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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Mets Rumors: Mets will enter Winter Meetings dangling Ike Davis or Lucas Duda and others for spare parts

Good Bye Ike?

Mets Rumors:

The Mets will enter 2014 Winter meetings with needs and will look to upgrade at SS with a possibility of another outfielder, and starting pitcher. They also have a glaring need for a setup guy with the departure of with  LaTroy Hawkins..

The Mets will dangle Ike Davis and Lucas Duda with a slight possibility of Daniel Murphy for a large return. They can creative and add Rafael Montero to any package to grant themselves a big player ... maybe David Price?

Sandy Alderson has said he will not Trade SP Prospect Noah Syndergaard under any circumstances from WFAN report with Mike Francesa. But I never heard anyone say Rafael Montero  was not available if the right situation arises..

The Mets match up well with the Tampa Bay Rays. They like SS Yunel Escobar and Of Matt Joyce from multiple reports.. But could it get bigger?? The Rays need a first basemen so lets see what happens.

The Brewers, Astros also have been mentioned to links to Ike Davis. SS Jed Lowrie has been mentioned to rumors,  but the A's have also said they have no intentions to move him.

It could get big with Tampa Bay from rumors around the web with SP David Price's name involved. The Mets may get into a three team trade that can involve the Dodgers (Kemp), Blue Jays (Bautista), and Even the Royals (who knows)..That's what I have been hearing.. It was reported on Mets Chronicle that the Mets get into a three way trade for their needs..

The Mets do not want to trade Daniel Murphy but it makes sense for them under their budget retrains.. They claim to have $13 Million in their budget but by trading Ike Davis and Daniel Murphy together would free them of $8 Million more.

They need a leadoff hitter too and have one in Eric Young Jr, he just need at bats. He stole 44 stolen Bases last year and did not play a full season. With a crowded outfield with the signings of Curtis Granderson and Chris Young they may look move Murphy to accommodate that. At least,  it's a option they have..

It should be an interesting winter meetings regardless. The Mets will finally evolve and we will see how much they Mets can get for either Davis or Duda ... Murphy would provide financial flexibility and Montero would get a bigger return.

Who knows?  Either David Price, Matt Kemp, Yunel Escobar, Jose Bautista , Matt Joyce could be on the Mets Roster next year.

We will have to see how it all plays out, should be fun  ... LGM!
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