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Friday, August 15, 2014

Commentary: Looking at the possible Mets Trade/Free Agent Targets for 2015

Matt Kemp anyone??

Commentary: Looking at the possible Trade/Free Agent Targets for 2015

Well Mets fans, it has come to reality that the Mets will not be making a playoff push in 2014. So it's time to look for a the possible Trade/Free Agent Targets for 2015 to improve this Mets Club.

Every Mets Fan dreams of having a big slugger to add to the Mets lineup and that's what they need.

The Mets most likely will shop for a power hitting outfielder and a starting shortstop to combine with the nucleus that stands on the team.

In my last Mets Fan Polls (Vote Here: SS/LF) that I have conducted, I asked the questions: Who would you like to see at Shortstop and in Left Field in 2015?

So far, no surprise many have requested the likes of Troy Tulowitzki at shortstop and Giancarlo Stanton to man leftfield, but both have obstacles to get on this team.

Tulowitzki is currently on the 15 Day DL and is looking at season ending hip surgery which would put the brakes on any team making a deal for him. He also is owed an awful amount of money and for any team would be a risk.

Stanton, is expected to stay with the Marlins as the team would like to build around him. The Marlins are expected to offer a contract extension  and let's see if he would be inviting to that. If he reneges, they could send him packing but the Mets would not be the first team to look to since they play in the same division.

Other possibilities the Mets could look at shortstop are Jean Segura of the Brewers, who is having an off year and can possibly get dealt. He is a speedy leadoff hitter that the Mets could use. The Cubs have young shortstops available including Starlin Castro, Javier Baez that could be possibly dealt. But the reality is the Cubs could just start both of them as Baez would play second base.

If the Mets want to go the free agent route they will have a limited amount of options. The bigs guns will be Hanley Ramirez and J.J. Hardy, who will demand a lot because of the power prowess. Jed Lowrie, who the Mets have had interest in the past could be a more suitable option and desire less in money. The Mets of course may not go in the route to spend more money and look to Triple-A Infielder Matt Reynolds who has been tearing up the minors, could find himself competing for a starting job in spring of 2015.

In the outfield next off-season the Mets will look at all suitable candidates to upgrade as their experiment with Chris Young did not get it done for them in 2014.

If I were the Mets I would have to check in on the availability on Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier from the Dodgers. Matt Kemp's salary is high, but as a impact player could change the dynamics of the Mets offense in 2015. Carlos Gonzalez from the Rockies could be another option, but just like Tulo is on the shelf with left knee surgery scheduled soon and would have to put caution in the wind.

The free agent pool for outfielders don't get me excited as well. Only two outfielders that have made a impact on other clubs stand out. Nelson Cruz, who the Mets should've signed instead of Chris Young might be a alternative, but now will demand more as he has put up big numbers for the Orioles this season. Melky Cabrera who has a resume of playing in the big lights of New York could become a more lighter option if the Mets want to upgrade their offense. Both have been linked to PED use, but have been playing to their potential without it so far.

The Mets do not really have stand out outfielders ready in their farm system as Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Matt den Dekker will get a chance to see if they are viable options in 2015. They both seem to me as good backups options as they both can play all outfield positions. The Mets will have to wait on Brandon Nimmo and Michael Conforto to move up in the ranks and make a impact at the Major League Level.

So, who could the Mets Trade to improve in 2015?

The Mets have pitching, pitching, and more pitching which would lead me to believe if they were to make a splash with a trade someone has to go. With the Mets money constraints, I see Dillon Gee and Jon Niese as possible candidates to be moved. Niese only makes $5M and is a LHP that could prove some value. Gee has been one of the better pitchers in the NL when healthy. Gee is also a bargain with a  $3.6 Million contract. They both have have injury problems this year and could leave the Mets wanting to rid themselves of their contracts. Bartolo Colon will get shopped, but his age will limit the Mets to who they will get in a return.

The Mets also have catcher Travis d'Arnaud who has shown some improvement this year with Kevin Plawecki moving to Triple-A might make him a viable option to get traded. I see Plawecki as a more offense kind of player and could be a better option to fill the everyday shoes behind the dish. Some believe that the Mets are higher on Plawecki than d'Arnaud.

Daniel Murphy, who is leading the NL with hits this year might get shopped if the price is right. Many have speculated and it has been reported that the Mets would like to keep Murphy and offer him a contract extension instead. But we will see...

The Mets can also see if there will be a taker for Lucas Duda this off-season as he broke through with his first 20+ HR season, but I don't think the Mets will rock the boat on that issue. Wilmer Flores, who has played decently at multiple positions might be another player shuffled into deal. Of Course the Mets could use him as a utility player in 2015.

Last but not least would be the easiest option trading top prospect pitcher Noah Syndergaard to get the Mets what they need, but I think the Mets want to see him along side of Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler, Jacob deGrom and others to build a stable rotation of the future. Rafael Montero seems a more likely candidate as he has bounce back and forth from the minors with no real good results coming yet.

It will all become real this off-season and we will see how Sandy Alderson can take what he has and transform it into a winning baseball team.
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