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Friday, September 20, 2013

Commentary: Can the Mets Trade for Troy Tulowitzki?


John Harper of the Ny Daily News, raised the question whether the Mets would be players this off-season in the Troy Tulowitzki Sweepstakes. The Mets have two needs in shortstop and outfield, and the Rockies have both Tulo and GarGo to dangle this off-season.

According to multiple reports, the Rockies’ people don't see the Mets as a great match in a deal for either Tulowitzki or Carlos Gonzalez, for whom they’ll also listen to offers.

Harper mentioned that the one prize possession that the Mets could dangle in a package for Tulo is prospect catcher Travis d'Arnaud, who was acquired in the R.A. Dickey deal. Scouts believe d'Arnaud could be an All-Star.  One predicted that d’Arnaud could hit 25-30 home runs playing in the thin air in Denver.

Harper also mentions adding Dillon Gee and Rafael Montero to the package to get Tulo would be not far off course.

He ran all of this by a Mets person on Thursday, he didn’t dismiss the possibility.

“We have to be open-minded,” he said. “We have to be ready to be creative.”

The Mets naturally would have to eat the remainder of Tulo's $134 million over the next seven years, including a $4 million buyout for a 2021 option year, and he has been injury-prone during his career. Which why Carlos Gonzalez might be a better fit in Orange and Blue.

But Tulowitzki is one of the true stars in baseball, a power-and-average-hitting shortstop whom scouts still consider one of the best in the game defensively, and he’s a month away from turning 29. So the Mets will be getting him in his prime.

The Mets have a lack of power, but getting any one of these two players would help getting the Mets back on top. The drop-offs of Duda and Davis really hurt the Mets in the first half and they never recovered. First base is also going to be interesting to see whether the Mets will stay with either one of them or go outside the box.

Andy Martino of the Daily News, suggests that the Mets can go in a different direction by looking at such free agent shortstops like Jhonny Peralta or Stephen Drew. Martino does back the point that d'Arnaud makes sense in a deal for Tulo, since Catcher Kevin Plawecki stock is rising. If the Mets do deal d'Arnaud, they could also sign a veteran like Brian McCann - who is a free agent.

Going internally with Ruben Tejada in 2014 could be a true possibility. Terry Collins has stated that he would like to see Tejada win the job in spring training. Tejada has fell out of favor of the front office, that's why change could be needed.

Peralta or Drew would not wow me, But a guy like Tulowitzki could help me believing the Mets are going in the right direction. Of Course, depending what they have to depart with..

Now getting CarGo and Tulo in the same package, would really make me say Holy Shit!

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  1. Posted elsewhere:

    I think Colorado could do
    better elsewhere for talent. And New York should stay away from hurt
    players - seems you got an affinity for bloated contracts going back to
    Mo Better Vaughan, Bobby Bonilla. If you want a shortstop, young, maybe a
    change of scenery guy, The Cubs have Castro.

    Yes, he's played crappy in 2013. (Cubs tinkered with his approach -
    and gave up finally.) He's very young (younger than Travis d'Arnaud) and
    so, could turn around. He's on a much better deal than Tulo, very
    backloaded, with a buyout that makes sense. Maybe a trade of Castro for C
    Kevin Plawecki and LHP Jack Leathersich (a guy who has struggled at
    AAA) and RHP Logan Verrett.

    This will piss off both sides fanbase. But the Mets get an issue
    possibly solved; keep their top talent; and don't go all in with their
    best pitching prospect Noah Syndergaard after losing Harvey. The Cubs
    NEED a catching prospect; a bullpen guy that might pan, might not, but
    has shown some stuff and a SP prospect that gives up gopher balls, but
    is around the plate. In short, both sides get too a reasonable
    proposition. I think the Mets get a better a deal though, as these three
    prospects may never pan out to the bigs. Meanwhile, they acquire an
    former all-star at 23 years old that does play a decent SS, for a decent
    price. I doubt the Cubs do any Castro deal, but they have Javier Baez
    awaiting his call to bigs. Just my spitballing, and maybe up too late.


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