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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Union will monitor Mets use of K-Rod

Weiner with Big Poppi
According to the Associated Press, Union head Michael Weiner says the players' association is not worried about the lawsuit filed against New York Mets owners and its impact on the club's financial stability.

Trustee Irving H. Picard, trying to recover money for victims of Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme, sued the Wilpon family that owns the Mets and related entities in December seeking at least $300 million in fictitious profits. The Mets owners say they are victims and they also have said they will be vindicated..

During a visit to Mets camp Tuesday, Weiner said the only concern for the union is to "make sure contractual obligations to the players are honored."

"We have been assured through the commissioner's office that's the case, so there's no concern there,"
Weiner said. "As far as the broader questions, it's in the interests of everybody associated with baseball that the National League franchise in New York be a strong franchise, and the Wilpons have always attempted to field a competitive team. They've had success doing that during their tenure, and we certainly hope they are in a position to continue to do that.

"But the real key is less what the payroll of the Mets is, (it) is that a team like the New York Mets, the National League entrant from New York, should be in a position to be a strong franchise."

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chris Young's Deal

Phat Wad, Break me off some
Here are the terms from ESPN NY on right-hander Chris Young's deal with the Mets.

The base salary is $1.1 million, with the value going up to $4.5 million with 31 starts and 180 innings.

Young can make an additional $1,525,000 based on starts 10 through 31, and $1,875,000 based on innings from 70 to 180.

That involves $125,000 for his 10th and 15th start, $150,000 for his 20th, $75,000 apiece for Nos. 21 through 25, and $125,000 each from Nos. 26 through 31. Young receives $125,000 for pitching 70 innings, $150,000 for 80 and each additional 10 innings through 150, $175,000 apiece for 160 and 170, and $200,000 for 180.
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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Profiting From Dominican Baseball Academies

Video by Mathew Orr and Michael Schmidt of The NY Times

“Are we there to make a profit? Absolutely”

More and more American “businessman” are financing baseball academies in the Dominican Republic. Dominican trainers, who are trying to sell baseball players to MLB teams, are wired money each month to cover operating costs for these academies. In return, the “businessman” receive huge percentages of players signing bonuses. These percentages are typically much higher than what agents receive from players in the US.

While the investors state in the video that they are trying to raise the standards of the academies and improve the conditions in which these kids (12-16 years old) live under, most academies do not have air conditioning, are over crowded and surrounded by barbed wire fences.

New Mets GM, Sandy Alderson was assigned by Commissioner Selig to revamp MLB operations in the Dominican Republic in early 2010. Alderson says there is a “tremendous amount of misses” with these types of academies-which are not regulated by MLB or the Dominican government.

Alarmingly, these young prospects receive no education besides English baseball lingo. One “businessman” does want to encompass education into his academy stating that “We do want to have education…hygiene, protecting yourself from stuff”

Stuff????? Such as…

...American vultures that already made claim to a hefty portion of players paychecks IF they actually make it to the Majors?…and if they don’t make it?
Failure or life after baseball is never discussed. Nor is money management, mathematical percentages or contract law.

Taylor Buchholz contract details...

According to Adam Rubin of ESPN,  Right-hander Taylor Buchholz, who signed for a base salary of $600,000 with the Mets, actually can earn as much as $1.2 milllion working out of the Mets' bullpen in 2011.

According to his contract, Buchholz will get a $400,000 bonus if he makes the 25-man roster and is not on the disabled list, right away lifting the salary to $1 million.

He will get $40,000 bonuses for appearing in 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60 games -- making it possible to earn another $200,000.

That raises the total value of the deal to $1.2 million if he makes the roster and appears in 60 games.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Chris Capuano's Contract

According to ESPN's Adam Rubin, Chris Capuano will have a base salary of $1.5 million with the potential to earn more than $4.5 in the 2011 season. Here's his financial breakdown: 15 games started =$125,000 20 games started =$150,000 Starts 21 through 31 games =$75,000 each 32 games started =$100,000 Bullpen bonuses: $100,000 for 20 relief appearances $100,000 for 30 relief appearances $100,000 for 40 relief appearances $100,000 for 50 relief appearances $100,000 for 60 relief appearances (A maximum of $1.2 million may be earned for games started and relief appearance bonus combined.) $50,000 for 90 innings pitched $100,000 for 100 innings pitched $100,000 for 110 innings pitched $100,000 for 120 innings pitched $100,000 for 130 innings pitched $125,000 for 140 innings pitched $175,000 for 150 innings pitched $175,000 for 160 innings pitched $200,000 for 170 innings pitched $200,000 for 180 innings pitched $225,000 for 190 innings pitched $250,000 for 200 innings pitched Plus: $50,000 for All Star; $150,000 for Comeback Player of the Year. "Show us what ya got."

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mets off-season contracts signed so far....

Mets Contracts signed so far... Not Much

Right-hander D.J. Carrasco Service time: 4 years, 141 days
2011: $1.2 million
2012: $1.2 million
Bonuses: $50,000 for 65 relief appearances; $50,000 for 75 relief appearances; $50,000 for 15 games started.

Catcher Ronny Paulino Service time: 4 years, 112 days
2011: $1.35 million
Bonuses: $60,000 for 85 games started at catcher; $60,000 for 95 games started at catcher; $60,000 for 105 games started at catcher; $60,000 for 115 games started at catcher; $60,000 for 125 games started at catcher.

Right-hander Boof Bonser Service time: 4 years, 81 days
Minor league contract for $15,000 per month
Major league value: $700,000
Invitation to spring training.
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