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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mets Rumors: Mets still interested in acquiring a shortstop, but have backup plans too

Mets Rumors:

The New York Mets still have interest in SS Stephen Drew, but from multiple sources... But so do the the Red Sox.

Drew is looking for a 3 or 4 year deal which the Mets don't want to commit to. The Mets will go two years , but not three or four. Plus, the Mets do not want to part with another draft pick like they did when they signed Curtis Granderson.

So Far, the Mets have said they might be content having to enter the 2014 season with Ruben Tejada if they do upgrade at this point.

The Mets have been looking for middle infielders to backup the ones they already have. There has been mention that the Mets talked to agent for INF Cesar Izturis and they have contacted the Mariners to see if 2B/IF Dustin Ackley is available via trade.

The Indians are listening to offers for SS Asdrubal Cabrera, but the Mets are not interested. The Mets and D-Backs met Monday, but did not find any common ground. Arizona reportedly has a surplus of young shortstops.
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