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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mets News: Mets announce they have signed their Top 14 picks and 24 of the 41 selections from this years 2013 MLB Amateur Draft

Mets News:

First-round pick Dominic Smith is officially signed (right) and began working out in Port St. Lucie, Fla., on Wednesday as the Mets confirmed they had signed their top 14 picks and 24 of 41 selections overall.

Here they are:

Rd. 1 (11th overall), Dominic Smith, 1B, Serra (Calif.) HS

Rd. 2 (48th), Andrew Church, RHP, Basic (Nev.) HS

Rd. 3 (76th), Ivan Wilson, CF, Ruston (La.) HS.

Rd. 3 (84th), Casey Meisner, RHP, Cypress Woods (Texas) HS.

Rd. 4 (116th), L.J. Mazzilli, 2B, UConn.

Rd. 5 (146th), Jared King, LF, Kansas State

Rd. 6 (176), Champ Stuart, CF, Brevard (N.C.) College

Rd. 7 (206), Matthew Oberste, 1B, University of Oklahoma

Rd. 8 (236), Ricky Knapp, RHP, Florida Gulf Coast

Rd. 9 (266), Patrick Biondi, CF, Michigan

Rd. 10 (296), Luis Guillorme, SS, Coral Springs (Fla.) Charter HS

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mets News: Mets reach a deal with First Round Pick 1B/OF - Dominic Smith

Mets News:

The Mets have reached a deal with their 2013 first round pick (11 overall) 1B/OF Dominic Smith.

Smith's deal is worth $2.6MM, according to Jim Callis of Baseball America (on Twitter).  That figure is just below the slot recommendation of $2.8MM for the No. 11 overall selection.

Smith, a high school first baseman out of California, is being advised by the MVP Sports Group.

ESPN's Keith Law ranked Smith as the No. 11 talent available, while Baseball America ranked him 14th, and's Jonathan Mayo ranked him 15th.  All three noted the tremendous upside of Smith's bat and his plus defense at first, with Law in particular noting how rare it is for high school first basemen to be this highly regarded because they're already at the bottom of the defensive spectrum.

Mets Chronicle reported last week that the Mets and Smith were close to a deal.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mets News: Mets Sign 2nd Round Draft Pick - RHP Andrew Church

Mets News:

Baseball America's Jim Callis reports (on Twitter) that the Mets have signed second-round pick Andrew Church for $850K. That signing bonus is well below the assigned pick value of $1,138,800 reported by Baseball America back in April. Church is advised by Paul Cobbe and Jonathan Pridie of Sosnick & Cobbe.

Church, a high school right-hander out of Nevada, ranked 75th among draft prospects according to ESPN's Keith Law (Insider subscription required). Baseball America had the 6'1", 185-pound hurler ranked 89th on their Top 500. Law called Church "more arm strength than polished product, sitting 90-94 with some late life up," but noted that he doesn't have great command and has limited feel for his curveball and slider.

Saving roughly $300K on Church will help the Mets to compensate for the record-setting $550K bonus that the team gave to 11th-round selection Ty Bashlor -- $450K of which will count against the team's bonus pool.

Video: Colton Plaia Throws People Out - Mets 15th Round Pick

Colton Plaia ’13, star catcher for the LMU baseball team, was named the 2013 West Coast Conference Defensive Player of the Year.

In his senior season, he led all WCC catchers throwing out base runners attempting to steal.

Watch the video (below) as Plaia describes what goes on inside a catcher’s head in the brief seconds of a steal attempt.

Colton Plaia Throws People Out | LMU Magazine

The Mets added Colton Plaia, a catcher from Loyola Marymount University, in the 15th round.

Plaia has a robust build and excellent overall strength, and projects to be a Major League backup catcher. He's nearly physically mature with his solid legs and is a durable receiver. Plaia has a tough presence, and his plus-arm is his best tool, though he only throws out runners with varying consistency.

At the plate, he has home run power, but he struggles with offspeed adjustments at the plate. In his senior season at Loyola Marymount, Plaia hit .311 with three home runs and 25 RBIs. He also had a .440 slugging percentage.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mets News: Mets announce eleven 2013 Draft Picks signings

The Mets announced that they have signed 11 of their picks from the First-Year Player Draft which include:

OF Champ Stuart (6th)
RHP Ricky Knapp (8th)
OF Patrick Biondi (9th)
SS Luis Guillorme (10th)
SS Jeff McNeil (12th)
RHP Kevin McGowan (13th)
C Colton Plaia (15th)
1B Zach Mathieu (16th)
RHP Brent McMinn (18th)
RHP Gaither Bumgardner (23rd)
RHP Cameron Griffin (34th).

First-round pick Dominic Smith, a first baseman, is expected to sign soon.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mets News: Mets close to signing First Round Pick 1B/OF Dominic Smith

Mets News:

The Mets are close to signing first-round pick Dominic Smith, according to multiple reports.

