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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Commentary: 2014 Mets are in shambles at the start of the season

Commentary: 2014 Mets are in shambles at the start of the season 

I wake up on the Monday morning ready to watch my Mets on Opening day.

I find out not only second baseman Daniel Murphy is not in the lineup, but outfielder Chris Young has a injured calf and is pronounced day to day. Young looked great and was having a great spring. I wanted to see if he could replicate that in the regular season for the Mets.

Instead, the Mets had to play Eric Young at 2B and Andrew Brown in left, which turned out great as he gave the Mets a lift as he hit a Stephen Strasburg Fastball in left field seats for a 3-run HR. It also gave them a 3-0 lead at the time.. Hooray!

Now, embarking on a day off after a Opening Day loss because of shoddy bullpen work.. I find out Bobby Parnell has a torn ligament in his pitching elbow and could require to have surgery. Which will mean, he would miss the rest of the season. This will probably be the case, just like Matt Harvey's situation. The Mets have former Tigers Closer Jose Valverde to fill Parnell's shoes, but how much are we going to get out of this guy?

Murphy will not be back for the second game of the season because of Paternity Leave. When did Baseball Players get so soft?  I realize it's his first kid, but we never heard this back in the day. Ask any of the old-time greats if they seen the births of their children, lot of them will tell you they did not.  Thank the CBA and the MLBPA for this..

The Mets will counter the problems with released , then re-signed Kyle Farnsworth to replace Parnell and recall infielder Wilmer Flores, who in my mind should've never be sent to the minors in the first place. Let the kid play anywhere, even if it's at shortstop. Farnsworth sucked in Spring, now is a savior to the organization. Come on ...Alderson..

The Mets also have other problems, they never satisfied the Mets fan base with a trade of Ike Davis or Lucas Duda and they are still both on the roster. Davis, who arrived to the game late, then started and it turns out he had the Flu. Why did the Mets start him over Duda in the first place? It's the Mets...

The Mets also have reluctantly not spent money nor ship minor league talent to acquire a shortstop. The Mets will give Ruben Tejada a shot until the wheels fall off. Yeah, Tejada had some hits yesterday, but it's a matter of time whether he could produce regularly in a starting role...

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Do Mets Make Big Splash by Spring Training? or Stand Pat with minor improvement?

Would be Big Addition!
The question remains, Do the Mets make big moves in the next couple of weeks under the Wilpon Micro Radar before spring training starts?

Like Can the Mets get SS Stephen Drew for one year? or Will they stay with Ruben Tejada?

According to Adam Rubin of ESPN NY , Mets' team officials are divided about Drew's value. They would likely consider a one or two-year deal, but nothing more. The feeling is that if Drew is open to taking a short-term deal, he would return to the Red Sox rather than join a new team. Boston is said to have interest in re-signing him but don't appear to be in a rush to get it done. Apparently Lately, Stephen Drew's medicals have not been good, according to Andy Martino of the Daily News, But other reports say he is healthy. I Think One Year Deal Only for him, but probably will go back to Red Sox..

Can the Mets find a taker for Ike Davis?

According to SNY's Mets Hot Stove it's down to the Pirates, Brewers, and Orioles with the Brewers and Orioles in more of the fold. The Mets are holding out for the prospect player or package that will desire them the most. The Mets want young Top Five Pitching Prospects and nobody has flinched. My Guess, Ike will be in spring mix and let them battle it out. It will also showcase Ike and make doubters, believers... According to Adam Rubin of ESPN NY, Ike Davis does not want to start in the season in NY.

Brewers GM Bob Melvin said he had conversations with Sandy Alderson on about first baseman Ike Davis as far back as the General Managers Meetings in November, and met several times at the Winter Meetings a month later. The Mets' price is high -- they asked the Brewers for Tyler Thornburg, and the Orioles for top pitching prospect Eduardo Rodriguez and the Pirates Nick Kingham. The Brewers would rather trade a position player, perhaps from a stable of outfielders that remains reasonably deep, even with Aoki's departure.

Melvin declined to say whether the Mets' asking price for Davis, who was demoted to Triple-A at one point last season, was higher than expected. 
"I don't ever get into that," Melvin said. "Everybody makes the deal that they feel is the best deal for them. I don't ever consider whether asking prices are too high on [trades] or not, because you don't know until after the deal and you've seen players perform.
 "I think we've pretty well stood by -- the one thing we've done is we do not want to give up pitching."

So we will see how this all plays out... Maybe mystery team jumps in this Spring?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Commentary: My proposed Blockbuster Trade with Orioles (Updated)


The Mets who are looking at free agents who are apparently out of their price range might have to go the trade route in order to get the parts they need to compete in 2014.

The Orioles have been rumored to be listening to offers for SS J.J. Hardy (free agent 2015), C Matt Wieters, and OF Nick Markakis, who will be free agent in 2015.

The Orioles have been rumored to have interest in 1B/OF Lucas Duda and 1B Ike Davis, so it seem possible the Mets could start with one of these two in negotiations.

