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Saturday, January 18, 2014

MLB News: MLB's Full List of Reviewable Plays for 2014

Major League Baseball announced an expanded instant replay system on Thursday that will go into effect for the 2014 season.

Here is the full list of plays that will be reviewable from MLB:

• Home run
• Ground-rule double
• Fan interference
• Stadium boundary calls (e.g., fielder into stands, ball into stands triggering dead ball)
• Force play (except the fielder’s touching of second base on a double play)
• Tag play (including steals and pickoffs)
• Fair/foul in outfield only
• Trap play in outfield only
• Batter hit by pitch
• Timing play (whether a runner scores before a third out)
• Touching a base (requires appeal)
• Passing runners
• Record keeping (Ball-strike count to a batter, outs, score and substitutions)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mets News and Notes: Santana Shutdown?, Instant Replay, Cablevision, Nimmo, Mejia, Duda, Nieuwenhuis, Hairston, Nitkowski

Mets News and Notes:

Pitching coach Dan Warthen briefly mentioned Santana's back during a postgame interview, but Santana insisted he was healthy despite an 8.27 ERA in 10 starts since his June 1 no-hitter. Mets brass likely will huddle to discuss Santana, with shutting down the southpaw among the topics to consider, although it would seem likely Santana gets another opportunity with an extra day of rest Thursday at Citi Field against Colorado. Santana, though, has not been dismissive of shutting down his season before his teammates -- receptiveness that suggests it probably will happen at some point before the Mets wrap up their season in Miami Oct. 3.

More instant replay, at least unofficially, is coming to Citi Field this season. Major League Baseball will experiment with technology to determine fair and foul balls. The technology will be tested, not influence game decisions. A competing system will be tested at Yankee Stadium.

"Hawkeye," the camera-based technology used in tennis, will be tested at Citi Field, both during Mets games in September and on off days. A radar-based system, similar to the technology used to track shots in golf telecasts, will be tested at Yankee Stadium. That technology, officials said, has not previously been used to review calls in any sport. Baseball also plans to test both systems during the Arizona Fall League and present the results at the next owners meetings in November.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bud Selig Talks Instant Replay, Salary Caps and Playoff Expansion

As Major League Baseball took its all-star break, Commissioner Bud Selig had the chance to give his annual talk to the fans and touched on a few interesting topics when he answered questions live over the internet from Phoenix.

Selig said that MLB is looking into using more video replays to help umpires make the right calls and is also hoping to expand the playoffs to 10 teams. Other interesting news from Selig included the possibility of using designated hitters in NL parks for interleague games and that there won’t be a salary cap in the next collective bargaining agreement with the players’ union.

The commissioner said most baseball executives aren’t for more instant replays, but the league is looking into two changes to the current instant replay usage. He also said the netting which protects the fans behind home plate won’t be extended in the near future and there won’t be any rule changes designed to protect catchers because of the play in which San Francisco catcher Buster Posey had his leg broken win a plate collision earlier in the season. Selig was asked about realignment, but said that it’s not likely to happen in the foreseeable future.

Touching more on the instant replay topic, it’s only used now to determine if a home run actually went out of the park and if it was a fair or foul ball. However, some people feel video replay should also be used to decide if line drives are fair or foul and for close calls at home plate.

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