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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Tim Teufel gets added to 2012 Coaching Staff, As Four Coaches will not be back

The New York Mets said Wednesday that four coaches won't return next season.

Bench coach Ken Oberkfell, third base coach Chip Hale, first base coach Mookie Wilson and bullpen coach Jon Debus will not be back, while hitting coach Dave Hudgens and pitching coach Dan Warthen will return to manager Terry Collins' staff for 2012.

Former Mets infielder Tim Teufel, who was managing at Triple-A Buffalo, will be the new third base coach and Ricky Bones will step in as bullpen coach.

Last week, the Mets exercised the 2013 contract option for Collins after he guided the team to a 77-85 record in his first season at the helm.

The Mets have missed the playoffs each of the last five years.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Video: Reyes Goes Nuts After Missed Call

With the Mets down 2-1 in the bottom of the 8th, Reyes hit his signature high liner into the opposite field gap that let him slide into third with an easy triple.

Rick Ankiel threw into 3rd base about 2 seconds too late BUT Jose was called out. Although he maintained contact with the bag for all in the stands, field, home and dugout to see, third base umpire called him out mistakenly thinking Reyes' hand came off the bag. And Jose was livid.

I loved watching his strides to third but his reaction after being called out was the the best part of the play. Our spark plug ignited the inning and the rest of the Mets for the rest of the game.

While the Washington D.C crowd sounded lifeless and dull during the play, here in NY we were up in arms right along with you. Go Jose!

Video from last night:

Friday, March 04, 2011

Mets Play Dirty in Spring Training

The Citifield playing infield has been replicated in Mets Spring training camp and the players love it.
According to the New York Times, a firm called Natural Sand Company filled the Port St. Lucie infield with loads of dark, brown clay from its mine in central Pennsylvania in February.
"It's pretty sweet," says Jose Reyes, "It's exactly like Citifield, and thats the best infield in the majors, without a doubt."
Mets coaches want players to train on the same playing surface they will play in during the regular season starting in April. The idea was proposed by Chip Hale, the Mets third base coach (and former managerial candidate.) "It seemed like a no-brainer to me," Hale said. "Why not make it as close to New York as possible?"
David Wright hopes it will help him prepare for the move to New York later this month saying "it makes it a lot easier when you go up north and it's the same surface you've been practicing on for six weeks."
Mets and the county of Port St. Lucie will split the $15,000 cost.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Mookie Wilson is Back: New York Mets Finalize 2011 Coaching Staff

It took a few weeks for ownership to finally hire a GM, and even longer for the GM to hire a manager, so it only makes sense that there is an aura of suspense around who Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins will choose to close out their coaching staff.

In a conference call with bloggers last Friday, Alderson made it clear that new coaches had already been identified; he was just waiting for the right time to make the announcement.
And it appears that the time has come.

The Mets will hire Dave Hudgens to replace Howard Johnson as the hitting coach. Hudgens has previous ties with the Mets – drafted by the team in 1975 as there fifth overall pick, but did not sign – and he also has a prior relationship with manager Terry Collins.

It may seem odd that the Mets decided to go with a hitting coach who only has one hit in seven at bats during his major league career, but Hudgens was hired more for his baseball knowledge and discipline than his actual experience.

He has previously served as the Cleveland Indians minor league field coordinator, the same job Collins held last year with the Mets, and is currently managing Caracas in the Venezuelan Winter League where he has Mets starting catcher Josh Thole on the roster.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wally is still my choice to be next manager

The New York Mets are still in the hunt for a new manager. Out of the finalist, everyone has Collins the favorite, followed by Melvin , who is regarded highly.

I do not want to see the Mets hire Terry Collins. The Mets points to hire Collins is that he does have Major league experience. Also by being a minor league coordinator last year, he did get to know the minor leagues and might make him a viable part in rebuilding the Mets.

The problem I don't like about Collins is I don't think he is a New York sort of guy. He really seems like a guy who could run a Major League team in the southern part of the country , then New York. No real Mets fan want to see him on the hot seat.

Of course, winning would change my opinion of the man, but that remains to be seen.
He only has a career record of 444-434.

Bob Melvin seems to be laid back, intelligent kind of guy. In 2007, he was the National League Manager of the Year when he led the Arizona Diamondbacks to a division title. He worked for the Mets' organization last season as a pro scout. He is regarded as a calm, analytical thinker ( which seems to fit with the new front office). He would have to be my second choice.

