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Friday, December 27, 2013

Mets Rumors: Mets may have a shot signing SS Stephen Drew, but the Red Sox will have first shot..

Mets Rumors:

The Mets still hold some interest in acquiring free agent SS Stephen Drew. The problem remains that they only want to one or two years for him, while agent Scott Boras wants his client to get at least three years, maybe four.

The Mets do not want to go the extra mile because not only would it be a monetary commitment, but they would also have to surrender another draft pick that they do not want to do.

Remember Mets fans, the Mets have gave up their second round pick to the Yankees for Curtis Granderson, so losing another pick might hurt them in this years amateur draft (especially in the top ten picks).

The Red Sox have the best shot at reacquiring Drew because it would not cost them a draft pick (he played for them) and it would also give them some type of leverage in talks..

So in the end, the Mets will wait just like they did for OF Michael Bourn last year and hope his demands drop... Hoping they can swoop in for the kill, LOL..

Looks like the Mets will have to give SS Ruben Tejada another shot at the position and make it his job to lose. The Mets are likely to get a veteran backup to insure Tejada.
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