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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Mets News: Mets send young players to nutrition and strength training camp

Mets News:

The Wilpon family has strong ties to Michigan University as Fred Wilpon and son Jeff Wilpon are both graduates there... Mike Barwis, who is the football team’s strength and conditioning coach became friends with Jeff Wilpon and eventually, the Mets hired Barwis as a consultant.

The Mets GM Sandy Alderson after the 2013 season wanted to offer a more regimented off-season training program for some of their younger players.

The Mets have suggested the Michigan training program to players Ruben Tejada, Wilmer Flores, Lucas Duda, Dominic Smith, Patrick Biondi, and Phillip Evans, two recently drafted players, became part of the group, as well.

The program was voluntary, the cost split between the organization and each player.

The players reported for about four weeks in the fall and have returned recently to put in a few more weeks before spring training. Juan Lagares, the Mets center fielder has joined the others this time around.

Barwis evaluates each of the players and comes up with a nutrition and workout regimen. The players have worked on their balance, explosiveness, strength, speed and flexibility.

Read More: NY Times

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mets News: Mets announce eleven 2013 Draft Picks signings

The Mets announced that they have signed 11 of their picks from the First-Year Player Draft which include:

OF Champ Stuart (6th)
RHP Ricky Knapp (8th)
OF Patrick Biondi (9th)
SS Luis Guillorme (10th)
SS Jeff McNeil (12th)
RHP Kevin McGowan (13th)
C Colton Plaia (15th)
1B Zach Mathieu (16th)
RHP Brent McMinn (18th)
RHP Gaither Bumgardner (23rd)
RHP Cameron Griffin (34th).

First-round pick Dominic Smith, a first baseman, is expected to sign soon.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Mets News: Mets Select OF Patrick Biondi in the ninth round (266th overall)

Mets News:

Mets Select OF Patrick Biondi in the ninth round (266th overall)

College seniors got a lot of attention in last year's Draft as teams took many of them early to try to be creative with the new bonus pool system. That could work to Biondi's benefit, who's speed an defensive ability should be of interest to many teams. Biondi is a Brett Gardner type, a left-handed hitter who sprays line drives and uses his speed to get on and then wreak havoc on the basepaths. The Cape Cod League batting champion is also an excellent defender and can no doubt stay in center field at the next level. The only thing Biondi doesn't have is power, but he has the chance to be a leadoff-type hitter who can impact the game with his legs as much as with his bat and glove.


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