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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Trade for Mike Cameron?

Mets fans remember Mike Cameron as the 3 time Gold Glove Winner who impressed us with his talent and speed in right field and positive presence in the clubhouse from 2004-2005 with the team.
A lot of us can recall that horrible collision Cameron and Beltran had in late 2005 when both players dove for a ball; neither player backing off of the play, resulting in a concussion and multiple face injuries for Cameron. Soon after the collision Cameron was traded to San Diego and fans wished him well. Now Cameron is with the Boston Red Sox and there is speculation that Cameron could be traded.
He missed most of the 2009 season with a groin injury and was limited to 48 games last season due to abdominal injuries. This year, Cameron is about as healthy as he can be in spring training and drawing interest from other teams. In addition to Cameron's offense of 8 20-homer seasons in his 16 year career he is a major asset on defense.
The Boston Globe has speculated that Cameron could eventually be traded because of the current depth in the outfield between Jacoby Ellsbury. J.D Drew and newbie Carl Crawford.
With all the interest surrounding Mike Cameron and Beltran's ongoing knee troubles maybe the Mets should consider bringing back Cameron for another season....

Friday, November 26, 2010

Ellsbury on the block, maybe on the Mets radar?

According to Paul White of the USA Today,  There is a ongoing controversy between Ellsbury and the Red Sox. Mostly the disagreement is about the rib problems that limited him to 18 games last year led to the inevitable assumption he would be on his way out of town.

White list teams like the Padres, who have Adrian Gonzalez dangling still. The Diamondbacks who have Justin Upton lurking in trade talks. He also lists the Braves, Angels, Mets, and Cubs as possible suitors.

In the Mets case, they would have to trade either Beltran or Reyes in a deal to obtain Ellsbury. The Red Sox remain high on Reyes because they can upgrade at shortstop and move Jed Lowrie to 3rd. While Beltran who has had injury plagued seasons in the last two years might be to much money (19 Mil) for the Sox. The Red Sox already have Mike Cameron signed for one more year and it appears they can very well keep Ellsbury for the future.

The Red Sox appear to also have Jason Werth on their Radar as they search for power with the defection of Victor Martinez to the Tigers.

Ellsbury by the numbers:
Career: Batting | Fielding
2007 Bos 33 116 20 41 7 1 3 18 8 15 9 0 .353 .394 .509 .903
2008 Bos 145 554 98 155 22 7 9 47 41 80 50 11 .280 .336 .394 .730
2009 Bos 153 624 94 188 27 10 8 60 49 74 70 12 .301 .355 .415 .770
2010 Bos 18 78 10 15 4 0 0 5 4 9 7 1 .192 .241 .244 .485
Total -- 349 1372 222 399 60 18 20 130 102 178 136 24 .291 .344 .405 .749
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