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Friday, March 10, 2017

Recap: 2017 Spring Training - Game 15 - Astros (7) at Mets (6) - Harvey a little better, Cespedes and Duda homer

NY Mets(ss)0001020216100
  W: J. Musgrove (1-0)   L: M. Harvey (0-2)   S: B. Holmes (1)

Recap: 2017 Spring Training - Game 15 - Astros at Mets - Harvey a little better, Cespedes and Duda homer

Matt Harvey made his second spring appearance. He went 3 innings, giving up 2 hits, 1 run, 1 walk, and K'd two. The Astros opened the game after 4 innings leading 7-0. The Mets fought back. Yoenis Cespedes launched a solo homer in the bottom of the fourth. Lucas Duda added another run with a solo shot of his own in the sixth inning. It was his first of the spring. Jayce Boyd, Luis Carpio, and Kevin Kaczmarski each drove in a run. Mets fell one run short of a comeback.

Box Score:

Houston Astros
J. Marisnick, CF30010.222.290.333
  J. Kemmer, RF00000.273.467.364
C. Moran, 3B31225.438.526.875
  J. Davis, 3B10000.385.529.462
J. Reddick, RF30000.167.250.167
  A. Aplin, RF-CF10000.000.125.000
E. Gattis, C30000.200.316.200
  T. Kemp, 2B10000.333.364.381
A. Reed, 1B31114.318.400.773
  T. Heineman, C10000.125.300.125
T. White, 2B-1B41101.240.269.360
J. Singleton, DH41101.167.333.167
R. Brignac, SS32215.300.333.500
  A. Sierra, SS10000.000.200.000
D. Fisher, LF11121.333.529.500
  A. Garcia, PH-LF20000.429.500.429
  J. Musgrove, P00000---
  A. Tolliver, P00000---
  R. Guduan, P00000---
  B. Rodgers, P00000---
  C. Sneed, P00000---
  B. Holmes, P00000---
New York Mets
C. Granderson, CF30101.211.211.263
  R. Cespedes, CF20000.000.500.000
A. Cabrera, SS20000.250.318.550
  L. Guillorme, SS30000.240.296.440
Y. C├ęspedes, LF31114.500.5001.091
  K. Kaczmarski, RF21213.800.8001.000
J. Bruce, DH20000.357.500.643
  J. Boyd, PR-DH22112.500.5001.000
L. Duda, 1B21124.500.5451.200
  M. Oberste, 1B10000.000.000.000
W. Flores, 2B20000.174.269.304
  L. Carpio, 2B10112.500.500.750
T. d'Arnaud, C30000.400.423.720
  B. Brosher, C00000-1.000-
T. Tebow, RF-LF40000.000.125.000
L. Mazzilli, 3B20101.333.333.778
  D. Thompson, 3B212031.0001.0001.333
  M. Harvey, P00000---
  A. Reed, P00000---
  J. Blevins, P00000---
  J. Smoker, P00000---
  T. Gorzelanny, P00000---
  B. Rowen, P00000---
  C. Taylor, P00000---
2B: NYM 4, K. Kaczmarski (1), J. Boyd (1), L. Carpio (1), D. Thompson (1).
HR: Hou 3, C. Moran (2), A. Reed (3), R. Brignac (1). NYM 2, Y. C├ęspedes (4), L. Duda (1).
SF: Hou 1, J. Marisnick (1). NYM 0,
Houston Astros
J. Musgrove, (W 1-0)3.0100141.13
A. Tolliver1.01111310.38
R. Guduan1.0100000.00
B. Rodgers2.02221013.50
C. Sneed0.23221120.25
B. Holmes, (S 1)1.1211015.79
New York Mets
M. Harvey, (L 0-2)3.0211129.64
A. Reed0.26660116.20
J. Blevins1.1000028.31
J. Smoker1.0000011.69
T. Gorzelanny1.00000210.80
B. Rowen1.0000010.00
C. Taylor1.0000011.50
Stolen Bases: Hou 2, D. Fisher 2 (5). 
Wild Pitches: Hou 1, A. Tolliver. 
Time: 2:54
Attendance - 4,916

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