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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mets Rumors: Why Ike Davis has not been traded yet...

Mets Rumors:

The Mets have had interest for Ike Davis from four teams which includes the Rays, Brewers, Astros and Orioles. The Rockies also had interest, but they signed Justin Morneau this off-season, so assume there out of the mix.

The Rays and Brewers still have interest for Davis, but are waiting to see if other options open up to them before diving into a trade with the Mets.

The Brewers are waiting for the response from free agent 1B/OF Corey Hart, who they would like to lock up. However, if he doesn’t decide within to sign within the next day or so, they may push to acquire Davis before the end of the week. In talks for Davis, the Mets asked the Brewers for young, controllable pitching, such as prospect Tyler Thornburg.

The Rays have interest in Ike Davis, but they also have interest in Florida's 1B Logan Morrison, who is on the trade block. They also have interest in Texas 1B/DH Mitch Moreland, who has been blocked from playing time by the acquisition of Prince Fielder. It is believed the Mets will want OF Matt Joyce in return for Davis which has been talked about for some time.

No reports have come out about the Astros and Orioles as they both seem lukewarm at this point on Davis..

So just like every Mets Fan like myself, will be waiting for the first basemen market to show itself. If the Rays can't get either Moreland or Morrison they will go and try and acquire Ike Davis from the Mets. And Of Course, if they Brewers don't sign Hart, they will on the Mets doorsteps for Davis as well.
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