The Mets selected Smith, a first baseman out of Serra HS (Calif.), with the 11th pick in this year's draft. He took swings at Citi Field on Sunday, and even stayed for all 20 innings of the Mets-Marlins game on Saturday.

Smith's recommended slot value, according to multiple websites, is $2,840,300. Smith is committed to play at University of Southern California if he is not able to work out a deal with the Mets.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

2013 Mets Draft Picks (Rounds 21-40)

2013 Mets Draft Picks (Rounds 21-40)



Earman, Morgan Desert Christian Academy (CA) RHP R/R HS 6'03" 185lbs DOB: 03/09/95 | Scouting video At 6-foot-3, 185 pounds, Earman has the projection and the stuff teams look for in high school pitchers. His fastball will sit in the high 80s with great sinking action and should see an uptick in velocity as he matures. His changeup is much more inconsistent but has the chance to be an average offering down the line. His curveball is well below average, and he will need to learn to stay on top of it more consistently. He isn’t committed to a college, and that, along with his projectability, may allow him to sneak into the earlier rounds.

Procopio, Daniel Central Technical School (Canada) RHP R/R HS 6'00" 190lbs DOB: 09/18/95 | Scouting video

Bumgardner, Gaither University of South Carolina - Upstate (SC) RHP R/R SR 6'06" 210lbs DOB: 01/29/91

Brill, Matt Moline HS (IL) RHP R/R HS 6'02" 190lbs DOB: 10/25/94

Jacquez, Ricky Central Arizona College (AZ) RHP R/R J2 5'09" 160lbs DOB: 05/06/93

Spiwak, Owen Cawthra Park SS (Canada) C L/R HS 6'02" 185lbs DOB: 05/23/95

Coley, Austin Belmont University (TN) RHP R/R SO 6'03" 200lbs DOB: 07/14/92

Coles, Robert Florida State (FL) RHP R/R JR 6'00" 180lbs DOB: 08/20/91

Kay, Anthony Ward Melville HS (NY) LHP L/L HS 5'11" 170lbs DOB: 03/21/95 | Scouting video

McKay, David Viera HS (FL) RHP R/R HS 6'03" 200lbs DOB: 03/31/95

Hecht, Ben St. Anthony School (IL) RHP R/R HS 6'03" 170lbs DOB: 05/31/95

Escarra, Juan Mater Academy Charter School (FL) C L/R HS 6'02" 195lbs DOB: 04/24/95 | Scouting video

Saturday, June 08, 2013

2013 Mets Draft Picks (Rounds 11-20)

2013 Mets Draft Picks (Rounds 11-20):


Bashlor, Tyler South Georgia College (GA) RHP R/R J2 6'00" 220lbs DOB: 04/16/93 -  Bashlor is a sturdy right-hander with arm strength and a very good fastball that he sometimes has difficulty pitching with. At times, he has to back off it for strikeouts and it allows hitters to track it easier, but that same fastball velocity gives him an outside shot at being a closer at the next level if he can harness it properly. He has a businesslike demeanor on the mound with a decent curveball and a better slider.

McNeil, Jeff Cal St Long Beach (CA) SS L/R JR 6'01" 165lbs DOB: 04/08/92

McGowan, Kevin Franklin Pierce University (NH) RHP R/R JR 6'06" 215lbs DOB: 10/18/91

Leckenby, J.D. Washington State (WA) RHP R/R JR 6'04" 210lbs DOB: 08/09/91 | Scouting video

Plaia, Colton Loyola Marymount University (CA) C R/R SR 6'02" 225lbs DOB: 09/25/90 - With a robust build and excellent overall strength, Plaia projects as a Major League backup. He’s nearly physically mature with his solid legs and is a durable receiver. He has a tough presence and his plus-arm is his best tool, though he only throws out runners with varying consistency. He has home run power, but he struggles with offspeed adjustments at the plate. Plaia was drafted in the 33rd round of the 2012 Draft by the Orioles.

Breakdown of Friday's Mets Draft Picks from Amateur Scouting Director Tommy Tanous

Here's a breakdown on the team's selections (3-10 Rounds) from Friday from amateur scouting director Tommy Tanous (source ESPN):

• CF Wilson (76th overall): He's a righty who Tanous said he has a unique mix of power and speed. "As close to a five-tool athlete as you're gonna find," Tanous said.

• RHP Meisner (84th overall): Tanous said he's an "extremely projectable" pitcher that is a strike thrower with a three-pitch repertoire.

• 2B L.J. Mazzilli (116th overall): He's an offensive-minded player who produced in college.

• OF Jared King (146th overall): He's a switch-hitter with some power. DePodesta said the Mets were pleasantly surprised he was still left. "He was a guy that was on our big board, meaning that he was on our pretty short list of players. We were excited to get him," DePodesta said.

