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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Mets Rumors: With Kinsler Off The Board, Mets Move To Other Options At 2B

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Kipnis in NY?

Mets Rumors: With Kinsler Off The Board, Mets Move To Other Options At 2B

According to multiple reports, now that Ian Kinsler has accepted a trade to the Angels the Mets move on to the rest of the second base chase. By the way Mets fans, the Tigers loved the Mets offer, but he did not want to come to New York.

According to multiple sources, the Mets have interest in 2B Jason Kipnis from the Cleveland Indians. The Mets and Indians spent time at the Winter Meetings discussing Kipnis, who would appear to be a snug fit despite his down 2017 season. Guaranteed just over $30 million the next two seasons, including a '20 buyout, Kipnis is among the more expensive options on the market in terms of actual dollars. But he would not likely require a significant prospect haul. Still, talks have reportedly stalled, for now, generating skepticism that the teams could strike a deal.

The Mets also have interest in the Pirates Josh Harrison. Harrison has the ability to play second base, third base, and the outfield would solve a lot of problems for the Mets, who crave versatility in all their players. Acquiring Harrison would even allow the Mets to go cheaper on a first-base bat, knowing it wouldn't be as important for that player to have outfield experience. But Harrison has a spotty history of power hitting. And with three years of control left on a team-friendly deal, the Pirates are likely to pursue a level of prospect package that the Mets cannot afford. But maybe a Harvey, Montero, Flores, and plus prospect can get this done. It would not surprise me.

Three other 2B options the Mets have in the trade market are the A's Jed Lowrie, Phillies Cesar Hernandez, and the Marlins Starlin Castro. Lowrie could come as a cheap option, but with nagging injuries and production the Mets may rule him out. Hernandez could cost a fortune in prospects and the Phillies and division Mets probably will have a hard time getting a deal done. Castro, the Mets don't see as a real candidate because they are not enamored of his career on-base pct. which is .320 and his spotty defensive ability.

So basically, the Mets have to find a way to trade for either Kipnis or Harrison. I think the Mets have to trade Harvey plus others to get Harrison. Kipnis can get done and the Mets will have to eat his contract in order to get a deal that won't demand much.

Make a move Mets!

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