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Sunday, October 02, 2011

ESPN: Are the Mets of 2007 off the hook for being the worst collapse of all time?

Are the 2007 Mets, who squandered a seven-game lead with 17 to play, now off the hook?

Mets fans will never forget the flop, but history now will be more kind.

Here's a primer on collapses by the 2011 Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves ...

Top Thing to Know

The Rays capped the greatest September comeback in MLB history by edging the Red Sox for the AL wild card. The Cardinals matched the biggest September comeback in NL history by edging the Braves for the wild card.


• On Aug. 27, the Red Sox swept a doubleheader from the Athletics. That's the last time they won back-to-back games all season. They led the AL East by two games at that point. The Rays were nine games out. The Red Sox then lost three of four to the Yankees, beginning their collapse. They closed by losing 21 of their last 29 games and went 7-20 in September.

• In their final game, the Red Sox led by a run going into the ninth inning. They were 76-0 when leading after eight innings. They allowed two runs in the ninth inning and lost, 4-3, losing the wild card to the Rays, who rallied from 7-0 down to beat the Yankees. It was the Yankees' biggest blown lead in the eighth inning or later since 1953. It was about as improbable a combination of events as you could imagine.

Orioles win probability, bottom of 9th

Mid 9 (BOS 3-2), 22.9%
Jones K (1 out), 13.5
Reynolds K (2 out), 5.7
Davis 2B, 16.7
Reimold 2B (tied 3-3), 63.9
Andino 1B (BAL 4-3), 100.0

Rays win probability, 8th/9th innings

Mid 8 (NYY 7-0), 0.58%
Bases loaded, 0 out, 3.89
Fuld walk (7-1), 7.41
Rodriguez HBP (7-2), 13.54
Jennings K (1 out), 8.26
Upton SF (2 out, 7-3), 4.43
Longoria HR (7-6), 22.26
End 8 (NYY 7-6), 18.42

Mid 9 (NYY 7-6), 22.89
2 outs, nobody on, 5.62
1-2 count to Johnson, 3.61
Johnson HR (tied 7-7), 56.08

• The Braves were 81-55 through Sept. 1 and seemingly were in command of the NL wild-card race, with an 8 1/2 game lead over the Cardinals. They were leading the Dodgers 5-0 at home on Sept. 2, but blew the game, losing 8-6. That started their collapse. They went 9-18 to end the regular season, blowing a ninth-inning lead to the Phillies in the final game and lost the NL wild card to the Cardinals by a game.

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