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Monday, December 16, 2013

Mets Rumors: Does Sandy Alderson Have Something Big .... Up His Sleeve (Updated) ?

Mets Rumors:

Watch the Video, You Decide?

The Mets are ready to strike and have their hands in the BIG Pot for a change. Sounds like the Mets have small moves they could do, but the Mets sound like they have a big deal also in place. Listen to Sandy.. We have options... That Could Mean the Mets will add significant payroll to a budget that has exceeded the Wilpon's Pockets already with SP Bartolo Colon who was added this week...

"I think it's more likely if we come up with a 'high-end' shortstop or someone we like, it's more likely to come in a trade," Alderson told reporters.

Sandy Alderson sounds like a man that has a big play in his hands.. Especially for a shortstop.. or even a outfielder.. The Mets seem they can get a shortstop from the trade market.. but can it get bigger??

Let's Play Devils Advocate for a Minute.. Maybe the Mets can get in a Matt Kemp Deal? or Maybe Be a Piece in a three-way deal to a David Price deal?.... Who the Fuck Knows?

The Mets could look to a handful of teams (Updated) for some answers like the D'Backs, Brewers, Dodgers, Rangers, and even .. Mariners (updated)

Target 1:  (Updated) The Arizona Diamondbacks are rumored to have strong ties to a SP David Price deal according to Matt Cerrone (Hat Tip) of Mets Blog. The Diamondbacks have many shortstops to offer... The D-Backs have shortstops Didi Gregorius, Chris Owings and Nick Ahmed, all of whom are top infield prospects, as well as Cliff Pennington, who is under contract through 2014. The Mets could possibly be involved in a three team trade as been reported and mentioned numerous times on MetsChronicle.com. The D'Backs put Gregorius and A.J. Pollack on the market last year for pitching prospects, maybe the D'Backs look to do the same before spring training ends..
Target 2: The Brewers who have lost out on 1B/OF Corey Hart and 1B Logan Morrison begin to wonder if Ike Davis or Lucas Duda become probable commodities in a first basemen market that is shrinking by the minute.. It's only a amount of time before 1B James Loney signs with either the Pirates or Houston Astros.. So the Mets could actually be able to squander a ransom from the Brewers. I don't know if it could include a SS Jean Segura who would change the dynamics of the New York Mets and the Mets would have a lead-off hitter and SS they desperately need with the absence of Jose Reyes. I think Murphy would have to be in play here with a pitching prospect or who knows something else? There also has been talk of top Brewers prospect pitcher Tyler Thornburg, who the Mets love..

Target 3: Something out of the box, Let's say the reports are true that the Dodgers are pissed at OF Matt Kemp and they want to execute a trade. Does Sandy Alderson have the horses to get the job done??? Will it have a third team involved?  Does Daniel Murphy and Rafael Montero get into negotiations for discussion? Mets Get Smaller, The Dodgers do have SS Dee Gordan, who is a leadoff hitter without a job due to SS Hanley Ramirez.. The Dodgers are in need of a third basemen and Murphy could play there.. Not to Mention Wilmer Flores.

Target 4: The Texas Rangers do have SS Elvis Andrus and his big salary and maybe could splash on the seen in NY. The Mets could package Daniel Murphy to slide over to 2B and let Jurickson Profar take over at shortstop. The Mets would definitely have a legitimate SS and leadoff hitter. Matt Cerrone of MetsBlog.com says that the Rangers are not sold on Profar at 2B.. The Rangers also have interest in SP David Price and the Mets could be players in a deal for him as well....Can the Mets Land a Sacred Big Fish?

Target 5:  The Seattle Mariners would have to be the Mets last resort to obtain a serviceable middle infielder. The Mariners have infielder 2B/IF Dustin Ackley, who is being pushed into left field due to the signing of 2B Robinson Cano. They also have SS Nick Franklin who is third on the depth chart and can be dealt..They are also in on David Price according to multiple reports and might require a third team for extra parts..

Probable No Go's : Indians SS Asdrubal Cabrera who has been shopped, but the Mets not interested. White Sox SS Alexei Ramirez who the White Sox don't know how to value, A's SS Jed Lowrie, but believed going nowhere, and the Angels SS Erick Aybar reported staying put in Cali.

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