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Monday, July 15, 2013

Mets News: Valdespin has temper tandrum about his demotion to Triple-A

Mets News:

Jordany Valdespin, who was teary-eyed when speaking with reporters Saturday night, did not handle word of his demotion well, the Star-Ledger reported.

Valdespin started "yelling furiously while his startled teammates looked on, according to two people who witnessed the episode," according to the report, which said bullpen coach Ricky Bones had to calm Valdespin.

“He’s not helping himself. Everyone gets upset when that happens. But you just need to shut up and pack your bags," one anonymous person told the Star-Ledger.

Said another: "He still doesn't get it."

The Post subsequently reported Valdespin called Terry Collins an expletive and demanded to be placed on the disabled list instead of a demotion.

"We've talked about this many times: It's hard for a young player who has pretty much spent his whole career as an everyday player to come up and play, maybe, once a week and then come off the bench and hit," Collins said. "It's very difficult. So he's got to go get some playing time. He's got to go get his swing back -- certainly get back in the lineup. If he's going to come back, at least he's got to get some at-bats."

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