets were happy with heading into 2014 with the 24-year-old Tejada. €œ

He’€™s a young player. A lot of young players who get to play at the big league level early in their career, a lot of them don’€™t realize how hard it is to play every day. A lot of them don’€™t realize what it takes to play every day. I think in Ruben’€™s case, he got a lot early in his career and I think he’€™s starting to realize that he has to work a lot harder than he has in the past, and he has.

To his credit, he really has. But as a young player, they get to the big leagues, some things happen for them and they forget how tough it is to stay there. I think he’€™s at that stage in his career. I think next year he’€™s going to be a better player than he was this previous year.”

“Sometimes there’€™s just supply and demand and I think right now there’€™s just not a lot of demand for shortstops,”€ the former Blue Jays general manager said. “€œIt’€™s funny how it works. Sometimes there’€™s a lot of opportunities for free agents, but sometimes the market is a little bit of a stonewall. I think in this case there’€™s a lot of shortstops that are already in place.”

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mets Rumors: Mets have two or three potential trade partners for shortstop

Mets Rumors:

Sandy Alderson said Tuesday afternoon that two to three teams are potential trade partners for the Mets at shortstop, although the chances of Ruben Tejada starting Opening Day at the position certainly are far greater than at the end of the season.

Alderson suggested a handful of teams might be willing to trade a shortstop to the Mets, but Tejada is becoming more likely as the starter.

"Well, I think it is more likely certainly than it was a couple of months ago, let's say," the GM said. "But we've improved the team at other positions. And so giving Ruben a chance to reestablish himself as an everyday player isn't such a bad thing. But we'll continue to monitor what's there from the trade market and conceivably free agency, although there really isn't much left there. There are two or three teams that are possibilities."

Monday, November 18, 2013

Mets News: Ruben Tejada could file grievance against Mets

Mets News:

Infielder Ruben Tejada could file a grievance against the Mets over a disagreement about his service time, Yahoo! Sports' Jeff Passan reports. Tejada is represented by the Legacy Agency.

The issue stems from a late promotion from Triple-A Las Vegas in September. Las Vegas was eliminated from the Pacific Coast League playoffs on September 7. The Mets waited to promote Tejada until September 10, and that left him with two years and 171 days of playing time. The Mets had promoted several players the previous day.

Another day of service time would have given Tejada three full years, thus potentially making him eligible for free agency after the 2016 season. As it stands, the earliest he can be eligible for free agency is after the 2017 season. He will, however, be arbitration-eligible this offseason as a Super Two player.

It is not uncommon for teams to time promotions based on service time considerations. Passan suggests, however, that they are not typically quite as obvious about it as the Mets were in Tejada's case.

If Tejada were to receive the extra day of service time, Passan writes, Charlie Furbush of the Mariners would become eligible for arbitration as a Super Two player. Super Two status is determined by a percentage of players with less than three years of service time, and Furbush would take Tejada's place among that group of players in such a scenario.

Tejada hit .202/.259/.260 in 227 plate appearances for the Mets last season. He currently appears to be in line to start at shortstop in 2014, although the Mets could pursue other shortstops in the offseason.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mets News: Mets ask players to join nutrition program

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mets News: Ruben Tejada will join the Mets today

Mets News:

According to ESPN, shortstop Ruben Tejada will join the team on Tuesday.

The club waited to promote Tejada in order to delay his free agency by a year. He will now have accrued 2 years, 171 days of MLB service as of the end of the season -- one day shy of three full years.

That means Tejada will not be eligible for free agency until after the 2017 season, instead of after the 2016 season.

Tejada, 23, hit .288 with two homers and 24 RBIs and had a .337 on-base percentage in 269 plate appearances with Las Vegas.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Mets News: Mets will promote Baxter, Harang, and Centeno - Will wait on Tejada

Mets News:

Outfielder Mike Baxter, right-hander Aaron Harang and catcher Juan Centeno officially were promoted for today’s series opener.

