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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Taking in the Mets off-season, How many wins will the Mets have this season?

I was looking at the Mets Roster and thinking about the number of wins the Mets can possibly achieve this season in 2012. The Mets on paper this year don't look much different than last year with the exception of Jose Reyes not being on the top of the order and some new names in the bullpen. For some Mets Fans,  the loss of Reyes means the beginning of the Mets extinction from the Major Leagues. LOL

The offense is a question mark because most of these guys currently projected in the Mets Lineup were on the Disabled List at sometime last season. Hopefully getting back a healthy Daniel Murphy and Ike Davis can only give Mets pluses offensively. Lucas Duda can only improve from what he started late last season.  David Wright and Jason Bay's numbers hopefully can only improve due to the new dimensions,  which are currently being installed.. I think the three mysteries the Mets will face offensively this season are : 1)How well will Andres Torres perform in the leadoff spot replacing Jose Reyes?. 2)Will Josh Thole improve on his hitting and can he handle catching everyday?. 3)How much offense will the Mets get out of Ruben Tejada?  Those three can sway the objective number of wins big time, but it all has to play out.

The Mets say that they have solved the back end of the bullpen woes with the additions of Francisco, Rauch, and Ramirez. Last year getting to the ninth was the problem and even closing it. Now with the new additions plus guys like Parnell can really give them some depth that they did not have last year.. This for sure can only lead the Mets to more wins, but again we have to score and be in the lead for that to happen.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Andy Pettitte is Retiring

Longtime Yankee pitcher, Andy Pettitte will announce his retirement Friday February 4th at Yankee Stadium according to Michael Kay of ESPN and YES network.

Pettitte had told the Yankees to prepare for the season as if he weren't pitching.

"Andy has told me he's not in play, and that's what I am assuming," Cashman said Jan. 18. "Until he tells me otherwise, I'm assuming he's not going to be here."

And unless Pettitte changes his mind, he is bowing out of baseball.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Link: Podcast - Michael Kay with Terry Collins

Listen to this 15 Minute Michael Kay interview with Terry Collins....
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