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Friday, June 15, 2012

Joe Torre will be reviewing Dickey's One Hitter, Mets will get answer by the Weekend

According to Adam Rubin of ESPN NY, Joe Torre - Ex Yankee Manager, now MLB Guru, who is in charge of reviewing official scorer decisions unilaterally or referring it to a committee, said he will seek other opinions (including from Tony La Russa) before ruling whether R.A. Dickey has a one-hitter or no-hitter.

“Even though I make these decisions on scoring on a daily basis, obviously what’s at stake here, I just want to make sure we give the decision every opportunity to get more than my opinion,” Torre said . “I have an opinion from what I’ve seen.”

Torre said he would like to see more replay angles. He added that reaching a decision before the weekend is “reasonable.”

“My guess is we should be able to get a varied number of people to look at this and come up with a decision,” Torre said.
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