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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Mets' Acquire Catcher Kelly Shoppach

The New York Mets have acquired 32-year old catcher Kelly Shoppach from the Boston Red Sox for a player to be named later. Shoppach is hitting .250, with five homers and 17 RBI this season. He has spent his entire eight year career in the American League having stints with Tampa Bay, Cleveland, and twice with the Red Sox. It will be interesting to see how he fairs in the National League. Josh Thole has been struggling this year, and the Mets are in dying need of a catcher. It was only in 2008 when Shoppach blasted a career high 21 home runs with Cleveland. Look for Rob Johnson to be sent down to Triple-A, but he could be called back up when the rosters expand in 18 days. If Shoppach can provide half of what he did in 2008, then this trade is a win.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bobby Valentine will be named the 45th Manager in Red Sox History Wednesday

The Process for finding a manager did not happen as smooth as the Red Sox would have liked it..

First, the Red Sox were going to hire someone from their first wave of interviews. Then the Cubs hired Dale Sveum and all of a sudden the Red Sox went back and started over, expanding their search. Then we heard reports that a manager would be named Tuesday, only to find out that would be delayed until later in the week. Tuesday, the saga took another turn.

Karl Ravech of ESPN -- the studio host of Baseball Tonight, not a reporter, mind you -- tweeted that Gene Lamont has been eliminated from contention for the manager job. That would leave only Bobby Valentine as a candidate, meaning he would be hired. Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe has now reported that Valentine is the choice over Lamont "but that could change."

On the other hand ....

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bobby Valentine looks like the Frontrunner for Boston Red Sox Manager Job

Bobby Valentine in one of his finest moments as Mets manager
Bobby Valentine spent most of yesterday at Fenway Park, but according to Dan Martin of the NY Post that doesn’t mean he’s the Red Sox manager yet.

The former Mets skipper met with Boston hierarchy as new general manager Ben Cherington continues the process of looking for a replacement for Terry Francona, who left after the epic Red Sox collapse at the end of last season along with GM Theo Epstein.

Valentine, 61, has not managed in the majors since leaving the Mets in 2002, and Cherington told reporters yesterday he still has more work to do before settling on a manager.

“This has always been a choice that I’m going to make with ownership,” Cherington said.

Valentine reportedly is the favorite among ownership, which values previous big league managerial experience. That could be why the Red Sox didn’t rush to hire Dale Sveum, who was interviewed but landed with Epstein and the Cubs last week.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Red Sox interested in Beltran, Two Year Deal

Beltran might stay on the east coast
According to a report from Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated, the Red Sox are interested in free agent Carlos Beltran. The veteran right fielder was though to be a possible trade target for the Sox at the 2011 deadline, but the Mets instead dealt Beltran to the Giants, where he hit .323 with seven home runs in 44 games. The 34-year-old Beltran (he’ll be 35 in April) hit .300 with 22 HR and 84 RBI last season.

A competing executive told Heyman that he predicts the Sox will ink Beltran to a two-year deal. According to an report last week, Beltran has left agent Scott Boras and is now represented by Dan Lozano.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Rumor Mill: Capuano almost a Red Sox?

Looks like Chris Capuano will have to spend the next six days in non play-off contention with the rest of the Mets.

Earlier in the week according to the NY Post,  it almost wasn't such a certainty the veteran left-hander would finish the year in a Mets uniform.

This is after the Red Sox tried to acquire Capuano in a waiver deal, with the idea of using him to start Sunday's game against the Yankees, according to an industry source.

Capuano pitched yesterday's game for the Mets and allowed four earned runs over 4 2/3 innings in their wild 8-6 victory over the Cardinals at Busch Stadium. But as recently as Tuesday, the Mets were lining up a Plan B -- Miguel Batista -- for yesterday in the event Capuano was traded.

The deal never materialized because the Mets were not satisfied with Boston's offer of cash for Capuano, who can become a free agent after the season. The pitcher would have been ineligible for Boston's postseason roster, meaning the Red Sox would have been looking to rent Capuano for 1-2 appearances.

Capuano said he wasn't aware of the trade buzz until he had completed his start yesterday.
"I'm glad I didn't know about it," said Capuano, who grew up a Red Sox fan in Springfield, Mass. "It didn't happen, so I don't know if there is much more to talk about."

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson had no comment when asked about the Red Sox interest in Capuano. But Alderson hinted he recently had been approached by a team trying to make a deal for a player. Alderson said there were multiple factors in not trading.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Cafardo: Time and go get this Met - Jose Reyes

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe gives us his take on what the Boston Red Sox need is to succeed, shortstop Jose Reyes....

Cafardo is quoted as saying,
You don't go out and obtain Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford to finish second to the Yankees. You get those guys because you've committed to winning it all. And to not finish things off would be foolish.

