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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mets Rumors: Handicapping the 2015 Mets Shortstop Market (Updated 11/24) - The Gobble, Gobble Edition

Mets Rumors: Handicapping the 2015 Mets Shortstop Market (Updated 11/24) -  The Gobble, Gobble Edition

As Many Mets Fans are looking to stuff the Turkey Thursday,  the Mets also look to trim the fat off their starting pitching (and payroll) going into the Winter Meetings.

They Mets also look to complete their off-season masterpiece by looking for their prized shortstop, a left handed reliever to compliment LHP Josh Edgin, and a right handed hitting backup outfielder like free agent Jonny Gomes...

The Mets got their right handed outfield bat early as they signed Michael Cuddyer in early November and gave up their 2015 first round draft pick to the Colorado Rockies in the process as they offered him a qualifying offer.

The Mets have limited places where they could go and look for a shortstop. The Mariners, Rangers, Cubs, White Sox, and D'Backs look like all possible places the Mets could shop in the Trade Market.

Narrowing down the field based on Trade Rumors and information, I have updated the 2015 Mets shortstop trade market from the last time which was posted here.  I also added least likely players to the mix this time around.

What the Mets have to offer :

Daniel Murphy 2B - Mets most valuable offensive commodity, could be dealt with his $8.1 Million (arbitration approx) attached.  Mets don't want to do it, but..

Replacements available at 2B are: Wilmer Flores SS/2B/3B, Dilson Herrera 2B/SS are on the rise for New York.

Bartolo Colon RHP - Could be dealt along with his $11 Million salary (2015). Age (42) and Salary might deter other teams, but the worst case scenario you have him as your fifth starter and he will throw you 200 innings.

Jon Niese LHP - Could be dealt along with his $7 Million salary (2015). Shoulder issues and other injuries have put a white flag on Niese to other teams. Plus he the only lefty in the Mets rotation, until LHP Steven Matz (#2 Prospect) is ready for the MLB hill.

Dillon Gee RHP - Should be at the top of the list and many have said that Gee will dealt in our Mets Fan Polls. He will make $5 Million (arbitration approx.), but injuries have also hampered his value.

Other Possible Trade Mentions:

RHP - Rafael Montero, C - Kevin Plawecki , LHP - Steven Matz

Where the Mets Shop? What's out there in the short stop market:

1) Seattle Mariners - 3/1 ODDs  to Make deal with Mets.

Mutual interest in Dillon Gee, Jon Niese, or Bartolo Colon would get the conversations going..The Mets will most likely not have to shell out a lot to acquire a shortstop like Brad Miller, who the Mets could have interest in . The could also have interest in shortstop Chris Taylor. Now that Hanley Ramirez is on the way to Boston, could change Seattle's way they play the winter.

2)Texas Rangers - 10/1 ODDs to Make deal with Mets.

The Mets have pitching and Texas Could interested in a arm. The Rangers could trade other infielders like Jurickson Profar, Rougned Odor, Luis Sardinas, and Adam Rosales, who is the oldest of the group and most likely offered. Maybe the Mets offer Murphy and pitching to land bigger fish Elvis Andrus, but reports are his is less likely not to go anywhere.

3)Chicago Cubs - 25/1 ODDs to make deal with Mets.

Nothing has been reported about Starlin Castro moving to another team. Cubs do have Javier Baez, who might be more attainable in a trade according to reports last year. Maybe the Mets could offer Murphy and pitching package to get Castro, but reports have been that Jacob deGrom, Zack Wheeler, and Noah Syndergaard have been mentioned to talk about Castro is something the Mets do not want to discuss. SS Addison Russell is another prospect the Mets could have their eyes on..

4)Chicago White Sox - 50/1 ODDs to make deal with Mets

The reports so far is that shortstop Alexei Ramirez is not being shopped and the price has been high for his services. The also want Wheeler, deGrom, or Thor for even open discussions for Ramirez.
The problem is the White Sox do not have anyone else to man the position and value his offensive numbers.

5)Arizona D'Backs - 80/1 ODDs to male deal with Mets.

The Mets are looking for a all around shortstop which fills their needs offensively and defensively. The D'Backs have more defensive options like Didi Gregorius and Chris Owings, who are not offensive upsides to what the Mets have already in Flores. Also reports have indicated that New GM Dave Stewart has no interest in any of the Mets pitchers offered in Niese, Colon, or Gee. Montero would be offering too much for any of the two shortstops in the Mets eyes.

Other Possible Trade Mentions:

6)Colorado Rockies - 500/1 ODDs to make deal with the Mets.

The Rockies will listen to offers for their prized shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, but many injuries in his past will have other teams guessing his value. Best thing is for the Rockies to rebuild his value and then trade him..

Other Options Free Agents:

Cuban SS Yoan Moncada - Looking for $20-$40 Million in International Bonus and probably $60 Million on top of that. The 19 year old shortstop is that good, but Mets have used their resources in the international market and have limited funds as they would be over their spending limit.

Jed Lowrie, Asdrubal Cabrera, Stephen Drew could also be fall back options...
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