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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mets News and Notes: 2013 Payroll, Santana, Trading Santana, Cablevision Blackout, AL Central in 2013, Mejia

Mets News and Notes:

The Mets' payroll, which suffered an historical one-year drop last offseason, is expected to remain the same, at roughly $90 million, for 2013... "They may have $10 million to $15 million max to spend -- if Sandy is lucky," the source said.

The largest salary commitments coming off the books this winter:

• $5.6875 million from the expected non-tendering of right-hander Mike Pelfrey, who missed most of the season following Tommy John surgery on May 1.

• $3.5 million for right-hander Jon Rauch.

• $2.65 million for right-hander Ramon Ramirez.

• $1.15 million for infielder Ronny Cedeno.

• $1.1 million for outfielder Scott Hairston.

• $1 million for left-handed reliever Tim Byrdak.

Add in the potential non-tendering of arbitration-eligible outfielder Andres Torres ($2.7 million) and that would mean roughly $17.8 million being freed -- with gaping holes to fill.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mets News and Notes: Santana Shutdown?, Instant Replay, Cablevision, Nimmo, Mejia, Duda, Nieuwenhuis, Hairston, Nitkowski

Mets News and Notes:

Pitching coach Dan Warthen briefly mentioned Santana's back during a postgame interview, but Santana insisted he was healthy despite an 8.27 ERA in 10 starts since his June 1 no-hitter. Mets brass likely will huddle to discuss Santana, with shutting down the southpaw among the topics to consider, although it would seem likely Santana gets another opportunity with an extra day of rest Thursday at Citi Field against Colorado. Santana, though, has not been dismissive of shutting down his season before his teammates -- receptiveness that suggests it probably will happen at some point before the Mets wrap up their season in Miami Oct. 3.

More instant replay, at least unofficially, is coming to Citi Field this season. Major League Baseball will experiment with technology to determine fair and foul balls. The technology will be tested, not influence game decisions. A competing system will be tested at Yankee Stadium.

"Hawkeye," the camera-based technology used in tennis, will be tested at Citi Field, both during Mets games in September and on off days. A radar-based system, similar to the technology used to track shots in golf telecasts, will be tested at Yankee Stadium. That technology, officials said, has not previously been used to review calls in any sport. Baseball also plans to test both systems during the Arizona Fall League and present the results at the next owners meetings in November.

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