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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Updated odds to win 2012 World Series, NL/AL Pennants

Odds to Win 2012 World Series by Vegas Insider

The Phillies lead every team in the MLB with 9/2 odds.. The Yankees are behind them with 6/1 odds, and the Angels with Mr. Pujols are 8/1.. The Mets are a 100/1 Long Shot and Mr. Reyes and Mr. Ramirez in Miami are still 30/1 long shots as well..

Team                  Odds
Philadelphia Phillies-9/2
New York Yankees-6/1
Los Angeles Angels-8/1
Boston Red Sox-8/1
Texas Rangers-8/1
Detroit Tigers-10/1
San Francisco Giants-15/1
Tampa Bay Rays-15/1
Atlanta Braves-15/1
St Louis Cardinals-20/1
Cincinnati Reds-20/1
Arizona Diamondbacks-20/1
Kansas City Royals-30/1
Milwaukee Brewers-30/1
Washington Nationals-30/1
Chicago Cubs-30/1
Los Angeles Dodgers-30/1
Miami Marlins-30/1
Colorado Rockies-40/1
Toronto Blue Jays-40/1
Cleveland Indians-60/1
Minnesota Twins-80/1
Pittsburgh Pirates-100/1
New York Mets-100/1
Chicago White Sox-100/1
Seattle Mariners-100/1
Baltimore Orioles-100/1
San Diego Padres-150/1
Oakland Athletics-200/1
Houston Astros-300/1

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Odds to win the 2012 World Series, Mets among the bottom feeders in the league

Just when you thought the local papers and some bloggers were in agreement that the Mets will have a terrible season, Vegas has come up with the latest odds to win the 2012 World Series. The Mets are a 100/1 shot to win the whole thing along with the White Sox, Pirates, and Orioles.. The only teams to have worse odds are the Padres, A's (150/1) and Astros, who are 300/1.

Now that we know who are at the bottom, looking at the top are the Phillies, Red Sox, Yanks, Rangers, and Angels with the acquisitions of  Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson.

If you were wondering, the New Miami Marlins with the great Jose Reyes are 30/1 odds to win it all..

Here is the total list of odds to Win the 2012 World Series:

Team Odds
  1. Philadelphia Phillies 9/2
  2. Boston Red Sox 7/1
  3. New York Yankees 7/1
  4. Texas Rangers 8/1
  5. Los Angeles Angels 8/1
  6. Detroit Tigers 12/1
  7. Tampa Bay Rays 15/1
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