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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Mets are now Pretenders trying to be contenders

2012 NL Wild Card Standings
Pittsburgh 54 41 .568 - 390 350 92.8 69.2 38.2 41.0 79.1
Los Angeles 53 44 .546 2 379 363 86.2 75.8 26.9 14.4 41.2
Atlanta 52 44 .542 2.5 439 416 87.6 74.4 18.9 28.5 47.4
St. Louis 50 46 .521 4.5 467 383 88.5 73.5 13.7 39.5 53.2
Arizona 48 48 .500 6.5 435 411 82.0 80.0 10.2 7.8 18.0
New York 47 49 .490 7.5 439 440 80.2 81.8 2.9 6.9 9.7
Miami 45 51 .469 9.5 360 430 72.9 89.1 0.2 0.5 0.8
Milwaukee 44 51 .463 10 421 433 76.4 85.6 0.3 2.4 2.6
Philadelphia 43 54 .443 12 410 439 72.7 89.3 0.2 0.4 0.7
San Diego 41 57 .418 14.5 356 421 68.6 93.4 0.1 0.1 0.1
Chicago 39 56 .411 15 349 424 68.2 93.8 <0.1 0.1 0.1
Colorado 36 59 .379 18 456 537 64.5 97.5 <0.1 <0.1 <0.1
Houston 34 63 .351 21 373 485 59.4 102.6 0.0 <0.1 <0.1

Hey Mets Fans, Last time I posted whether the Mets were contenders, they had a legitimate chance to make the playoffs. The Mets are now listed on as pretenders to make the playoffs..

Need a Prayer to make the playoffs
The Mets are expected to win around 80 games now and they have 9.7% chance at making playoffs which is next to nil.. They also have a  lower 6.9% chance at a Wild Card Birth...

Key Stats to why the Mets are not Successful:

The Mets Bullpen is 11-21 with a 5.16  ERA. The Mets bullpen has pitched 265 Innings and given up 282 Hits.. (27 HR's) 172 Runs...  This is the Achilles Heal of this team.. Once they fix this, they will fix the problems of the NY Mets...

Friday, July 20, 2012

Bad Week, No Problem - Mets are still in it, despite what you think

National League Wild Card Standings
Pittsburgh5140.560-29-1422-26378344+34Won 26-4
Atlanta5041.549-24-2426-17419390+29Won 18-2
LA Dodgers4944.527229-2020-24351346+5Won 13-7
NY Mets4745.5113.526-2021-25423409+14Won 13-7
St. Louis4745.5113.523-2024-25441377+64Lost 24-6

Super Powers - Activate, These guys have been red hot
Hey Mets Fans, I know it's been quite a week. I hate watching my team lose too!  It looks as though right now the Mets are not in the hunt for the NL East because we have dropped to 7 Games, but the good news is we are still in the Wild Card Race (above).

The Mets are only 3.5 GB (overall 4th) in the NL Wild Card Standings... Remember two Wild Card Teams will make the playoffs due to the change in league rules.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

No Hitter Mania : Inside the Numbers

So far this year,  it has been No-Hitter Mania...  Matt Cain's Perfect Game last night marked the 277th (No Hitter) in Major League History..  Johan Santana's No-Hit Bid was the 275th ... It was the 5th No Hitter in 2012 and 14th Since 2010. Some will say this is the year of the no-hitter, but not so. Since 1973 (year I was conceived) there was seven "No hitters" thrown in 1990/91,  Six thrown in 2010. And in 2012,  it marks the third highest yearly total (Five) along with 1973, but this year is not over yet!