So, as the trade deadline approaches in two weeks, the Red Sox have to identify what they need to accomplish their goal.

From this perspective, they should load up the truck of prospects and send them to the Mets for shortstop Jose Reyes. "I know that everyone seems to think the Red Sox are going to bring in Carlos Beltran, or that they need a pitcher, but today proved to me that their biggest need is to get Reyes and solidify that shortstop position," said an American League scout [Saturday].

Hey Listen, The Mets could use some relief from payroll next season and send Reyes over to Red Sox Nation for some prospects, if they are worth it. But would Alderson do it?

I don't think Sandy Alderson is ready to throw in the towel on the Reyes front just yet. Plus he is one of the few players that he would get draft pick compensation for if not signed (Key is rebuilding). 

He is also highly regarded from a Fan Stand point and the Mets are not ready to lose more fans.  On the other hand, Carlos Beltran in my opinion is a goner and as soon as the Mets see the players they want back in return, that will be a settled issue.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beltran Would Accept Boston Trade

Carlos Beltran is starting to sound a lot like K-Rod nowadays. He recently told the Boston Herald of his feelings toward being traded to the Red Sox.
"They're in first place. It's a no brainer. Boston is a great team. Like I say man, the Mets know that I have made it clear to them , I'm willing to listen if they want to trade me. All I want to be is on a team that has a chance to go to the playoffs. I know that there are a lot of teams out there having a good season."
I think we all can understand that baseball is a business but where is the loyalty with these players nowadays. Reyes is saying all of the right things as far as his feelings toward staying with the Mets while K-Rod and Beltran have already put one foot (or shotty knee) out of the door. They can't get out of New York fast enough and are letting everyone know.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thole turns to Mirabelli for Help

The NY Daily News reports that Josh Thole has been in contact with former catcher Doug Mirabelli for tips on catching R.A. Dickey's knuckleballer pitch. Mirabelli was Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield's personal catcher in Boston. Dickey and Wakefield are close, and it was Dickey who gave Mirabelli's contact information to young Thole hoping that the referral would lead to progress in catching as well as an abundance of defensive tips and tricks. "It will be great to see what he has to say," Thole said. After showing last season that he could handle the knuckleball, Thole has regressed this season- leaving some to speculate that Ronny Paulino would take over the number 1 catching spot on the team. "There is going to be plenty of work for both of those guys," Collins said. "I don't think anybody works any harder than Josh Thole at trying to figure out what you have to do to get a hitter out."

Friday, April 01, 2011

Mets Opening Day!

NY Mets fans have waited since October for this day, Opening Day of baseball. We dropped managers, GM's, starting pitchers, a second baseman and a few million for court expenses this offseason and today is the day we start fresh.
Pelfrey will take the ball tonight at 7 PM against the Marlins in Florida. The game can be seen on SNY.
Thats of course if the Red Sox and Phillies don't mind us playing 162 games before we crown a champion.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Trade for Mike Cameron?

Mets fans remember Mike Cameron as the 3 time Gold Glove Winner who impressed us with his talent and speed in right field and positive presence in the clubhouse from 2004-2005 with the team.
A lot of us can recall that horrible collision Cameron and Beltran had in late 2005 when both players dove for a ball; neither player backing off of the play, resulting in a concussion and multiple face injuries for Cameron. Soon after the collision Cameron was traded to San Diego and fans wished him well. Now Cameron is with the Boston Red Sox and there is speculation that Cameron could be traded.
He missed most of the 2009 season with a groin injury and was limited to 48 games last season due to abdominal injuries. This year, Cameron is about as healthy as he can be in spring training and drawing interest from other teams. In addition to Cameron's offense of 8 20-homer seasons in his 16 year career he is a major asset on defense.
The Boston Globe has speculated that Cameron could eventually be traded because of the current depth in the outfield between Jacoby Ellsbury. J.D Drew and newbie Carl Crawford.
With all the interest surrounding Mike Cameron and Beltran's ongoing knee troubles maybe the Mets should consider bringing back Cameron for another season....

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Mets Lineup Today vs Red Sox

Sunday, March 6 vs. Boston @ 1:10 PM on SNY

  1. Jose Reyes, ss
  2. Angel Pagan, cf
  3. David Wright, 3b
  4. Carlos Beltran, dh
  5. Jason Bay, lf
  6. Ike Davis, 1b
  7. Scott Hairston, rf
  8. Daniel Murphy, 2b
  9. Mike Nickeas, c

Jon Niese, lhp

Also pitching: Taylor Tankersley, Armando Rodriguez, Francisco Rodriguez, Ryota Igarashi, John Lujan, Boof Bonser

Red Sox
  1. Marco Scutaro, ss
  2. Ryan Kalish, cf
  3. Jed Lowrie, 2b
  4. Daniel Nava, dh
  5. Josh Reddick, rf
  6. Lars Anderson, 1b
  7. Willie Middlebrooks, 3b
  8. Juan Carlos Linares, lf
  9. Luis Exposito, c

Michael Bowden, rhp

Monday, February 28, 2011

Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Mets Need To Rally Behind Carlos Beltran

Let me start this post off by saying that when the offseason first started, I was firmly in the camp that suggested a Beltran trade, no matter how much money the Mets had to eat of his contract.

