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Friday, June 17, 2011

Mets Create "Get Well" card for Carter

According to ESPN's Mike Mazzeo, the Mets have created a Get Well card for Gary Carter- who is currently undergoing radiation treatment and chemotherapy as he tries to overcome Stage 4 brain cancer. The card is available for fans to sign in the rotunda at Citi Field. Mookie Wilson, Terry Collins and Ron Darling all signed before Friday's game. A close friend will deliver the card to Carter.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Single Game Tickets On Sale 3/14

Single game Mets tickets for the general public will go on sale Monday March 14th at 10 AM.
Members of the Flushing Flash or previous multi-game ticket purchasers will receive an exclusive pre-sale password to purchase tickets March 9th- 11th. Monday March 7th at 5 PM is the deadline to subscribe to take advantage of the pre-sale passwords.
Other ticket options such as group tickets, 40 and 15 game packs and Mets Flex packs are available to purchase now.
If you're in the "Sunshine State," (or willing to take a few days off of work to travel there) spring training tickets are also available for purchase.
What games are you planning on attending or looking forward to this season?

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Mark Cuban Won't Chase Mets

According to ESPN's Ian Begley, Mark Cuban does have interest in ownership of a MLB team but does not want to be used as bait for a higher potential offer in the bidding war of the Mets. "If they want to contact me, if they have an interest and they think I'd be a good owner, I'd take their call and I'd be more than happy to discuss it," Cuban said Wednesday night before the Knicks-Mavericks game. "But I'm done chasing and bidding on baseball teams." Cuban the owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, had previously bid on ownership of the Chicago Cubs and Texas Rangers. Both of whom he lost to other ownership groups. Any sale would be limited to a 20-25% stake in the team and not SportsNet New York or Citi Field. "It's a great franchise in a great market. So I'm sure there's going to be a whole lot of interest. But I'm not going to, whether it's here or the Dodgers for that matter, I'm not going to put myself in a bidding situation. I did that twice and learned my lesson."

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mets 3 Game Paks Fail with Fans

Mets 3 game Pick-A-Paks are on sale for the 2011 season along with season ticket plans, 40 game plans and 15 game plans. The 3 game Pick-A- Packs offered this season, unlike last year, do not include the (Marquee ) subway series against the Yankees. Last year, thousands of Mets fans specifically purchased the 3 game packs to insure that they would have a ticket to a subway series game at Citifield. Now fans are being forced to wait until 2 weeks before the series for a pre-sale password or they can test their luck on the open market on ebay or Stubhub. It was oddly refreshing when the Mets front office lowered its pricing in November releasing this statement: "The Mets are committed to providing quality and value to our fans," said Dave Howard, Executive Vice President, Business Operations. "We reduced ticket prices for 2011 based on fan feedback and marketplace information." It's true that the Mets did slash the average ticket price by 14%, however I hope the Mets officials do realize that being apart of this fan base means sticking it to the Yankees on our field. But to do so effectively we need a bigger supply of tickets accessible to us.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Jets Success should inspire Mets

New York’s other football team, The Jets, have moved on to the AFC Championship and we still have yet to see New York’s other baseball team, The Mets, realize a similar success story since 2006. So what do the Jets have that the Mets don’t? 1. A New Stadium-Mets moved into their $900 million home, Citifield in 2009. X 2. Strong Defense-9 gold gloves between Wright (2) Castillo (3) Beltran (3) and Santana (1) It is defense which wins championships in the NFL while baseball teams rely on pitching and defense to dominate the Majors. Most of our gold glovers have gotten old or injured in the past few years and our D has suffered. √√ 3. Die Hard Fans-Mets fans are born not made. While the fair weather fans flock to the Bronx to see a show, the diehards tune into the Mets through good times and bad times. And we aren’t afraid to boo a player/coach/GM/owner/opposing team or umpire. Actually, at some point we probably did boo all of the above. Only out of love or utter disgust. Don't mind us when we say we've had it with the Mets. We aren't going anywhere. √- 4. A Blunt Coach- We had one of the best in Bobby Valentine and we were successful under him, clinching 2 wild card appearances and competing in a NY vs. NY World Series back in 2000. Time will tell if Terry Collins can light a fire under the Mets in 2011. 5. Cool Nicknames-The Amazin’s. When we complete triple plays, behind the back flips to first, dive into the stands for foul balls and win 20 inning marathon games-we are absolutely Amazin’. XX 6. Back Up of Bold Predictions- “We are the team to beat” – Beltran in 2008. We haven’t heard or seen much from our star center fielder since those comments were made and haven’t made the playoffs ever since. While the Mets are in a so called rebuilding year this season as the Jets were two years ago, its not difficult to imagine the possibilities of what may come. All we have to do is look at our New York brothers wearing the green uniforms in the NFL for some inspiration.

Friday, December 24, 2010

My 2011 Mets Christmas List

1. Core Players Stay Healthy With the nagging injury of Jose Reyes's oblique, hamstring and over active thyroid issues, Mets fans didn’t get to see much of our shortstop on a regular game basis. Beltran’s late season arrival sporting a knee brace killed our team’s chemistry along with disrupting our lineup. Which left Wright and rookie Ike Davis to produce in their absences. If they could ALL just stay healthy… 2. Santana Back in the Rotation Earlier Than Expected Without a doubt we need our ace to take the ball every five games. Santana’s a workhorse and can eat up innings giving a rest to the bullpen. With his warrior-like attitude on the mound, the Mets become a baseball tribe ready to defend their turf (or grass) at any cost. 3. A Tougher 2nd Baseman Our current 2nd baseman, Castillo is a hindrance to this team. The only thing he's good for is slap hits to the opposite field. His rally killing weak ground balls are predictable and irritating to watch. He has no power or base stealing capabilities anymore because of bad knees and fragile feet. 4. Sweep Subways Series…. We can do it! There is something about the subway series that brings out the best in the Mets. After beating the Yankees we feel like we can beat any team on any day. This confidence leads to winning streaks. Not to mention New York bragging rights, a sweep of the subway series makes a great gift. 5. Ike Davis All Star The Wright/Reyes All Star dual needs a third wheel and after a great 2010 rookie season I hope to see Ike as a reserve on the National League team in 2011. 6. Pelfrey Wins Cy Young He has immense potential and when he is on and focused, Pelfrey pitches to perfection. This achievement can happen and is possible more than ever this year. The high expectations placed on Pelfrey in Santana’s absence, will cause Big Pelf to elevate his game and his success in 2010 has given him the confidence to do so. 7. Niese Pitches No Hitter Niese pitched a one hitter in June. A no hitter for Niese early in the season would (be great for my fantasy baseball team) put doubts of Mets pitching on a hiatus for a few weeks. 8. 17 Game Winning Streak in September Such a streak would have the Mets barreling over the Cubs, Cardinals, Phillies, and Braves in the last month of the season. Which brings me to my final Mets Christmas Wish …and the most important 9. A Playoff Series Win at Citifield Signed- Orange and Blue
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