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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Eric Young Jr. Fun Facts

Eric Young Jr. Fun Facts :

Eric Young has quickly became a fan favorite, the combination of his hot-hitting start and hustle winning fans over.

He legitimately rates among the fastest players the Mets have had, alongside Mookie Wilson, Vince Coleman, Esix Snead, Carlos Gomez and Jose Reyes.

Young has 15 steals in 19 attempts and has taken the extra base (i.e. gone first to third or second to home on a single, or first to home on a double) on 68 percent of base hits, the highest rate of anyone currently on the team.

One of the things Young did in his first six weeks as a Met was to work deep counts and draw walks at a higher rate than he’d done in the past.

His first-inning at-bats have become notable for their length. He’s seen an average of 4.6 pitches per plate appearances and has a .375 on-base percentage in those game-opening turns.

Young’s defense may not rate overwhelmingly high statistically, but he’s made a number of notable plays, the kind the Mets weren’t getting in left field until his arrival, including a recent game-saving catch against the Colorado Rockies.

Defensively, Young’s value is that he turns batted balls into outs at a rate equal to an average left fielder. His other skills rate below average. He rates tied for worst in baseball with Matt Holliday in the component of Defensive Runs Saved that measures the deterrent value of an outfield arm.

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