• OF Champ Stuart (176th overall): Speed is Stuart's game. "Probably the fastest kid player in the draft. Certainly will go into our system as one of the fastest players," Tanous. He added that Stuart has some size and is an "80" runner.

• 1B Matt Oberste (206th overall): He has power and doesn't strike out much, and Tanous said he has the chance to be a plus-hitter.

• RHP Ricky Knapp (236th overall): Tanous said Knapp has a great feel for pitching and has three to four pitches that he throws for strikes. "The ultimate strike thrower," Tanous said.

• OF Patrick Biondi (266th overall): He's a speedster who can steal bases. "He might be slight of build a little bit, but this is your top of order type of hitter," Tanous said.

• SS Luis Guillorme (296th overall): Guillorme is a defensive shortstop. "Really a fun guy to watch defensively," Tanous said.

Paul DePodesta added that the Mets are optimistic they'll be able to sign most of their picks, if not all of them.

Mets News: Mets select SS Luis Guillorme in the tenth round (296th Overall)

Mets News: 

Mets select SS Luis Guillorme in the tenth round (296th Overall)

A native of Venezuela, Guillorme came to the United States as a teenager. He is a slick fielder following in the tradition of excellent Venezuelan shortstops. Guillorme is one of the best defenders in this Draft class. He has plus range, a plus arm and is capable of making every play asked of a shortstop. Offensively, Guillorme makes a lot of contact with an inside-out swing. He has minimal power and is a below-average runner, but it is his glove that will carry him as a professional. Guillorme is committed to the State Junior College of Florida.


Mets News: Mets Select OF Patrick Biondi in the ninth round (266th overall)

Mets News:

Mets Select OF Patrick Biondi in the ninth round (266th overall)

College seniors got a lot of attention in last year's Draft as teams took many of them early to try to be creative with the new bonus pool system. That could work to Biondi's benefit, who's speed an defensive ability should be of interest to many teams. Biondi is a Brett Gardner type, a left-handed hitter who sprays line drives and uses his speed to get on and then wreak havoc on the basepaths. The Cape Cod League batting champion is also an excellent defender and can no doubt stay in center field at the next level. The only thing Biondi doesn't have is power, but he has the chance to be a leadoff-type hitter who can impact the game with his legs as much as with his bat and glove.


Mets News: Mets select RHP Ricky Knapp in the eighth round (236th overall)

Mets News:

Mets select RHP Ricky Knapp in the eighth round (236th overall)

Knapp benefitted from the instruction of his father, Rick, the Tigers former pitching coach, growing up. He has the kind of feel for the game and pitchability that might be expected for the son of a Major League pitching coach. Knapp adds and subtracts from his fastball as the situation dictates, but generally throws around 90 mph. He also throws a changeup, which is his best pitch, as well as a curveball and slider. Knapp commands his whole arsenal well and all four of his pitches have a chance to be at least Major League-average offerings.

Mets News: Mets select 1B Matthew Oberste in the seventh round (206th Overall)

Mets News:

Mets select 1B Matthew Oberste in the seventh round (206th Overall)

Name Most Outstanding Player of the Charlottesville Regional after leading OU with seven hits and also driving in six runs ... Named to 2012 Big 12 All-Tournament team with three home runs, four hits (double) and four RBI ... Started first seven games of 2012 (hit safely in six) at designated hitter and missed next five games with forearm injury ... Returned to starting lineup against Connecticut with RBI double ... Reached base safely in 27 of his 35 starts with hits in 21 ... Hit first career homer (two-run HR) in game two vs. Air Force ... From May 1 to end of season, hit .343 (22-for-64) in last 20 starts with 12 RBI, including eight multi-hit games with five homers and five doubles ... Had a career-high four hits (HR, 2 RBI) in game two against Oklahoma State ... Had a two-home run game against Baylor in third game of the Big 12 tourney ... Homered in title game vs. Mizzou ... Went 6-for-8 in two regional final games vs. Appalachian State with five RBI and two doubles.


Mets News: Mets select OF Champ Stuart in the sixth round (176th overall)

Mets News:

Mets select OF Champ Stuart in the sixth round (176th overall)

A native of the Bahamas, Stuart played three sports at Christ School in Asheville, N.C. Brevard is a Division II school and is off the beaten path for scouts, but they have taken notice of Stuart. He is a special athlete who is still learning the game and has exciting raw tools. His swing is a work in progress, but he generates good bat speed. His tools profile best as a top of the order hitter where his speed can play up. Stuart has a solid arm and can play right field or center field, though he must improve his reads.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Mets News: Mets Select OF Jared King in the fifth round (146th Overall)

Mets News:

Mets Select OF Jared King in the fifth round (146th  Overall)

King is a solid college performer with good tools across the board. His best tool is his bat, and he has the chance to hit for both average and power. He has tremendous bat speed with a short stroke from both sides of the plate and the ball carries off his bat. He's a solid average runner who might be better suited for a corner outfield spot and that could mean left given that his arm is his weakest tool. It's his bat, though, that will get him drafted, and he might have enough to be taken off the board in the first few rounds.