Ruben Tejada’s promotion apparently will wait. If the Mets stall promoting Tejada, they will delay his free-agency eligibility from after the 2016 season until after the 2017 season. A Tuesday call-up would give Tejada two years, 171 days of service time at the end of the season. Credit for a full MLB season comes at 172 days.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Mets News: Ruben Tejada's promotion could be delayed, for a extra season of control

Mets News:

To get a better idea of what a Super 2 Player is and how he qualifies I got the definition from Fangraphs, so you can get a better idea:

Normally, players must have accrued at least three years of MLB service time before they can be eligible for salary arbitration — or in other words, until they can negotiate their salary and not have it automatically set by their club. But certain players with less than three years of service time can also become eligible for arbitration, if they meet the following criteria:

● If they have less than three years of service time, but more than two.

● If they rank within the top 22% of all 2-year players in terms of service time.

So if a player finishes a season and is just shy of three years of service time (say, 2 years and 171 days) then MLB will award them Super Two status and they’ll be eligible for arbitration. Since these players are still under team control for another three seasons, that means Super Two players get four year of salary arbitration instead of the typical three.

The Super Two cutoff used to stand at 17%, but got changed to 22% in the new CBA negotiations. This means that if a team wants to keep a player in the minors until after the Super Two cutoff, they will have to keep that player in the minors for even longer than before. Considering that the cutoff used to fall sometime in June — it varied from year to year, as the 17% cutoff isn’t tied to a specific date — it will likely end up being in July going forward.

Ike Davis had 2 years, 168 days of service time after last season, he qualified as a Super 2 and is making $3.125 million this year instead of close to the $490,000 major league minimum. 

Lucas Duda and Ruben Tejada will be first-time arbitration-eligible this winter, but the Mets have a different situation with Tejada.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Mets Minor League Roundup 8/31: Ruben Tejada HR's again for Vegas, Savannah Sweeps Greenville in Double Header

Mets Minor League Roundup 8/31:

AAA - LAS VEGAS 8, TUCSON 6: The 51s clinched a postseason berth even before they completed their game, with Sacramento losing to Tacoma. The Mets have a their Triple-A affiliate in the playoffs for the first time since 2007, with New Orleans. Jamie Hoffmann and Dustin Lawley drove in two runs apiece. Cory Wade allowed a run but earned the save in his debut with the organization. Ruben Tejada homered for the second time in three days. Box

AA - NEW HAMPSHIRE at BINGHAMTON: The game was canceled due to unplayable field conditions and will not be made up. The B-Mets have two regular-season games remaining before the Eastern League playoffs begin Wednesday. Noah Syndergaard is due to start Game 1. Box

A+ - JUPITER at ST. LUCIE (canceled): St. Lucie completes is season Sunday. Box

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mets News: Ruben Tejada going back to shortstop full-time?

Mets News:

Once Ruben Tejada returns to the major league roster in September, the exiled shortstop will see regular action over Omar Quintanilla, Terry Collins said.

"He's going to play quite a bit when he gets here," Collins said. "We've got to find out what's going on. And we'd like to see how he handles some things right now, too, because I know he's probably saying to himself, 'I've got something to prove.'"

Collins said he has "no idea" whether Tejada's call-up would wait until Triple-A Las Vegas is entirely done with its playoffs. The 51s lead their division by two games over Sacramento with four regular-season games remaining and can clinch a postseason berth tonight because they have the tiebreaker.

Tejada has lifted his average to .295 with 23 RBIs and a .347 on-base percentage in 227 Pacific Coast League at-bats. He produced his first homer Thursday.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mets Minor League Roundup 7/23: Ruben Tejada goes 3 for 5 in Vegas Win, Noah Syndergaard goes to 3-0 for Binghamton, Dominic Smith goes 1 for 2 for GCL Mets


Mets Minor League Roundup 7/23:

AAA - LAS VEGAS 12, RENO 10: The 51s scored 10 runs in the third inning alone, and still barely won the game. Ruben Tejada went 3-for-5, and left fielder Mike Baxter, right fielder Jamie Hoffmann and catcher Juan Centeno had two hits apiece. (One of Baxter's hits was a homer, his fourth of the season.) Wilmer Flores returned from an ankle injury, started at first base, and went 1-for-4 with two RBIs. Jordany Valdespin went 0-for-3 with two walks. Starter Jacob deGrom gave up five runs on eights hits in 3 2/3 innings, with six strikeouts and four walks. Reliever Greg Burke allowed three runs in two innings, including a pair of homers, but Robert Carson pitched a scoreless ninth to get the save. Box

