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Sunday, January 07, 2018

Mets Rumors: Mets Plan Moving Forward

Image result for moustakasMets Rumors: Mets Plan Moving Forward

The New York Mets have a plan, and again, it involves waiting... The Mets according to MLB insiders have interest in third basemen Mike Moustakas and Todd Frazier, but they are waiting for the price to drop.

They are also in play for catcher Jonathan Lucroy, but again waiting for the price to drop.

On the lighter side of the free agent market, the Mets covet first basemen Adam Lind and Logan Morrison to ensure Dominic Smith next year. Both of them could play corner outfield if needed.

The Mets also have dipped in the trader's market. They still have interest in the Pirates  Andrew McCutchen and Josh Hamilton, but the price might too high for Mets to handle. Maybe a fallback option for the Mets to get into.

Remember, the Mets along with other teams like the Yankees are still in the hunt for a third baseman. So it will be a battle for team services.

Moustakas would benefit the Mets both offensively and defensively, but the Mets simply have to pony up to get him.

Lucroy, who was in trade talks no too long ago with the Mets is an intriguing option for offense unless they have another move under their belt with Travis d'Arnaud.

The Mets better make a move soon as February approaches and spring training looms.

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