Chip Hale has been compared to other managers like Gardenhire, but it looks like he might not be ready to take the dive to manager because he has no MLB managerial experience. He impressed the organization with work ethic and professionalism last year in his first season. He was a successful minor league manager who was named Class AAA manager of the year in his final season before heading to the majors. The one thing about

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First Round Done in Manager Search

According to Adam Rubin of ESPN NY,  GM Sandy Alderson said Tuesday at the GM meetings that the organization had completed its first-round interviews, and that three to four candidates would be called back for second interviews, which should include speaking with chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon.

Rubin has strong expectation that Terry Collins, Bob Melvin and Chip Hale are three candidates to be called back -- and that's the order of likelihood they will be hired by the Mets as manager.

Alderson did not announce the finalists, but said he hoped to make them public

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Manager Watch: Backman says interview with Sandy goes well, Collins might be the frontrunner for the job

Single-A Brooklyn manager Wally Backman was interviewed Saturday in San Diego for the Mets’ managerial opening.  He had a three-hour sit-down meeting with new Mets GM Sandy Alderson and, according to Peter Botte of the New York Daily News, it went smoothly.

"I thought it went very well," Backman told the Daily News Saturday night. "But out of respect to the Mets and the interview process, I'm not going to comment any further."

Backman led the Brooklyn Cyclones to a stellar 51-24 record this season and a playoff berth, but he has a checkered past that includes a DUI arrest, tax evasion and other financial and personal struggles. That past cost him a managing gig with the Diamondbacks in 2004.

Backman is the fans choice for the job, but many do not see him getting it like Jon Heyman of
Collins with Fred Wilpon last spring

The Mets also interviewed former Astros and Angels manager Terry Collins this weekend as well.

He was 444-434 (.506) in six seasons managing the Astros and Angels, but hasn’t been a skipper in the big leagues since 1999.

According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, a person who has talked to Mets officials in recent days believes that Collins is anywhere from "a strong candidate to the front-runner. I think it is possible that all the interviews are just covering bases and they already like Collins the best."

Collins, 61, has several assets that favor his candidacy, including likely endorsements from powerful voices to Alderson: Fred Wilpon and Paul DePodesta.

He was the preferred candidate of DePodesta, then the Dodgers general manager, to replace Jim Tracy after the 2005 season. But DePodesta was fired, in part because owner Frank McCourt said he did not like the managerial candidates lined up by DePodesta. Grady Little ultimately got the manager's job. DePodesta was a key advisor to Alderson with the Padres, and Alderson is trying to import DePodesta away from San Diego to the Mets, right now.

According to Joel Sherman,  his days working in the Dodgers farm system in the 1980s, Collins has a long-standing relationship with Sandy Koufax, who is buddies with Wilpon. When Koufax visited Mets camp in Port St. Lucie last spring, the Hall-of-Fame lefty said he was there to visit Collins, not Wilpon.

Anyone who has been around the Mets knows the reverence with which Wilpon holds Koufax and how much Koufax's word means to the Mets owner.

Even though my choice would be Clint Hurdle, it looks a though it might be Collins who has the upper hand because of all his Mets ties and endorsements.

The Mets still have Chip Hale to be interviewed this weekend and they still have external candidates like Clint Hurdle on the board for next week. Hurdle looks as though he can get the Pirates job if he wants it. 

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Alderson scheduled interviews with Backman, Collins, and Hale

From Twitter: 

Alderson quotes, "We had productive meetings today with Bob Melvin and Dave Jauss as we begin the interview process for our Manager position."  "We've scheduled interviews with Wally Backman, Terry Collins, and Chip Hale this weekend in California."

Just for kicks watch Wally Backman get ejected (from the series Playing for Peanuts)

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Mets look at Hurdle and others for manager position

Sandy Alderson is back to work at Citi-Field after he finished up on teaching classes at Berkley. Dan Martin of the New York Post says that Clint Hurdle could be a serious candidate for manager. Also in the mix would be Backman, Collins, Oberkfell, and Hale. I think Hurdle could be a contender of the crown just because of the work he has done for the Texas Rangers.

Clint Hurdle was the hitting coach of Texas Rangers who just lost the World Series to the SF Giants(Congrats). So that means he is up for grabs.. The Pirates apparently have interest too.

I am sadden to see the Rangers lose only because I was pulling for them because they had certain Mets ties. The GM Jon Daniels is a Mets fan and raised in Queens, and Nolan Ryan who pitched for the Mets is one of the owning partners. They also had Nelson Cruz who was a former Met and Frenchy, who was not really a rallying factor.

The Mets obviously could use a little boost in offense performance and motivation. The Mets can use Hurdle's approach on hitting. Hurdle is a believer of the "Mental side of hitting", which is a part of a system that Former Indian Steve Springer has designed. It was also a side story that was viewed during the post season.

Oh by the way, look who is also a believer just based on his testimonial, Daniel Murphy.
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