AA - BINGHAMTON 6, READING 3: The B-Mets scored four runs in the bottom of the first inning, and that was all they needed. Noah Syndergaard improved to 3-0 at Double-A, giving up two runs on four hits in five innings, with seven walks and one strikeout. Second baseman Daniel Muno and center fielder Darrell Ceciliani had two hits apiece. Box

The Mets won the first game of the doubleheader. Starter Rainy Lara got the win, giving up two earned runs on five hits in 5 1/3 innings. Second baseman T.J. Rivera had two of St. Lucie's five hits. In the second game, which only went seven innings, Mets starter Domingo Tapia lasted just 2/3 of an inning, giving up three earned runs on two hits, with four walks. Box 1; Box 2

Monday, July 22, 2013

Mets Minor League Roundup 7/21: Jordany Valdespin has Big Night for Vegas, Baxter and Tejada also contrbute in win

Mets Minor League Roundup 7/21:

AAA - LAS VEGAS 15,  RENO 8: Jordany Valdespin went 4 for 6 with 5 RBI's, one of his hits was a 2-run HR. Mike Baxter and Ruben Tejada, who batted first and second respectively combined for 5 for 11 with 1 double, 1 triple, 3 RBI's and 4 runs scored!  Box

AA - BINGHAMTON 5, NEW BRITAIN 3: Binghamton produced a season-high seven doubles, beginning with Allan Dykstra's run-scoring two-bagger in the first. The Rock Cats used a pair of solo homers to grab the lead against B-Mets starter Erik Goeddel -- by Nate Hanson and Miguel Sano. Binghamton took a 4-2 lead with a three-run third that included doubles by Alonzo Harris, Josh Rodriguez, Cesar Puello and Travis Taijeron. Goeddel bounced back after Sano’s homer with three scoreless innings. In the sixth, Sano ripped a single past shortstop Wilfredo Tovar to start the inning and Daniel Ortiz walked. Dan Rohlfing’s innocent flyout to right proved costly for Binghamton. As Sano tagged up to third, Tovar received Puello’s throw and fired to first in attempt to nab Ortiz. The shortstop’s toss skipped into the seats and allowed Sano to score, trimming Binghamton’s lead to 4-3. But with the tying run on third, Goeddel struck out Jordan Parraz. He then handed the reins to Adam Kolarek. The southpaw struck out Angel Morales looking to end the threat. Kolarek returned for the seventh and worked around a leadoff double by Danny Santana in a scoreless frame.

The B-Mets added an insurance run against Ryan O’Rourke in the seventh. With the bases loaded after an intentional walk to Puello, Dykstra lifted a sac fly. Pedro Feliciano struck out two in a perfect eighth. Closer Jeff Walters surrendered a pair of two-out singles in the ninth, but escaped with his 26th save. Goeddel (9-3) allowed three runs (two earned) on six hits and matched a season high with eight strikeouts over 5 2/3 innings. He matched teammate Logan Verrett and Akron’s Matt Packer for the league lead in wins. Box

A+- ST. LUCIE 5,  DAYTONA 3: Dustin Lawley hit his 20th HR in the Ninth Inning which ended up being a insurance run, he ended up 3 for 5 with two RBI's.. Jayce Boyd was 2 for 5 with a HR (4). 2011 Draft Pick Michael Fulmer started the game got a no-decision. He went 4.1 innings,  giving up 4 hits, 4 runs, 3 walks, and 5 K's.. Angel Cuan got the win (7-2). Tim Byrdak who is still rehabbing in St.Lucie went a scoreless inning, striking out the side. T.J. Chism got the save in the ninth (15). Box

A - SAVANNAH 4, DELMARVA 2: Eudy Pina and Jorge Rivero had consecutive RBI doubles in a three-run first. Pina's solo homer in the eighth gave the Gnats (55-40) a two-run cushion. Beck Wheeler hit a batter, then struck out three straight in the ninth for his 11th save. Shawn Teufel and Hunter Carnevale combined for three scoreless relief innings. Steven Matz (4-4) allowed two runs on three hits and three walks in five innings. Box

