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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mets Rumors: With 1B James Loney going to Rays, Might be time for Brewers to Strike for Ike

Mets Rumors:

The New York Mets have been in a holding pattern since the Winter Meetings in Orlando on a Ike Davis Trade.

The reason is simple, the Mets are waiting for the First Basemen Market to dwindle...and now that 1B James Loney is going back to the Rays, it's pretty obvious the Rays won't need Ike Davis.

But other teams are still in the hunt for a first basemen including the Pirates, Brewers, and Astros which can make Ike Davis valuable to someone.

The Pirates are not sold on Ike, the Brewers like Ike Davis, and there has not been much talk of Davis getting near Houston.

Other player alternatives that could still play decisive roles where Ike would land are Cardinals Matt Adams, Free Agent Kendrys Morales, Mariners Justin Smoak, Rangers Mitch Moreland, Blue Jays Adam Lind, and Red Sox Mike Carp.

Out of that list, Smoak and Carp appear to most available next to Davis. Adams probably the best player in the group will cost any team who wants him. Morales is a DH in a 1B Market with limited defensive skills.

Moreland and Lind have offensive upside, but they do have planned roles as DH's in the American League.

The Brewers seem the most likely landing spot for Ike Davis, but for who remains the question... The Mets have been asking for RHP Tyler Thornburg, who the Brewers are insisting on not moving since they have plans to use him for their rotation in 2014.

Maybe the Mets want Thornburg to ship somewhere else? or Can use Thornburg to substitute from another prospect that they plan to ship for other needs.

The Mets can also sweeten any deal by adding players and make this a bigger deal. Thoughts of having SS Jean Segura at the top of the Mets lineup sounds intriguing, but might not be in play of the mind of GM Doug Melvin.

It's just matter of how much they want Ike Davis as disparity grows in a fast shrinking first basemen market.

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