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Monday, August 27, 2012

Mets News and Notes: Collins, Expected payroll, Signing Dickey/Wright, Gee, Slumping Murphy, Valdespin, Wheeler, Second-half Swoon

Mets News and Notes:

A source tells Mike Puma in the Post there is "no chance" Terry Collins will be fired after the season.

Sandy Alderson said he expected the 2013 payroll to be in the vicinity of $100 million -- comparable to this season -- although he again maintained during a Q&A with season-ticket holders Sunday that he has yet to get a firm figure from ownership.

"I have not talked to Fred [Wilpon] or anyone else about where that payroll is going to be, but I’m hopeful we’ll be in the same range if not somewhat higher," Alderson said. "But I can’t confirm that at this point. What I look at is what our needs are and how we fill those needs. And there’s no question that being able to add to the payroll is an important part of being able to address those. So is the willingness to make trades, trade prospects, bring players in from outside -- so lots of things to take into account.

"I wish I could tell you exactly where we’re going to be. You can probably sense where my sentiments would be. It’s something we have to address, various scenarios. We’ll see exactly where we land. It’s an important point, an important question, and I wish I could give you a better answer at this point. But I expect to be able to give you a better answer in the next few weeks -- well, before I have to spend it, anyway." 

The GM expressed his intent to re-sign David Wright and R.A. Dickey, although that also was his official position with regards to Jose Reyes. Wright and Dickey are under control for next season through team options. Wright has indicated he is uninterested in negotiating during the 2013 season -- with Dickey less resolute on that subject. Essentially, the Mets have this offseason to try to negotiate an extension with Wright or he may be testing free agency.

“I fully expect that David Wright and R.A. Dickey will be here not only next year, but long term," Alderson said. "As you all know, we have options on both those players, and it’s not our intention to simply rely on those options and go into next season and deal with their free agency after 2013. We’re going to deal with it up front while we still have a little bit of room to maneuver. But we’re committed to trying to bring those two back. I hope they’ll both be back, and I’m excited about the possibilities they will be."

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mets News and Notes: 2013 Payroll, Santana, Trading Santana, Cablevision Blackout, AL Central in 2013, Mejia

Mets News and Notes:

The Mets' payroll, which suffered an historical one-year drop last offseason, is expected to remain the same, at roughly $90 million, for 2013... "They may have $10 million to $15 million max to spend -- if Sandy is lucky," the source said.

The largest salary commitments coming off the books this winter:

• $5.6875 million from the expected non-tendering of right-hander Mike Pelfrey, who missed most of the season following Tommy John surgery on May 1.

• $3.5 million for right-hander Jon Rauch.

• $2.65 million for right-hander Ramon Ramirez.

• $1.15 million for infielder Ronny Cedeno.

• $1.1 million for outfielder Scott Hairston.

• $1 million for left-handed reliever Tim Byrdak.

Add in the potential non-tendering of arbitration-eligible outfielder Andres Torres ($2.7 million) and that would mean roughly $17.8 million being freed -- with gaping holes to fill.

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