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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Davey Johnson: Collins is best fit for Mets

In the NY Post,  Mets Hall of Fame Manager  Davey Johnson thinks that Terry Collins should be the front-runner based on his knowledge with the whole organization. He also thinks that Wally Backman would have to be fourth on the list because his lack of experience.  He even had something to say about Bobby Valentine.

"If I was the GM, I would want somebody that best knew the whole system," Johnson said. "I'm sure Sandy agrees with this: People who know where talent is on the minor league level and how long it's going to take to get to the major leagues and how it will affect the major league roster, those are very important people. I would think [Collins] would be the frontrunner."

Johnson says the Mets probably have to rebuild from within, and that makes Collins an asset. Johnson

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mets Rumors: Does Wally have a chance?

According to Mike Silva's NYBD, Dino Costa of the Mad Dog Show on Sirius Satellite says he has “impeccable sources” that implicate that Wally Backman will be named the next manager of the New York Mets..

Of course many other sources have Bob Melvin the front runner of this 3 horse race with Chip Hale at a far distance.

I would be elated if Wally would get his shot and prove he is worthy.

The Mets will continue the process tomorrow because Sandy Alderson had to be with his family during the memorial services for his late father.

We should hear more rumbling tomorrow ... Stay tuned

Friday, November 19, 2010

Word around town, it's Melvin..................

According to NYBD, Mets Blog, and others.....Bob Melvin is the front runner for the Mets manager job.

Although it is not official, it's pretty much in the bag (as someone has spilled the beans).

So can we stand up cheer if it's Melvin?

Sure, anyone is better than Terry Collins. I think the New York media would had a field day with this guy.

Melvin seems like he has a mild mannered, clean cut - alter boy approach to the game. Right now with all the turmoil in the organization Melvin would have to be a safe choice over Backman. Lets just see if he will challenge some players like Wally would. I really hope Melvin is not a push over.

I feel bad if the news is true and Wally Backman does not get a shot at the Majors. The minor leagues must like purgatory for him.. It must make him feel like, uh when?

Hey lets see how the rest of this plays out. And lets see what the rest of the coaching staff holds..

Video: Collins reactions to second interview

The Great Terry Collins answers questions

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mets give Alderson time to grieve, may delay manager hiring process

Quoted by Anthony DiComo of 

 A difficult weekend gave way to business for Mets general manager Sandy Alderson on Monday. One day after the passing of his father, John, Alderson planned to conduct his previously scheduled managerial interview with Cardinals third-base coach Jose Oquendo in Orlando.

Oquendo, considered a fringe candidate for the job, was scheduled to become the 10th -- and possibly final -- man to interview for the vacancy. Alderson had originally planned to move on to a second round of interviews as soon as this week, during the GM Meetings in Orlando. But it is still unclear how the passing of his father will affect that timetable.

If the Mets delay the hiring process out of respect to Alderson, they could hold the decision off until December.
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