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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mets Rumors: Sandy Alderson's Playbook for 2014 Mets (WFAN Interview)

Mets Rumors:

I finally got a chance to listen (in full) The Sandy Alderson interview with Mike Francesa on WFAN, which was about the State of Mets and where they going this off-season..

Here is what I took from it:

The Mets are in the market for two outfielders with some power. Sandy Alderson mentioned 16 outfielder who are on Mets board which ranges from A+ to C+ Ratings. He mentioned he has 9 Trade possible interest and 7 from the Free Agent market.. He mentioned even Juan Lagares is not even safe as a starter in centerfield, even though he thinks his defense and speed are assets that help the club. Pure speculation, but a guy like Dexter Fowler might have some interest from the Mets brass..

Catcher Travis d'Arnaud will finally get his chance behind the plate. Whether or not they will improve with a backup was not spoken. I'm sure last minute deals..

Either Lucas Duda or Ike Davis will get traded this off-season with Lucas Duda wanted more in a trade. Ike Davis has been mentioned to go more in a trade, but it not be the case. He thinks they both have good profiles, but Ike has value to the club with his power and defense.  He did say the Mets Starting First basemen Job will come from within.. Which could mean we could still see Murphy at first base with Eric Young Jr. playing second base..That is if both Duda/Davis are traded (wink).

Did not mention whether Daniel Murphy was a trade candidate, but you can speculate there might be some possible trade interest.

The Mets will trade starting pitching for power, I believe he was talking about a Rafael Montero. Could the Mets get a Matt Kemp or Even a Andre Ethier from the Dodgers? I'm sure Jose Bautista might have to be on that list of prime candidates as well.. He did mention that Noah Syndergaard will not get traded.

Alderson believes the Mets need to make an improvement as shortstop. He did say the Mets did not have any contact with Jhonny Peralta but everybody in North America knows he did in Orlando. He did only mention Peralta, Stephen Drew, and Rafael Furcal as listed potential upgrades.

Alderson acknowledged the Mets are in need of two innings eaters (Starters). Each 150-200 inning guys and there is a possibility of 25 Free agent Targets. He also said there is many lefty and righty candidates for the bullpen. So the possible candidates can range from many, but the offense will need to be filled first..

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Audio: WFAN's Mike Francesa Talks to Mets GM Sandy Alderson about the State of the Team

Mets GM Sandy Alderson Stops by to Talk to WFAN's Mike Francesa about the state of his team.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Audio: Alderson Speaks to Mike Francesa on WFAN

Mets GM Sandy Alderson Speaks to Mike Francesa on WFAN about trade topics involving R.A. Dickey

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mets News and Notes: Johnson, Santana's Awkward Stat, Gee, Alderson on WFAN, Mejia, Nieuwenhuis

Mets News and Notes:

Catcher Rob Johnson was suppose to be demoted to Triple-A Buffalo  instead he landed on the major league DL with a torn ligament in his left thumb.Johnson will not require surgery, but he is being prescribed six weeks off, which essentially makes the injury season-ending.

Before Shutting down Johan Santana, he allowed six earned runs or more in each of his last five starts, a franchise record. His 4.85 ERA for the season becomes the highest for a left-handed starter in franchise history, topping the 4.63 ERA posted by Glendon Rusch in 2001. ESPN Stats & Information notes that while all of Santana’s pitches were less intimidating after throwing the no-hitter, the biggest decline in effectiveness came from the changeup. Batters hit .143 against the changeup through the June 1 outing, then .304 in the next 10 starts. 

Dillon Gee plans to travel to St. Louis today. With six weeks having passed since his surgery to repair a damaged artery in his pitching shoulder, Gee expects to undergo an angiogram on Friday and be cleared to begin tossing a baseball. Gee does not expect to return this season.

Alderson, appearing on WFAN, insisted he did not have a precise payroll for next season dictated from ownership yet, although a source has told ESPN NY the figure is expected to be close to this season's total. The GM did say this year's payroll would fall just less than $100 million when the entire season's spending is included.

"Obviously I'm fully aware we've got a lot of money tied up in two or three players," Alderson said, referring to 2013. "We've got some guys we'd like to keep here -- David Wright being one, R.A. Dickey being another. We've got some guys that are going to be eligible for arbitration for the first time. So we've done some calculations as to, OK, if we have 'X' amount of money, this is what we can do. 'Y' amount of money, this is what we can do."

Asked about making a big free agent signing during the upcoming offseason, Alderson instead suggested trades are a more likely route to improve the team for 2013.

"For the purpose of this discussion, let's assume the payroll is the same," Alderson said. "I don't expect the same team on the field. Look, we've watched this team for two years. We've gotten similar results the two years. There are some positives. ... We need to get better, and not incrementally. ...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Mets Owners agree to pay $162 Million to settle lawsuit

The owners of the New York Mets agreed to pay $162 million to settle a lawsuit by the trustee seeking money for the victims of Bernard Madoff's fraud, a deal that eases pressure on the owners of the cash-strapped baseball team.

The settlement calls for payments over a five-year period and Wilpon and Katz will not have to pay any cash until the fourth year. The $162 million could end up being mostly paid with money returning to the owners' Sterling Equities firm as a result of being a victim of the fraud.

Mike Francesa Talks Law Expert Steve Kallis on WFAN

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Audio: Darryl Strawberry talks to Mike Francesa about the passing of Gary Carter

Former Mets Outfielder Darryl Strawberry talks to WFAN's Mike Francesa about the passing of Gary Carter

Audio: Mets GM Talks to Mike Francesa about the 2012 Mets Spring Training

Mets GM Sandy Alderson talks to WFAN's Mike Francesa about 2012 Mets going into Spring Training

Friday, July 01, 2011

Audio: Daniel Murphy talks Subway Series with Mike Francesa

Friday, June 17, 2011

Audio: Jose Reyes on WFAN with Mike Francesa

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Audio: Mike Ozanian From Forbes Magazine talks about $1 Buyout Story with Mike Francesa

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Audio: Sandy Alderson talks to Mike Francesa about the Mets current state

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Audio: Terry Collins with WFAN's Mike Francesa

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Audio: Terry Collins Talks Beltran and other Roster Moves with Mike Francesa

Friday, March 11, 2011

Audio: Mike Francesa Talks to Ike Davis

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Audio: Mike Francesa Talks to Jason Bay

Audio: Mike Francesa Talks to Terry Collins

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Audio: Mike Francesa talks to lawyer George Newhouse about the Madoff / Wilpon case

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Audio: Terry Collins talks to Mike Francesa about Spring Training

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Audio: Sandy Alderson with Mike Francesa

Sandy lets you know about the manager interview process.

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