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Monday, July 14, 2014

Stats Analysis: MLB's Best/Worst Teams based on Run Differential

Stats Analysis: MLB's Best/Worst Teams based on Run Differential

I was looking at the first half statistics and standings from the first half. I have compiled the best teams and worst teams from each league. I based it on run differential which seems to be a good indicator that it is a good team. If anybody needs to know what that is - RUNS Scored/ RUNS Against = RD. Some of the results will surprise you....

Here are some of the best teams in the AL:

  1. Oakland A's (59-36) +145 RD - Best Overall in MLB
  2. Los Angeles Angels (57-37) +89 RD - 2nd Best in MLB
  3. Seattle Mariners (51-44) +57 RD - 4th Best in MLB
  4. Detroit Tigers (53-38) +50 RD - Tied 5th Best in MLB
  5. Baltimore Orioles (52-42) +26 RD - 7th Best in MLB   
  6. Toronto Blue Jays (49-47) +19 RD - Tied 9th in MLB
  7. Kansas City Royals (48-46) +4 RD

Some Surprises here: The Oakland A's have the best record in the majors followed by the Angels who have resurged back to the top as well. The Mariners have risen back to the top with their young arsenal of pitchers and Robinson Cano. The Blue jays and O's have declared the top rights in the east . The Tigers always seem to get it done. Kansas City a young team on rise....

Some of the Best Teams in the NL:

  1. Washington Nationals (51-42) +61 RD - 3rd Best in MLB
  2. Los Angeles Dodgers (54-43) +50 RD - Tied 5th Best in MLB
  3. Cincinnati Reds (51-44) +28 RD - 6th Best in MLB
  4. San Francisco Giants (52-43) +23 RD - 8th Best in MLB
  5. New York Mets (45-50) +19 RD - Tied 9th Best in MLB
  6. Milwaukee Brewers (53-43) +17 RD - 10th Best in MLB
  7. St. Louis Cardinals (52-44) +14 RD
  8. Atlanta Braves (52-43) +12 RD

Some Surprises here: The Nationals, Dodgers, Reds, and Giants all expected to be good teams with good record to back them up.  The Mets (45-50), who are 5 games under .500 are 5th behind the Giants in Run differential. Clear indication that the Mets are a better team than their record indicates..  The Brewers, who have been who have surprised many (53-43) are right behind the Mets in Run Differential. The Cardinals and Braves, who have good records round out the bottom of the best.

Worst AL Teams:

  1. Texas Rangers (38-57) -108 RD - Worst Overall in MLB
  2. Houston Astros (40-56) -88 RD - 2nd Worst in MLB
  3. Boston Red Sox (43-52) -38 RD - 7th Worst in MLB
  4. New York Yankees (47-47) -37 RD - 8th Worst in MLB
  5. Tampa Bay Rays (44-53) -26 RD - 10th Worst in MLB
  6. Chicago White Sox (45-51) -23 RD
  7. Minnesota Twins (44-50) -16 RD
  8. Cleveland Indians (47-47) -8 RD

Some Surprises here: The Texas Rangers are a complete bust..The Red Sox, Yankees, and  Rays all expected to be better, but not the case. The were Astors expected to be bad and the White Sox, Twins, and Indians round out the mediocre..

Worst NL Teams:

  1. Arizona D'Backs (40-56) -71 RD - 3rd Worst in MLB
  2. Colorado Rockies (40-55) -51 RD - 4th Worst in MLB
  3. San Diego Padres (41-54) -50 RD - 5th Worst in MLB
  4. Philadelphia Phillies (42-53) -47 RD - 6th Worst in MLB
  5. Chicago Cubs (40-54) -30 RD - 9th Worst in MLB
  6. Miami Marlins (44-50) -19 RD
  7. Pittsburgh Pirates (49-46) -2 RD

 Some Surprises here: The D'backs are complete busts this year. Rockies have tremendous offense, but pitching faults them. The Phillies are supposed to be a better team, but runs have lacked them. The Pirates record is better than their run differential.
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