RK - KINGSPORT 8, PRINCETON 1: Chris Flexen tossed seven scoreless innings, allowing three hits and one walk while striking out 11. Champ Stuart went 3-for-4 with two RBIs and two runs scored.Victor Cruzado also drove in two runs. Box

SS - BROOKLYN 3, BATAVIA 2 (10 innings): Julio Concepcion's single plated Justin Turner in the 10th as the Cyclones (15-18) notched their fourth walk-off win of the season. Turner, in likely his final rehab game and again playing shortstop, led off the inning with a single. He advanced to second on L.J. Mazzilli's single. Jared King then advanced both runners with a sac bunt. After Matthew Oberste was intentionally walked to load the bases, Concepcion's single won it. Starter John Gant allowed one run on two hits in five innings. Relievers Cristian Chivilli, Paul Paez and David Wynn combined for five no-hit relief innings. James Roche's second-inning RBI double gave Brooklyn a 1-0 lead. Batavia scored an unearned run in the eighth to take a 2-1 lead, on a bases-loaded walk issued by Paez. Brooklyn evened the score in the bottom half. Mazzilli singled and King reached on a fielder's choice. Alex Sanchez then singled to advance King to third with one out. Concepcion followed with a grounder to shortstop Javier Lopez, who made the flip to second baseman J.T. Riddle. Concepcion beat out the double-play attempt as the Cyclones evened the score at 2. Box

Friday, July 19, 2013

Mets Minor League Roundup 7/18: Jordany Valdespin debuts for Vegas, Justin Turner still hitting for B-Mets, Dominic Smith goes 1 for 1 with 2 RBI's in GCL

Mets Minor League Roundup 7/18:

AAA - LAS VEGAS 3, RENO 2: Jordany Valdespin made his Las Vegas debut, starting at second base. He was 2 for 4 with 2 RBI's. Matt den Dekker  went 1 for 3 with a solo HR, which gave the B-Mets the lead in the seventh inning. Jacob deGrom got the win (3-1), he went 6 innings, giving up six hits, 2 runs, while striking out three. Robert Carson picked up his fifth save in relief. Demoted Shortstop Ruben Tejada went 2 for 5 with a run scored. Wilmer Flores (ankle) was placed on the DL before the game.  Box

AA - BINGHAMTON 4, NEW BRITAIN 3: The B-Mets scored three runs with two outs in the ninth inning to rally for the win. Rhyne Hughes capped the furious comeback by lining a go-ahead, two-run single against Matt Hauser. Rehabbing Justin Turner started the rally by deliverying a two-out single. Josh Rodriguez followed with a walk and Allan Dykstra blooped an RBI single to left. After Wilfredo Tovar pinch-ran for Dykstra, Cesar Puello walked to load the bases. Hughes then hammered Hauser’s 2-1 offering through the hole and into right field. Rodriguez scored easily. Tovar dove headfirst, ahead of the throw from Evan Bigley with the game-deciding run.

Jeff Walters then notched his league-leading 25th save. B-Mets starter Mark Cohoon dealt with only one baserunner through three innings, on a fielding error by Turner at shortstop. Eddie Rosario put New Britain on the board with a solo homer on Cohoon’s first pitch of the fourth. New Britain pounded out three more hits in the inning, but the B-Mets defense shined to prevent the Rock Cats from adding to their lead. Bigley was thrown out at home by Alonzo Harris when he tried to score on Josmil Pinto’s single. Darrell Ceciliani followed by making a diving catch in the left-field corner, robbing Miguel Sano of an extra-base hit. Binghamton capped the inning by nabbing Pinto at the plate after Nate Hanson laced a double to the right-field alley. Ex-big leaguer Nick Blackburn kept the B-Mets in check through five scoreless innings. In the sixth, Ceciliani started a rally with a double. He advanced on a sac bunt and tied the score at 1 on Danny Muno’s sac fly. Cohoon preserved the tie by posting zeroes from the fifth through seventh innings. The Rock Cats broke the tie in the eighth against Cohoon on Rosario's RBI single. Chasen Bradford took over for Cohoon and allowed one inherited runner to score. Bradford (1-1) earned his first Double-A victory thanks to Binghamton’s comeback. Box

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