The Mets were 48-40 at the All-Star break this year, and then Beltran returned which started the massive decline to mediocrity. I don't want to say that these two occurrences are linked, but it makes you wonder nonetheless.

Recently, we heard the rumors about a possible Beltran trade with the Red Sox. However, now that the Sox signed speedster Carl Crawford (a great signing by the way), that likely spells the end to those rumors. In fact, the Red Sox now have four quality outfielders so they may even look to trade a Jacoby Ellsbury or J.D. Drew instead of acquiring another outfielder.

There are not many other trading partners out there willing to put their faith in a 33-year old outfielder who hasn't played a full season since 2008.

Let's face it: Even with a monster year this year, Beltran certainly would not have lived up to his mega contract. He was a solid player in Kansas City and had that miracle run in the playoffs for Houston which allowed him to earn his big contract.

When healthy, he is a five-tool player but not worth $19 million per season. For that matter, none of these guys that make $20 million a year are worth that type of money. The pay structure of the sport is getting ridiculous ($126 million for Jason Werth...Jason Werth! The guy's had two good years).

Anyway, back to Beltran.

It looks like Beltran will be with the club in some capacity in 2011. He might remain in center field or shift over to right. Either way, we need Beltran to hit and hit consistently.

I'm not usually one to make predictions, but here's what I see this year from Beltran.

He will play in about 130 games (naturally he will be "injured" at some point), seeing time in both center and right, unless he willingly makes the switch to right permanently.

I see him putting up similar numbers to his first year with the Mets. He'll hit about .270 with 15-20 HR and 70+ RBI. Contract aside, these numbers could be beneficial to a Mets team that is clicking on all cylinders. But when was the last time Reyes, Wright, Beltran, Bay, Davis, etc. were all hot at the same time? The answer is not too often.

Another scenario can occur if Beltran bursts out of the gates in 2011. He can establish his trade value and depending on where the Mets stand in July, they might be able to net some talented prospects (preferably starting pitchers) from a team in search of outfield help down the stretch.

So since Beltran will likely be here, it is time for fans to stop calling for his head and rally behind him. He will be on our team, and as far as I'm concerned, that is plenty reason to cheer for him.

We won't be seeing the Beltran of old, but hopefully an able-bodied, mildly productive Beltran shows up this year.

Originally featured at Mets Merized Online.

New York Orange Sox?