Top Ten Teams that have had the most no hitters in MLB History:
  1. Dodgers-20
  2. Red Sox-19
  3. White Sox-18
  4. Reds-15, Indians-15 (2)
  5. Giants-14
  6. Braves-13, Yankees-13 (2)
  7. A's-11
  8. Cubs-10, Astros-10, Phillies-10, Angels-10, Orioles-10 (5)
  9. Cardinals-9
  10. Pirates-7, Twins-7, Tigers-7 (3)

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Moving the walls in at Citi-Field might be a topic of conversation in the off-season

Adam Rubin of ESPN NY said before the four-homer night at Citi-Field, incoming minority partner David Einhorn watched batting practice with Fred Wilpon. And, according to Newsday, there was a lot of gesticulating about the outfield walls, which may be getting modified next season to make Citi Field more power friendly.  David Lennon writes that the 16-foot wall in left could be halved, but cannot be moved in because behind the padding is a cement retaining wall. Sandy Alderson also modified the design of Petco Park after his first season on the job with the San Diego Padres. The GM acknowledged to Andrew Keh in the Times about dimension changes: "It is probably something we need to think about," while adding: "It’s not something we need to decide with regard to the team we have now. It’s something we need to decide with regard to the team we want to have in the future.”

Through the weekend, Citi Field ranked 11th of 16 ballparks in the National League in homers per game at 1.53. How might alterations to Citi Field affect home run totals?

Here’s an analysis from Greg Rybarczyk, founder of He is a former U.S. Navy nuclear engineer and ship navigator as well as a former physics instructor at an ROTC prep school.

To determine the percentage increase in homers that wall adjustments would cause, Rybarczyk took all of the homers hit in the majors in 2010 and plotted them first using the existing Citi Field walls, then with certain modifications to the ballpark.


Says Rybarczyk: “I did this by moving the fence line of the long fence segment 10 feet towards the infield (which actually results in the fence being a bit more than 10 feet closer to home, since the fence angles away from home plate). I also lowered this fence to 10 feet high from the existing 16 feet high. If you do this, you increase homers to that part of the park by 35 percent, and overall homers by 22 percent. Obviously you can tweak the amount of the move inwards and/or the height of the new wall to get a bigger or smaller effect.”

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mets will be patient , Crop of free agents next year will be better

I know the Mets Fans are going crazy over not having a big winter. Mike Francesa (WFAN) is chanting his words against Sandy Alderson saying that the season is already over for the New York Mets. He and Sandy Alderson will probably have that debate on WFAN this week, which will be interesting.

The Mets will remain to be patient (According to Sandy) and see if they can find deals to fit this ball club. The Mets still have to find relievers, preferably a lefty or two. I know the Mets fans do not want to see Ollie P in a big spot against a lefty.  They will look into the lost and found section of starting pitchers which will include one of the following, Brandon Webb, Chris Young, and Jeff Francis with the real possibility of Young coming here.

The Mets will find short term backup solutions in the outfield this year with Reed Johnson as the leading candidate, Fred Lewis, and Jerry Hairston Jr. in the tow.

The Mets have 4 possible second basemen going into camp. They have Luis "Get Me Out Of Town" Castillo (or GMOOT for short), Daniel "The Comeback Kid" Murphy, Rubin "Should I stay or should I go now" Tejada, and Rule 5 draft pick, Brad Emaus. Who's swing reminds me of Dan Uggla a little bit.

Out of that group, one of them will more likely play everyday. I would love to see a fresh start at that position and not see Castillo there sitting there like a DEAD DUCK. I prefer to see a mix of Murphy (1B/2B/3B/LF) , Tejada (2B/SS), and Emaus (2B/3B) lingering at the bag, with Castillo playing checkers at a nearby park..

The Mets will have many free agent alternatives in 2012 because the crop of 2B will be slightly better. They can get free agent alternatives like Dan Uggla, Richie Weeks lead the way, Cincinnati's Brandon Phillips, Toronto's Aaron Hill and Florida's Omar Infante also are facing option decisions and could be added to this list next winter. Also Kelly Johnson, Jose Lopez, Freddy Sanchez, Mark Ellis - and old standby Orlando Hudson who always remains a possibility for NY.

Aside from the dead-wood deals of Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez, the Mets also will have to either re-sign or replace core players Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes and Francisco Rodriguez next winter, with the latter owning

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