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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Commentary: 2014 Mets are in shambles at the start of the season

Commentary: 2014 Mets are in shambles at the start of the season 

I wake up on the Monday morning ready to watch my Mets on Opening day.

I find out not only second baseman Daniel Murphy is not in the lineup, but outfielder Chris Young has a injured calf and is pronounced day to day. Young looked great and was having a great spring. I wanted to see if he could replicate that in the regular season for the Mets.

Instead, the Mets had to play Eric Young at 2B and Andrew Brown in left, which turned out great as he gave the Mets a lift as he hit a Stephen Strasburg Fastball in left field seats for a 3-run HR. It also gave them a 3-0 lead at the time.. Hooray!

Now, embarking on a day off after a Opening Day loss because of shoddy bullpen work.. I find out Bobby Parnell has a torn ligament in his pitching elbow and could require to have surgery. Which will mean, he would miss the rest of the season. This will probably be the case, just like Matt Harvey's situation. The Mets have former Tigers Closer Jose Valverde to fill Parnell's shoes, but how much are we going to get out of this guy?

Murphy will not be back for the second game of the season because of Paternity Leave. When did Baseball Players get so soft?  I realize it's his first kid, but we never heard this back in the day. Ask any of the old-time greats if they seen the births of their children, lot of them will tell you they did not.  Thank the CBA and the MLBPA for this..

The Mets will counter the problems with released , then re-signed Kyle Farnsworth to replace Parnell and recall infielder Wilmer Flores, who in my mind should've never be sent to the minors in the first place. Let the kid play anywhere, even if it's at shortstop. Farnsworth sucked in Spring, now is a savior to the organization. Come on ...Alderson..

The Mets also have other problems, they never satisfied the Mets fan base with a trade of Ike Davis or Lucas Duda and they are still both on the roster. Davis, who arrived to the game late, then started and it turns out he had the Flu. Why did the Mets start him over Duda in the first place? It's the Mets...

The Mets also have reluctantly not spent money nor ship minor league talent to acquire a shortstop. The Mets will give Ruben Tejada a shot until the wheels fall off. Yeah, Tejada had some hits yesterday, but it's a matter of time whether he could produce regularly in a starting role...

Another problem I see is the backup to Ruben Tejada. The Mets gave the last spot on the roster to Omar Quintanilla instead of utility guy Anthony Seratelli. Seratelli has owned the minors at age 31 and should of got his shot. He is a switch hitter and has speed which can be used on this team. Not only that, but he plays multiple positions including the outfield. I don't know what the love affair is with Quintanilla, but we all know he is a .230 hitter at best and the Mets should've shook it up a bit.

Getting back to the bullpen, it has to be fixed. Kyle Farnsworth is not the answer to the Mets problems. The Mets have to get Vic Black back in the fold or they could also use Jeff Walters, who set a minor league record in saves for Binghamton last year.

The rest of the problems, the Mets have to see if Jenrry Mejia is ready to pitch at the level he was pitching at this spring before receiving a liner off his right forearm. The Mets also have to see if Jon Niese ready, who has had two arm scares already. If any of this don't pan out we could see the likes of Daisuke Matsuzaka back in the rotation. Any or both could be candidates for extended stays on the DL. The likes of Jacob deGrom or Pitching Prospect Rafael Montero could be seeing the lights at Citi Field real soon..

Finally, the Mets had a parking issue at Citi Field on Opening Day. If you watched the game like I did, you will notice many fans were not in attendance yet. The problem, the Mets had Cirque du Soleil in their parking lot taking up space. Why did the Mets have this taking place on the Opener of the season? Couldn't this have waited until the Mets were at least on the road... Just a thought...

Just for laughs, I heard on the Boomer and Carton Show on WFAN that a fan from Connecticut did even get to the gates because of this fiasco. He went out to eat instead and watched them on TV.. Way to go Mets!

I have predicted the Mets to have 87 win season, but my profitistic self did not expect such developments so early in the season. The Mets find themselves in a pickle already and if they don't attempt to fix any of these situations they might be on the end of a 90 game losing season.

I can hear the screams and see the gestures around metropolitan area... This is what being a Mets Fan is all about!
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