The Orioles are also looking to bolster their thin farm system, so guys like Montero and Flores would look enticing to them. According to Jim Bowden of ESPN, a trade for Wieters would have to include one of the following:

1. Top-of-the-rotation starter
2. Corner outfielder with power
3. Impact second baseman
4. Prospect package to help rebuild a thin farm system

If I was the Mets, I would offer a package of  C Travis d'Arnaud, 2B/IF Daniel Murphy, P Rafael Montero, 1B Duda/Davis, IF Wilmer Flores and/or SS Ruben Tejada  for C Matt Wieters, SS J.J. Hardy, and OF Nick Markakis. In a perfect world it could work, in reality is another thing in Metsville.....

This would solve a lot of holes for the Mets as they would get power from three positions they desperately need.. I would not like to see Daniel Murphy go, but it makes sense to add him to the deal as he has some value.

The Orioles would get prospects and save them money to invest in other free agents. They apparently had interest in SS Jhonny Peralta (signing with cards) which would make sense for them to sign him to replace Hardy. So I would throw in Ruben Tejada just cause... They get d'Arnaud to replace Wieters, Duda or Davis to play first while Chris Davis will DH. Daniel Murphy would play second base. Montero would enter the rotation for the O's and Flores would add insurance to their infield.

The only problem is the Mets seem scared to add salary and all three of those players would add  significant millions to the payroll.

It's time for the Mets to shake things up and let the fan base know they mean business....  I am tired of all the Mets bottom feeding from the free agent market... OF Chris Young is a prime example of this..

Mets Fans relax, it's fiction not reality!!   Post Comments!!!!

Let's Go Mets! - Sandy show some Balls!!!

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Commentary: Mets need a big move, not a bunch of smaller ones


Now that the Hot Stove League has officially begun, we will see many rumors that make sense and rumors that are plain absurd.

The Mets will go into this off-season with many holes to fill. The Mets are reported to try and fill their 2014 roster with free agent moves and trades.

There has been many speculations that the Mets will try and trade one of their first basemen. Either Lucas Duda or Ike Davis become marketable chips. Second basemen Daniel Murphy will be dangled for the right price.  Many in the past have had eyes on Closer Bobby Parnell, but does he have more value to the Mets than trading him?

The Free agent market looks bleak with the exceptions of a Robinson Cano, Jacoby Ellsbury, and a handful of talents to the pool.  Shin-Soo Choo does not make me say WOW. Didn't the Mets make that mistake already with Shinjo and Matsui.

The Mets must make a big splash this off-season and try to make the Mets faithful start Believing again..

The Rafael Furcals of the world do not get me excited and want me to buy tickets next season. But a guy like Outfielder Jose Bautista would start to get the blood pumping through my veins. This would be a big move for the Mets. Then I can see the Mets making smaller moves to add to the roster.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Commentary: My Predictions for Mets 2014 Off-season

Could be a Met in 2014?


I have been following the early rumors and whispers so far and what I have heard has not excited me and hope I am wrong. The Mets will be looking to upgrade some important offensive positions and have many options to choose from. I have outlined each position of interest with My Predictions and opinions for each.

The Mets have a glaring hole at shortstop since the Reyes departure and could be looking to upgrade with Ruben Tejada's status uncertain. The Mets so far have been linked to names such as Jhonny Peralta, Stephen Drew, and the big one, Troy Tulowitzki. There even has been talk of Jose Reyes coming back to Queens via trade. Strange, but True. Last but not least, Yunel Escobar, who could be released by Tampa Bay to save money could be last resort.

My Prediction: Jhonny Peralta - I think the Mets will go cheap and get Peralta off his suspension. I would rather get Tulowitzki, but injuries scare me and I'm sure the Mets.

The outfield will be a main topic of conversation after the World Series ends.. The Mets will most likely try and get a difference maker in the corner outfield spots. The Trade Market will have players who most likely will be traded to shed money off their payroll. That list will include Carlos Gonzalez, Michael Cuddyer, Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier and Jose Bautista.  Then there will always be a Giancarlo Stanton alert for prospects. The rest will have to be free agents that could interest the Mets like Jacoby Ellsbury, Carlos Beltran, and Marlon Byrd, Nelson Cruz, and Shin-Soo Choo..

My Prediction: Andre Ethier and Marlon Byrd - Ethier to me,  will be the easiest to obtain in a trade and I think the Mets will give Marlon Byrd another shot in New York. I rather the Mets get CarGo from the Rockies and get Ellsbury like I said in the past, but this the Wilpons, not Fantasy League.

First base could be upgraded, but the Mets have Lucas Duda, Ike Davis, and Josh Satin. They could also elect Daniel Murphy to move over there.. The Mets can also go outside the box with a free agent signing like Jose Abreu, Justin Morneau, Mike Napoli or even trade for someone like Edwin Encarnacion..

My Predicition: Ike Davis/Josh Satin Platoon. Another shot for each. I'd rather see the Mets get a unknown like Cuban Defector Abreu and see what he is got.

The Mets have to make a decision if Travis d'Arnaud can handle everyday duties behind the dish. The Mets can supplement with an addition of Jarrod Saltalamacchia or even bring back John Buck. Brian McCann might be out of the Mets price range.

