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Friday, May 20, 2011

"I Hate the Yankees" Says Beato

Pedro Beato tells Steve Popper of the Record what the reliever thinks about the Yankees.
"I hate the Yankees," Beato said. "My family -- I can tell there are no Yankees fans. I think I know more than those guys, not the older guys obviously because they’ve been in this situation. I’ve been to games. I know how crazy the fans can be. As a player you shouldn’t let that get to you. I know it doesn’t get to me. I’d rather play in these situations than play in a game where there’s not that many fans. That’s the whole excitement of the game, how the fans get into the game, how they cheer their team, the loudness and craziness of the crowd."
With a trillion dollar pay roll, its easy to hate the Yankees. I like the fact that Beato was truthful and upfront about his disgust for the Yankees and wasn't concerned about ruining any chances he had of playing for the Yankees one day like most of these players nowadays.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Chris Capuano's Contract

According to ESPN's Adam Rubin, Chris Capuano will have a base salary of $1.5 million with the potential to earn more than $4.5 in the 2011 season. Here's his financial breakdown: 15 games started =$125,000 20 games started =$150,000 Starts 21 through 31 games =$75,000 each 32 games started =$100,000 Bullpen bonuses: $100,000 for 20 relief appearances $100,000 for 30 relief appearances $100,000 for 40 relief appearances $100,000 for 50 relief appearances $100,000 for 60 relief appearances (A maximum of $1.2 million may be earned for games started and relief appearance bonus combined.) $50,000 for 90 innings pitched $100,000 for 100 innings pitched $100,000 for 110 innings pitched $100,000 for 120 innings pitched $100,000 for 130 innings pitched $125,000 for 140 innings pitched $175,000 for 150 innings pitched $175,000 for 160 innings pitched $200,000 for 170 innings pitched $200,000 for 180 innings pitched $225,000 for 190 innings pitched $250,000 for 200 innings pitched Plus: $50,000 for All Star; $150,000 for Comeback Player of the Year. "Show us what ya got."
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