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Monday, July 10, 2017

2018 Mets Could Have A Very Different Look

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2018 Mets Could Have A Very Different Look 

With more than half the games played and the chance of the playoffs fading by the day, it looks as though the Mets may be selling off their extra parts to build for the 2018 campaign. Going into the 2018 season the Mets could very well have a different look from the general manager, manager, to most of their player personnel on their roster.

Catcher - The R.A. Dickey trade that brought Travis d'Arnaud and Noah Syndergaard is still a no-brainer for most Mets fans. D'Arnaud although has been a disappointment so far in his Mets tenure. Mainly because he has can't stay on the field and also because of his inconsistencies. The Mets still have d'Arnaud under contract, but may want to upgrade with a free agent. Jonathan Lucroy is the catcher that the Mets might go after. He can play defense and is a better offensive player. The Mets ironically offered d'Arnaud for Lucroy but got turned down.

First base - It looks as though Lucas Duda's day are numbered with the New York Mets. Many injuries and lack of consistency could find himself out of a Mets uniform if the Mets choose to trade him before the deadline. The Mets are ready to let Dominic Smith take the reigns at first and it could be sooner than later.

Second Base - Neil Walker had his moments in New York. There was even talk he would get a multi-year contract. But injuries to his neck, hamstring might lead to his demise. The Mets could let Asdrubal Cabrera take the reigns over next year if they choose (Team option). The Mets have T.J. Rivera waiting for his shot or they can choose to make Wilmer Flores their everyday option.

Third base - Injuries and uncertainly to captain David Wright make this position available to almost anyone. Jose Reyes, T.J. Rivera, and Wilmer Flores have shared their time over there. With Jose Reyes entering a free agent year the Mets could look to replace him with someone who is a real third baseman. Mike Moustakas could be a good signing for the Mets. He is a gold glove 3B and could hit with some power. Todd Frazier could also be another possibility.

Short Stop - The Mets are ready to let their top prospect Amed Rosario take over at this position. He possibly could lead off next year. This could also make Asdrubal Cabrera expendable and could be trade bait if the Mets find the right deal.

Left Field - The Mets have Yoenis Cespedes in uniform for the next three years. He just has to stop lifting weights with his legs and the Mets will be fine.

Center Field - I always said the Mets need a real centerfielder. The Mets have been playing Michael Conforto and Curtis Granderson out there, but both are corner outfielders. The Mets again could look to make a huge upgrade here with a free agent pickup. Lorenzo Cain is the top dog in the market and the Mets might have to make the splash to get a legit centerfielder. Juan Lagares, who is also under contract will have to serve as a reserve outfielder if they decide to upgrade.

Right Field - With Jay Bruce and Curtis Granderson hitting the free agent market and possibly (both) getting traded before the deadline the Mets will naturally make Michael Conforto their everyday starting right fielder in 2018. He already is a 2017 All-Star and could find himself there again next year.

Starting Pitchers -  The Mets still have depth in that department as long as they could stay healthy. Matt Harvey could find himself on the trading block or non-tenured next season. The Mets 2018 rotation could look like Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, Steven Matz, Seth Lugo, and Robert Gsellman.

Relief Pitching -  The Mets will have Hansel Robles, Jerry Blevins, Jeurys Familia, Josh Edgin back as their staples in the pen, which now look like paper clips. The Mets will have Addison Reed hit the free agent market but could look to re-sign him. As in most bullpens, it's a crap shoot to who they bring in. So I'm not going to even speculate who they might bring in. Wade Davis is a free agent option that might draw attention to the Mets.

Manager and General Manager: The Mets also have two other free agents at the executive level and bench. Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson are not under contract for the 2018 season. Alderson is 70 years old and could look to retire. Collins looks as though he is ready to hang it up as well. The Mets will have to find replacements for both before they get their off-season started. Assistant GM Jon Ricco could get the GM job because he has been under Alderson for a long time. The replacement for Collins is unknown as they can look to promote as manager from the minors or go outside the organization. Maybe Brooklyn Cyclones manager Eduardo Alfonzo might get his due.

Recap of how the Mets could stack up in 2018:

Manager/GM: ???
Catcher: Travis d'Arnaud (Lucroy)
1B: Dominic Smith
2B: T.J. Rivera
3B: Wilmer Flores (Moustakas)
SS: Amed Rosario
LF: Yoenis Cespedes
CF: Juan Lagares (Cain)
RF: Michael Conforto

Starting Rotation:
Jacob deGrom
Noah Syndergaard
Steven Matz
Seth Lugo
Robert Gsellman
*Matt Harvey

Hansel Robles
Jerry Blevins
Jeurys Familia
Josh Edgin

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