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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Mets Rumors: Money Over Kipnis And Others

Image result for jason kipnisMets Rumors: Money Over Kipnis And Others

Multiple sources say the Mets had a deal in place to trade for Cleveland second basemen Jason Kipnis at the gm winter meetings. Talks broke down after the Mets didn't value the Kipnis' contract at $30.5 million dollars owed after 2 seasons.

Many have speculated that the Mets had offered closer AJ Ramos as the main piece, but again the Mets thought Ramos was more valuable than Kipnis.

The Mets continue the search for an infielder either at 2B or 3B. Pirates Josh Harrison ($10M) has more value than Kipnis because not only can he steal a base, but he can play multiple positions (2B, 3B, OF) that gives the Mets flexibility for first manager Mickey Callaway. His price tag also fits the Mets mantra.

But if the Mets can pull off the ultimate trade of Harrison plus Andrew McCutchen ($14.5M) deal with Juan Lagares involved, it would provide the Mets with solid outfield depth, but the Mets will have to absorb money (but not too much). If the Mets can trade the Pirates A.J. Ramos ($6.55M) and Lagares ($9M), and let's say, Wilmer Flores ($2.2M). The Mets will be shelling back approx. $17.75 Million. That would leave them only paying approx. $6.25 Million additional. It provides them with much more value than Kipnis' contract. Now with Jay Bruce being re-signed, McCutchen might now be needed as much but they can ease Michael Conforto back into action rather than forcing him back to further injuring himself. Plus the good thing is you only have McCutchen for one year before free agency.

The other options are just free agents. The Mets may dive into the 3B chase. They have eyes on Mike Moustakas and Todd Frazier, which will be a cheaper alternative.

For relief help, the Mets continue to have their eyes on Addison Reed (multiple reports say talking), who also knows the organization as well as Bruce. Maybe a trade has to happen before this signing can happen especially if Ramos is involved?

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