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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

2012 Prospect Watch - Mets Top 20 Prospects

Zach Wheeler heads the List
Here is the Official Mets Top 20 Prospect list from
  1. RHP- Zach Wheeler
  2. RHP - Matt Harvey
  3. RHP - Jeurys Familia
  4. OF - Brandon Nimmo
  5. OF - Cesar Puello
  6. SS/3B - Wilmer Flores
  7. 2B/SS - Reese Havens
  8. RHP - Michael Fulmer
  9. 2B/SS - Jordany Valdespin
  10. RHP - Rafael Montero
  11. OF - Kirk Nieuwenhaus
  12. RHP - Domingo Tappa
  13. OF - Juan Lagares
  14. LHP - Juan Urbina
  15. OF - Cory Vaughn
  16. OF - Matt Den Dekker
  17. SS- Danny Muno
  18. OF - Darrell Ceciliani
  19. LHP - Darin Gorski
  20. RHP - Cory Mazzoni

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mets GM Sandy Alderson will study the international market for MLB

His last job, before he was tasked with rebuilding the Mets, sent Sandy Alderson to the Dominican Republic. There he helped deal with the rampant age and identity fraud among young prospects, a job that commissioner Bud Selig asked him to take.

Now Alderson will serve on a joint MLB-Player’s Association committee designed to study the international market. The latest collective bargaining agreement penalizes clubs for what the league deems excessive spending in Latin America. The commissioner’s office hopes this will lead to a world-wide draft in the coming years.

The committee will discuss this complex issue. The co-chairs are union head Michael Weiner, and his MLB counterpart Rob Manfred. Other members include Tampa Bay general manager Andrew Friedman; MLB senior VP of baseball operations Kim Ng; MLBPA officials Tony Clark, Stan Javier and Rick Shapiro.

The prospect of a draft is bringing pushed by the commissioner's office. Last month Manfred called the new rules a "poison pill" to induce a draft. Weiner remains wary of that inevitability.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

MLB to begin blood testing for HGH (Steroids)

Major League Baseball’s owners and players are close to completing a new collective bargaining agreement that for the first time will include blood testing for human growth hormone, according to the NY Times. The testing will be a significant step for baseball, allowing it to move ahead of other professional sports leagues, including the N.F.L., in confronting the troublesome issue of a drug that has long evaded detection.

The bargaining agreement, which could be announced early next week, calls for blood testing to begin in February, when players report to spring training. Players who test positive will face a 50-game suspension, which will be the same as the first-time penalty for a positive steroid test.

Baseball will be the first of the major North American professional sports to do any type of blood testing for drugs among their unionized players. In 2010, baseball introduced blood testing for H.G.H. on minor league players because the step could be taken without the consent of the union.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

2010 MLB Payroll Totals

These are the official MLB payroll totals for 2010 from

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Payroll                       Team                                       

$215,053,064          New York Yankees                 
$170,650,856          Boston Red Sox
$145,539,931          Philadelphia Phillies
$142,410,031          Chicago Cubs
$135,913,308          Detroit Tigers
$127,560,042          New York Mets
$123,478,263          Los Angeles Angels
$112,197,078          Chicago White Sox
$109,753,719          Los Angeles Dodgers
$103,039,407          Minnesota Twins
$101,417,943          San Francisco Giants - World Champs

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