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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mets Fan Poll Results: Mets Fans Like Ike at First

Mets Fan Poll Results:

According to Mets Fan Alike, Ike Davis leads the poll on who you want at First in 2014.

Who do you want?

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mets Fan Poll Results 2: The Fans Want Santana Outta Here!

I took a poll in late September and I left if up.  I Asked Who the Mets Should Trade This Off-Season? Of the Many that Voted, many seemed that Johan Santana should be the logical choice to be traded.

So Much for the 1st Mets No-Hitter, LOL !

I Agree with the fans, I think the Mets should trade Santana and his salary for other parts.. I think the Mets will Look to trade Lucas Duda and/or Daniel Murphy (because his value is up). Murphy can be replaced by Jordanny Valdespin, who is playing winter ball at 2B.

If the Mets don't come to agreements with either Dickey or Wright this off-season maybe the Mets make a big slash by trading one or both of them, but expect the Mets to make the safe move and let them play out their final year until the trading deadline.

If You Have Not Voted Click Here

Here are Poll Results in Percentages:

Johan Santana 33%
Lucas Duda 23%
Daniel Murphy 16%
David Wright 11%
Ike Davis 9%
R.A. Dickey 8%

Here are some comments left to me:
 Posted by eric on October 10, 2012 at 11:23 amFrom 132.160.194.x  Report Abuse 
please trade santana, please, please, please, bay, please trade them both, and every relief pitcher who played this season with the exception of parnell. get a solid catching prospect, and proven relief pitching. and cash to pay the contracts of wright and dickey. 

 Posted by paul on October 10, 2012 at 10:52 amFrom 134.24.148.x  Report Abuse 
unless we can convert santana to a closer, then trade him. trade duda and make murphy your outfielder or firstbase man

Monday, October 01, 2012

Mets Fan Poll Results: Who Should the Mets Trade this Off-Season?

Mets Fans Want Him Outta Here!
We have a Mets Fan Poll Still Open : Who Should the Mets Trade in the Off-Season ?

We Have Some Results:

Johan Santana ( 32%)
Lucas Duda (21%)
Daniel Murphy (17%)
David Wright (13%)
Ike Davis (9%)
R.A. Dickey (8%)

Some Comments from Mets Fans:

Angelo Says: First get rid of the Wilpons. then bring in Wally to work with all those young players. David Wright seems like a great guy, but i would use him in a package trade. he is not a clutch or power hitter any more. take Wright, and whom ever another team would want , as long as Jason Bay is included in the package for what ever you could get in return. why is Bud Selig doing what ever he can to help the Wilpons ? they are killing the fan base in the biggest city for baseball with their financial problems . they have no right owning this team. I only have three words for the Wilpons ...please sell, sell.

Ramon Says: Duda, Santana, Bay, Havens, McHugh, either Mejia or Familia (probably Mejia), Marte, Lutz, Tovar, and any of our many many pitching prospects.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Mets Fan Poll: Who should the Mets Trade This Off-season?

The Mets,  who are playing like they don't give a shit must find answers and find them quick. The answers unfortunately will not come this season, but Sandy Alderson has to find resourceful ways to make this team better and competitive in 2013.

The trade market has been much talked about with Ike Davis being the main topic of conversation. The Mets are looking to shop any player who has the most value and who they can get a high return.

I have listed in our latest fan poll some Mets players that I think have some value and that make sense to trade..

The most obvious would have to be David Wright, who would grant a large ransom from other teams and next season will be in a walk year. Ike Davis, who has been talked about recently and Lucas Duda who is stuck between first base and right field.. Of Course only one would go and one would play first.

 R.A. Dickey is having a Cy-Young Caliber season and Daniel Murphy who is a player on the Mets who can hit for average and play multiple positions..

The Mets can also out of the box and trade their ace Johan Santana who will be making a large sum of money next season. Can you say $31 Million?

So Now is your turn, who do you think the Mets should trade this Off-season to make the Mets more competitive in 2013?

Vote by clicking here or on our left sidebar on the page...

Please Note: That you can vote more than one player!

Thanks for reading Mets Chronicle!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Mets Chronicle Fan Polls: Playoffs, Mets MVP

Please Vote in our two New Mets Chronicle Fan Polls... You can vote below or on our right sidebar which is always there for your voting pleasure.. Thanks for interacting with Mets Chronicle!

Do you think the Mets will make the playoffs? free polls 
Who is the Mets MVP This Season? free polls 
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