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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Do you still believe? How hard is it going to be for the Mets to make the playoffs?

The question remains the same for the Mets Fans:  Do you still believe?

The Mets have sucked us Mets fans in believing they could make a legitimate run for the playoffs by going 8-2 on their last home stand before the All-Star break.

They have come out in the second half having us wait for great play, but it has not been the case.

The Mets have come out flat going 1-3, losers of three in a row. Our captain, David Wright looks like he is still bothered by shoulder injuries and Daniel Murphy has not been so hot of late.

The same case as in many years has been the Mets lack of offensive power. The Mets are getting out homered in many of their loses.The Mets are 26th in HRs (74) in majors and they are 26th in Average (.240) in the majors.. Not that stupendous...

The good news is that the Mets have had success pitching. The Mets team ERA is 3.53 (which is 10th in the majors) and they are 6th in Quality starts (60). The Braves lead that category with 69 Quality starts and lead with team ERA at 3.03.

The Mets remain 9 games back in the division and have dropped into 4th place in the NL East. The wild card race is about the same at 8 games back as well.

The Mets in the beginning of the season had a goal of 90 wins. If the Mets can reach that number they probably can contend for either the division or wild card title.

The Mets enter the game tonight as their 100th game of the season. That means the Mets would have to play 44-19 the rest of the way.

Is that doable?

Well the Mets still have to play:

  1. @Seattle (2) (53-46)
  2. @Milwaukee (4) (55-45)
  3. PHI (3) (43-56)
  4. SF (4) (55-44)
  5. @Washington (3) (54-43)
  6. @PHI (4) (43-56)
  7. Washington (3) (54-43)
  8. Cubs (4) (40-57)
  9. @Oak (2) (61-37)
  10. @LAD (3) (56-45)
  11. Atlanta (3) (54-45)
  12. PHI (3) (43-56)
  13. @MIA (3) (46-52)
  14. @CIN (3) (51-48)
  15. COL (3) (40-59)
  16. Washington (4) (54-43)
  17. MIA (3) (46-52)
  18. @Atlanta (3) (54-45)
  19. @Washington (3) (53-43)
  20. Houston (3) (41-59)
That means:
Mets will play 37 games against teams with a record over .500
Mets will play 26 games against teams with a record under .500
Mets will play 35 games against NL East Teams - 19 games against Wash/Atlanta (lead division).
Mets will play 30 at home, 33 on the road (including tonight).
Mets record vs NL East (21-20)  vs NL Cent (10-13) vs NL West (9-13)
Mets record vs Interleague AL (6-7)

Some Notes:
According to ESPN, as of right now the Mets have a 10% chance at making the playoffs and it won't be easy. Looks like the Mets have their work cut out for them and it has to begin sooner than later.. Let's see if the Mets have it in them or it's just going to be another gluttony of agony for Mets Fans...
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