My Predicition: Jarrod Saltalamacchia  and D'Arnaud will platoon. Salty will provide leadership and power from the leftside that the Mets have been lacking. I think Salty would provide some pop and be in the Mets price range.

The Mets can make a big slash in the Trade Market for a Starting Pitcher with David Price dangling into front of the Mets eyes and Matt Harvey in recovery. But the offense looks to be priority and is sure to look a whole lot different in 2014.  The Mets might have to go Free Agent route for starters.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Commentary: Please, No Choo in 2014 Mets Outfield


First off, Hunter Pence will remain with the San Francisco Giants on a five-year, $90 million deal. I think he would of been ideal in a Mets uniform. We can dream...

Now that Pence is off the board, Scott Boras has other clients who happen to play the outfield and are free agents,  namely Shin-Soo Choo and Jacoby Ellsbury.

According to Adam Rubin of ESPN NY, the Mets are believed to be only interested in Choo. And they are unlikely to bid more than the deal that Boras obtained for Michael Bourn last offseason (four years).

According to CBS writer Jon Heyman, Shin-Soo Choo could get $90 million to $100 million via the free-agent market this winter.

But is this guy really worth it? No Way!!! This Guy averages 146 K's in the lead-off slot. Not what the Mets need.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Commentary: Can the Mets Trade for Troy Tulowitzki?


John Harper of the Ny Daily News, raised the question whether the Mets would be players this off-season in the Troy Tulowitzki Sweepstakes. The Mets have two needs in shortstop and outfield, and the Rockies have both Tulo and GarGo to dangle this off-season.

According to multiple reports, the Rockies’ people don't see the Mets as a great match in a deal for either Tulowitzki or Carlos Gonzalez, for whom they’ll also listen to offers.

Harper mentioned that the one prize possession that the Mets could dangle in a package for Tulo is prospect catcher Travis d'Arnaud, who was acquired in the R.A. Dickey deal. Scouts believe d'Arnaud could be an All-Star.  One predicted that d’Arnaud could hit 25-30 home runs playing in the thin air in Denver.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Commentary: With Harvey out, Will the Mets throw money at Starting Pitching Free Agents in 2014?

Commentary: With Harvey out, Will the Mets throw money at Starting Pitching Free Agents in 2014?

Now that the Mets have lost Matt Harvey possibly for most of the 2014 season due to possible Tommy John Surgery, the Mets must decide in the off-season how to replace their ace if they look to contend in 2014.

One option the Mets have is going is the Free Agency way. The Mets have money to spend due to multiple players coming off the books including Johan Santana.

Matt Garza will be the number one starter on the 2014 Free agency market and may demand large numbers on the open market, so I don't envision him a possibility.

The Mets could go a different route (more frugal way ) and look at pitchers Josh Johnson and Tim Lincecum, both whom having off years.

Johnson has had injuries this season and Lincecum has shown some greatness this season in throwing a no-hitter.

Both in their prime and have lead teams as aces in the past. Both could use a zip code change and be penciled in on any rotation at the top.

Lincecum's Career Stats:
2007 23 SFG 7 5 4.00 24 0 0 146.1 122 70 65 12 65 150
2008 24 SFG 18 5 2.62 33 2 1 227.0 182 72 66 11 84 265
2009 25 SFG 15 7 2.48 32 4 2 225.1 168 69 62 10 68 261
2010 26 SFG 16 10 3.43 33 1 1 212.1 194 84 81 18 76 231
2011 27 SFG 13 14 2.74 33 1 1 217.0 176 74 66 15 86 220
2012 28 SFG 10 15 5.18 33 0 0 186.0 183 111 107 23 90 190
2013 29 SFG 7 13 4.55 26 1 1 158.1 146 86 80 17 63 165
7 Yrs 86 69 3.46 214 9 6 1372.1 1171 566 527 106 532 1482
162 Game Avg. 14 11 3.46 34 1 1 218 186 90 84 17 84 235
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Generated 8/27/2013.

Josh Johnson's Career Stats:
2005 21 FLA 0 0 3.65 1 0 12.1 11 5 5 0 10 10
2006 22 FLA 12 7 3.10 24 0 157.0 136 63 54 14 68 133
2007 23 FLA 0 3 7.47 4 0 15.2 26 17 13 1 12 14
2008 24 FLA 7 1 3.61 14 1 87.1 91 36 35 7 27 77
2009 25 FLA 15 5 3.23 33 2 209.0 184 77 75 14 58 191
2010 26 FLA 11 6 2.30 28 1 183.2 155 51 47 7 48 186
2011 27 FLA 3 1 1.64 9 0 60.1 39 13 11 2 20 56
2012 28 MIA 8 14 3.81 31 0 191.1 180 84 81 14 65 165
2013 29 TOR 2 8 6.20 16 0 81.1 105 64 56 15 30 83
9 Yrs 58 45 3.40 160 4 998.0 927 410 377 74 338 915
162 Game Avg. 12 9 3.40 33 1 206 191 84 78 15 70 189
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