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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Punishment unclear for SNY Employee who mocked Mets

It’s still unclear what will happen to the SNY employee who aired a mocking “Family Guy” audio clip after the beleaguered Mets lost their season opener.

In a statement Saturday, SNY spokesman Andrew Fegyveresi alluded to some sort of punishment for the unnamed TV technician, saying the matter “is being dealt with internally.” Fegyveresi didn’t return a call seeking comment Sunday about the employee’s fate, but said in the statement that it was “a very poor decision by an individual employee.”

Viewers of Friday’s Opening Day game between the Mets and the Florida Marlins could briefly hear the clip played over the broadcast as the Marlins celebrated their 6-2 win.

The clip comes from an episode aired last fall in which the sardonic baby, Stewie, realizes Halloween was “a bigger letdown than being a Mets fan.”

In the next scene, he’s shown at an Opening Day Mets game in which an announcer says, “It’s Opening Day, and here’s the first pitch ... and the season’s over!”

In Friday’s prank, though, viewers only heard the clip up to the word “pitch.”

A Mets spokesman took the potshot in stride, telling the Daily News, “I’m sure that what happened was accidental, not malicious, and I'm sure the person who did it felt terrible.”

Friday, April 01, 2011

2011 Opening Night Mets Lineup

2011 Opening Night Mets Lineup for Tonight in Florida against the Marlins:
  1. Reyes - SS
  2. Harris - LF
  3. Wright - 3B
  4. Beltran - RF
  5. Pagan - CF
  6. Davis - 1B
  7. Emaus - 2B
  8. Thole - C
  9. Pelfrey - P

Video: Chris Rock on the Mets and Opening Day

Mets Opening Day!

NY Mets fans have waited since October for this day, Opening Day of baseball. We dropped managers, GM's, starting pitchers, a second baseman and a few million for court expenses this offseason and today is the day we start fresh.
Pelfrey will take the ball tonight at 7 PM against the Marlins in Florida. The game can be seen on SNY.
Thats of course if the Red Sox and Phillies don't mind us playing 162 games before we crown a champion.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Beltran expected to be on the Opening Day Roster

New York Mets center fielder Carlos Beltrán be...
According to Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, Beltran is expected to be in the starting lineup for tomorrow’s Grapefruit League game against the Nationals, which means the Mets would lose the ability to backdate a potential DL-stint.
“Carlos said he’s feeling good and he’s ready to go,” Sandy Alderson said. “At some point you’ve got to move forward. I do think it’s valuable for him to play in major league [spring-training] games. That would be an advantage over the last couple of days. It does present a risk. Look, at some point you’ve got to roll the dice. Given his firmness about how he feels and the fact that he’s ready to go, I think we’ve decided that this is probably the best thing for us.”
Beltran has appeared in just one Grapefruit League game this spring, so Collins indicated that he may drop the veteran outfielder in the lineup until he shakes the rust.

Rubin believes the Mets will also likely use a defensive replacement late in games and give Beltran scheduled days off in order to keep his knees fresh.
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Collins thinks Beltran will be ready for April 1st - Opening Day

According  to Adam Rubin of ESPN NY:

Terry Collins continues to project Carlos Beltran active for the April 1 opener, even if the days are dwindling.

Beltran advanced to jogging 100 feet a handful of times Sunday. Two days after receiving a cortisone injection in his left knee, he also took batting practice from the left side.

“I kind of go back to what Bobby Cox told me one time, that [Pete] Rose only needed about 10 days to get ready,” Collins said. “So you look at Carlos Beltran and what he’s done, if his legs are fine, he’s going to get enough hitting in. We can get him at-bats. We’re going to get him out in the outfield a few games and get him comfortable out there. As I’ve said, I still think he’ll be out there Opening Day.”

Beltran told reporters in Port St. Lucie he hoped to track pitches -- meaning watch but not swing -- on Monday in a minor league game.

“We’ll check and see how it is tomorrow,” Collins said about Beltran's knee. “You always wait 24 hours to see how he comes out of it. I was glad to hear that he hit left-handed today. I think it’s a big stride. I know he just ran three-quarters or half-speed. I’m sure he’s just waiting to see how his knee feels, his other knee feels tomorrow. If it feels good, we’re going to move forward with some stuff.”

The likelihood remains Beltran ends up on the DL to open the season, even if it is backdated and he has to serve as few as five regular-season days.

Mets might have to let Duda stay up with the big club while Beltran has extra days to get ready.
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