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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Join Our Mets Chronicle Forum

We are pleased to announce that Mets Chronicle finally has a forum up and running.. Unlike the hard to use forum platforms, we are using the Nabble platform which is the easiest forum I found..

This Forum is for all of our readers to interact with Mets Chronicle... I have started some topics myself and you could add your own..

Enjoy!  Click Here to Participate!

I encourage people to add polls, news, pics, even opinions to make us better!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Are you a Mets Fan? Do You Like to Write? - Come join Mets Chronicle....

Mets Chronicle is currently looking for Mets Fans to be contributor(s)/writer(s) for the blog.

Do you like to write ?

We are currently looking for people who can write proper grammatical sentences for one.  Being a Mets Fan is priority one.

If you are familiar with blogger, this is the blogging system we use - that will be a big plus!

Some Objectives would be:

Can you be opinionated about the upcoming team?

Do you like finding Mets rumors, stories or crazy stats?

Do you listen to WFAN or any other media outlet for info on the Mets on a regular basis?

You Must be a Mets Junkie like me...

I only ask , you must be able to be in contact by at least email or cell. You need a email address for the system to recognize you...

If you are a inspiring writer or journalist,  this is your chance make your name stand out.

Since Oct 2010 ,  We have reached over 120,000 people...

If you have any material that was written by you (like on Bleacher report or another blog) attach it. Like I said, if you blogged before, it will be easy for you!

Please include the following in the email:

How long are you a Mets Fan?
What was your fondest memory as a Mets Fan?
Who is your Favorite Met and Why?
What would you like to cover on the blog (News, Rumors, Stats,  ETC.) ?
What's your availability?  Mon-Sun   How many days?

This is only a volunteer position (Sorry), No Monetary Compensation!

Join the Team!

Email -  Dominick DiFucci @

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mets 3 Game Paks Fail with Fans

Mets 3 game Pick-A-Paks are on sale for the 2011 season along with season ticket plans, 40 game plans and 15 game plans. The 3 game Pick-A- Packs offered this season, unlike last year, do not include the (Marquee ) subway series against the Yankees. Last year, thousands of Mets fans specifically purchased the 3 game packs to insure that they would have a ticket to a subway series game at Citifield. Now fans are being forced to wait until 2 weeks before the series for a pre-sale password or they can test their luck on the open market on ebay or Stubhub. It was oddly refreshing when the Mets front office lowered its pricing in November releasing this statement: "The Mets are committed to providing quality and value to our fans," said Dave Howard, Executive Vice President, Business Operations. "We reduced ticket prices for 2011 based on fan feedback and marketplace information." It's true that the Mets did slash the average ticket price by 14%, however I hope the Mets officials do realize that being apart of this fan base means sticking it to the Yankees on our field. But to do so effectively we need a bigger supply of tickets accessible to us.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Jets Success should inspire Mets

New York’s other football team, The Jets, have moved on to the AFC Championship and we still have yet to see New York’s other baseball team, The Mets, realize a similar success story since 2006. So what do the Jets have that the Mets don’t? 1. A New Stadium-Mets moved into their $900 million home, Citifield in 2009. X 2. Strong Defense-9 gold gloves between Wright (2) Castillo (3) Beltran (3) and Santana (1) It is defense which wins championships in the NFL while baseball teams rely on pitching and defense to dominate the Majors. Most of our gold glovers have gotten old or injured in the past few years and our D has suffered. √√ 3. Die Hard Fans-Mets fans are born not made. While the fair weather fans flock to the Bronx to see a show, the diehards tune into the Mets through good times and bad times. And we aren’t afraid to boo a player/coach/GM/owner/opposing team or umpire. Actually, at some point we probably did boo all of the above. Only out of love or utter disgust. Don't mind us when we say we've had it with the Mets. We aren't going anywhere. √- 4. A Blunt Coach- We had one of the best in Bobby Valentine and we were successful under him, clinching 2 wild card appearances and competing in a NY vs. NY World Series back in 2000. Time will tell if Terry Collins can light a fire under the Mets in 2011. 5. Cool Nicknames-The Amazin’s. When we complete triple plays, behind the back flips to first, dive into the stands for foul balls and win 20 inning marathon games-we are absolutely Amazin’. XX 6. Back Up of Bold Predictions- “We are the team to beat” – Beltran in 2008. We haven’t heard or seen much from our star center fielder since those comments were made and haven’t made the playoffs ever since. While the Mets are in a so called rebuilding year this season as the Jets were two years ago, its not difficult to imagine the possibilities of what may come. All we have to do is look at our New York brothers wearing the green uniforms in the NFL for some inspiration.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Sandy's Statement to The Fans

Dear Mets Fans:

Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday.

With Spring Training just six weeks away, I wanted to update you on our preparation for the 2011 season.

Yesterday, we wrapped up two days of meetings in Port St. Lucie where we went over organizational philosophy and how to implement it throughout the major and minor leagues. It was also the first opportunity for Terry Collins and his staff to sit down and discuss the mechanics of Spring Training and determine how they will emphasize fundamentals, mental and physical preparation and hard work. As Terry has said, the driving force will be playing the game the right way, which will lead to more wins.

Over the past two months, we have followed our plan of filling out our roster with reasonably priced players who have significant upside potential. As I have said before, our payroll - which will be among the highest in baseball - gives us limited flexibility, but we do have money to spend. We have acquired players who we think can thrive at Citi Field and complement our existing group of players.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Video: SNY Shows drunk guy falling down during game broadcast (Funny)

This a funny video of a Mets Fan falling down and getting back up. Notice no one moves to get him.

Enjoy and have a laugh on this guys part

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Try Our New BumpIn Chat Box

Mets Chronicle is proud to announce:

We have added a new BumpIn Chat Box on the right side of Mets Chronicle , Which is always there for your use!

You can see how many people are on the blog and who is on the blog. You can chat with them instantly.

It is a great way to converse with all the other Mets Fans about any topics.
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