Am I the only one whose kind of pumped up at these moves the Red Sox are making? First they pulled off a monster trade to land Adrian Gonzalez, one of the best young first basemen in the game. Now they pull off another enormous deal landing the top free agent, outfielder Carl Crawford. That's two of the very bes players in the game, who are both coming into the prime years of their careers. Now lets not forget that the Red Sox already feature Kevin Youkilis (aka the Greek God of Walks) and Dustin Pedroia, two young stars with prodigious talent. With a core of these four players-Gonzalez, Crawford, Youkilis and Pedroia, the Red Sox offense is going to be outrageously good for years and years. Lets not forget Jacoby Ellsbury, who is just one injury riddled year removed from a .301/.355, 70 SB, 60 RBI season. I almost feel bad for the Yankees. I might have just lied. Definitely did. There's more. Though he hasn't blossomed yet, I wouldn't be surprised to see catcher Jared Saltalamacchia start to fulfill his potential under the tutelage of Jason Varitek. Not to mention with all these other studs, there will be next to no pressure on Salty to perform, which should help. The Sox round out their lineup with tried and true veterans Marco Scutaro, Mike Cameron, JD Drew and David Ortiz. Add it all up and you have as solid an offense as there is in baseball. I feel like I'm piling on here, but I would be remiss if I did not mention Boston's home-grown, young pitchers. John Lester has slowly and surely turned into a top of the rotation, Ace-of-the-Staff type of pitcher. With his outstanding 2010 campaign, Clay Buchholz might be right on Lester's heals. Buchholz was 17-7 with a 2.33 ERA and a 1.20 WHIP last year. Both of these pitchers are only twenty-six years old. Add to that the twenty-five year old Daniel Bard, who could be the heir apparent if Boston parts ways with closer Jonathan Pappelbon. These three will be the backbone of the Sox pitching staff going forward. John Lackey and Josh Beckett will also make large contributions to the Sox staff, and I would not be suprised to see them go after a few more bull pen arms. Okay I'm tired of hyping the Red Sox, I seriously hate the Red Sox probably more than I hate the Yankees. Do you all get the point though? Barring a New York Mets-esq run of injuries, the Sox are going to be ridiculously good in 2011. So now you might be thinking, if you hate the Sox, why are you pumped up that they're going to be so good? And where do the Mets tie into all of this? Let me explain. When the Mets hired Sandy Alderson, naturally everyone thought of Oakland. People started saying the Mets are going to be a "Money Ball" team. Pretty logical conclusion because Alderson was the long time GM of the Athletics, and he was the mentor to Billy Beane whose brilliance on a tight budget branded the term "Money Ball" into every baseball fan's heart. Just one problem. Money Ball should really be called "No Money Ball". The concept is for small market teams to compete with their richer adversaries by figuring out what type of successful player is being undervalued by the market, and investing wisely in these somewhat flawed, but useful players. The Mets aren't a small market team though. It may seem like it this season, because due to Omar Minaya's mistakes, the usually active Mets have to sit on the sidelines during this Winter's free agency period. No disrespect intended to DJ Carrasco, Ronny Paulino and Boof Bonser. Well, perhaps a little. Next year, we will have more payroll flexibility, and we will be back in the game. All in all, I think that it should be the Red Sox, not the A's, who should be the archetype of what the Mets could ultimately become under Alderson. The Mets and the Sox are both big market teams with high payrolls. Both Alderson and Red Sox GM Theo Epstein are graduates of Ivy League Universities, Dartmouth and Yale respectively. Alderson graduated from Law School at Harvard, while Epstein graduated from the University of San Diego School of Law. These are some pretty smart dudes. The Red Sox were so enamored with the way the A's did business, that they were on the verge of hiring Beane to be their GM. They made him an offer which would have let him become the highest paid GM of all time. Beane ultimately turned down their offer so the Sox settled on the young Epstein. Guys like Beane, Alderson and Epstein are a examples of a new breed of GM. They are not the 'Good Ol' Boys' of Baseball. They are extremely bright, hard working and responsible men. They take accountability for their decisions, and realize that anything wrong with their entire organization from top to bottom reflects poorly on them, as the leaders. They run a baseball organization how it should be run, like a business. Alderson, like Epstein, will look to improve the quality of the Mets from top to bottom. The Red Sox are known for having a cohesive philosophy that stems from Epstein all the way down through their farm system. A premium is placed on scouting a certain type of player, then drafting and developing. The Sox have such a fecund farm system that it not only allows them keep their major league roster loaded with young talent, but it allows them to pull off a trade for an Adrian Gonzalez. Or lets not forget the Sox traded for Josh Beckett, who pitched them to two World Series wins in the past seven seasons. I would not be a bit surprised to see them win another very soon. Their success lets them earn more money, which they can turn around and invest in a player like Crawford, who might just be wearing a Red Sox hat in Cooperstown one day if he continues at his current pace. Alderson's first step at improving the Mets from bottom up was hiring Paul DePodesta as Vice President of Player Development. He called DePodesta "one of the top analytical minds in the game." Analytical isn't exactly a term that Minaya seemed to care for too much. These are the New Mets under Alderson. Instead of trying to figure out how to steal back page headlines from the Yankees, the Mets will be analyzing how they can improve their organization which will ultimately lead to winning with consistancy (hopefully). Lets face it, even though the Yankees are the organization that everyone else wants to be, the Red Sox have been the best run organization in baseball over the past decade. The Yankees are just so rich that they can cover up their mistakes by signing anyone they want. The Sox, however, rarely waste money. This is the team we need to be like Mets fans. Think about it, if we can win two titles per decade, like the Sox just did, we might even be able to catch up to the Yankees in just under 200 years! Hooray for the New York Orange Sox.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Let the Hot Stove League Begin: Adrian Gonzalez to Boston for prospects

According to ESPN and Buster Olney, the Boston Red Sox have agreed to a deal in principle to acquire slugging first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, sources told ESPN The Magazine's Buster Olney on Saturday morning.

The Red Sox have received permission from Major League Baseball to negotiate with Gonzalez on a new contract, the sources said, and Gonzalez's physical examination, one of the last hurdles to the deal, could happen Saturday, as Gonzalez was in Boston after being flown in by the team.

The Padres would not receive any established major league players in the trade, but it's likely the Red Sox would include their top pitching prospect, Casey Kelly, sources have said. Red Sox prospects Anthony Rizzo and Ryan Kalish also have been brought up as possible pieces, sources said.

Sources told Olney it's very possible the Gonzalez deal would mean the end of Adrian Beltre's time with the Red Sox, because although Kevin Youkilis could move to left field, Boston's preference probably would be to shift Youkilis to third base.
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