Mets News: Mets Select 2B L.J. Mazzilli in the forth round (116th Overall)

Mets News:

Mets Select 2B L.J. Mazzilli in the forth round  (116th Overall)

The son of former big leaguer  and former Met Lee Mazzilli was selected in the ninth round of the 2012 Draft by the Twins, but he opted to go back to UConn for his senior season. He responded with a solid all-around season that could very well help his Draft status. Mazzilli has a solid swing with decent bat speed and projects to keep hitting for average at the next level. He's not a huge power guy, but he should run into a handful of home runs and could pile up the doubles. He's an excellent baserunner who makes the most of his decent speed. Mazzilli has made progress on his defense and most feel he should be able to stay on the infield as an offensive-minded second baseman.


Mets News: Mets select RHP Casey Meisner in the third round (84th Overall)

Mets News:

Mets Select RHP Casey Meisner in the third round (84th Overall)

Casey Meisner is a rare Texas pitcher who remains projectable. Listed at 6-foot-7, 185 pounds, Meisner has touched 94 mph with his fastball, but more typically throws it around 90 mph. As he physically matures and learns to be more consistent in his delivery, scouts expect his fastball to eventually sit around 94 mph instead of just touching it. He also throws a curveball and changeup, both of which have a chance to be Major League-average offerings. Meisner has clean arm action, but struggles to repeat his delivery, which affects his command and velocity. He is committed to Texas Tech.


Mets News: Mets Select OF Ivan Wilson in the third round (76th Overall)

Mets News:

 Mets Select OF Ivan Wilson in the third round (76th Overall)

Wilson's combination of tools and athleticism is among the best of this year's prep outfielders. He is listed at 6-foot-3, 220 pounds with good strength and plus speed. Wilson, out of Ruston H.S. (La.), has good power and can hit home runs to any part of the ballpark. He takes advantage of his power-speed combination thanks to good instincts on the basepaths. Wilson has excellent range in the outfield and enough arm for right field if he can't stay in center field. By mid-May, he still hadn't committed to college, leaving scouts wondering about his signability.


Mets News: Mets select RHP Andrew Church in the second round

Mets News:

The Mets have selected Nevada high school right-hander Andrew Church with their second-round pick (48th overall).

Paul DePodesta described Church as having the potential for being a "solid middle-of the rotation starter," who logs innings, with a plus curveball and three-pitch arsenal (fastball that tops out at 93 mph and changeup).

Mets officials said Church faced first-round pick Dominic Smith in a tournament in Las Vegas and Smith doubled and homered against him during an otherwise solid start for the right-hander.

"It was a nice mix of stuff and command," amateur scouting director Tommy Tanous said. "... I went back to see Andrew pitch in his high school playoffs and he was tremendous in that game."

According to reports, Church played high school baseball his freshman year, then transferred, forcing him to sit out his sophomore year. A dispute with the staff after turnover among the coaches then prompted him to skip his junior year and transfer again. He initially was declared ineligible at the third school for his senior year, but eventually was allowed to play.

DePodesta suggested Church merely followed a coach to one school and then another.

"We also saw him last summer, and even saw him this spring while he wasn't pitching for his high school," Tanous said. "So we still got to see him quite a bit."

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mets News: ESPN's Law Predicts Mets will select 1B/OF Dominic Smith (Video) in 2013 MLB Amateur Draft

Mets News:

ESPN's Keith Law projects the Mets selecting Gardena, Calif., high school first baseman Dominic Smith with the 11th overall pick in next month's draft.

Baseball America's initial projection has the Mets selecting New Mexico first/third baseman D.J. Peterson from the University of New Mexico, but Law has Peterson off the board at No. 9 to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Other draft possibilities:

Fresno State outfielder Aaron Judge or "long shots" Mississippi State outfielder Hunter Renfroe or Stanford outfielder Austin Wilson.

Writes Law on Smith:

Smith is one of the best pure hitters in the high school class, showing a smooth left-handed swing with power and a plus glove at first base. When he keeps his weight back, his swing is outstanding, with great balance through contact and good hip rotation to generate power from his legs. He has quick, strong wrists, with a projectable body that should lead to very hard contact when he fills out in three or four years.

He can drift forward at the plate too early, getting his weight out over his front side before he's started his hands, losing power and struggling to control the bat head behind him. His stride is long and early, which may be part of the reason for his trouble staying back but is an easy fix in pro ball.

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