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Monday, April 01, 2013

Preview: What I think about the 2013 Mets

Well it's Opening Day Finally and Baseball is back!  Thank God!  The Games will count today and I'm excited to see what the Mets have to lead them forward.

I just wanted to outline what I think about the 2013 Mets by positions..

First off, I like to say that I see a real future in the starting pitching. The Mets with the foundation of Harvey, Niese, Gee with Wheeler in the near future in the rotation , all positives as the Mets start to piece this thing together... Santana was a loss, but I did not think the Mets were going to get many innings out of him to begin with.. The Mets will have to see if Jeremy Hefner or anybody else like Aaron Laffey will step up.

The Bullpen has a new collection of arms that the Mets will see if they can do it collect-ably. Do I get excited by the names on the pitching roster?  Not really  - but with bullpens you never know, its mix and match.. It will be interesting to see how Bobby Parnell adapts to his new closer role...

The Mets have a hitting catcher in Travis d'Arnaud, but the Mets will let him start the season in AAA. If John Buck has a slow start he will see d'Arnaud in his rear-view mirror by May 15th... I like what I seen this spring out of d'Arnaud and he looks like he brings energy to the team.. Right now Buck gives the Mets some leadership with the young pitchers and it seems they like to throw to him. We will see if Buck can hit .260 with 18 HR's this season..

At First base Ike Davis looks like he will have a great season in front of him, as long as he stays healthy.. I think Ike can hit 40 HR's if he gets on a hot streak...

At 2B,  Daniel Murphy is one of the those underrated players that hits every year , no matter what position he plays...If  Murphy can stay healthy, we might see him in the race for the batting title before long..

At SS, Ruben Tejada continues to impress me and many scouts have said that he gain some weight in a attempt to hit for power and he looks slower.. If Tejada can duplicate what he did last year the Mets can deal with that..

At 3B, Captain David Wright looked great in limited WBC action before the injury... I think if healthy he could put up MVP numbers, especially if Davis Hits..

The Mets Outfield labeled the worst in the MLB has some elements that have to work. Lucas Duda has to grow as a player and show he can play all year with consistency... Collin Cowgill impressed me this spring , he looks like a spark plug the Mets lack at the top of the lineup.... Marlon Byrd can hit .280 or better and has in the past.. He looks like he could be more clutch than Jason Bay, LOL.

The Mets bench this year has some recognizable names.. The Mets might have some memorable moments with Jordany Valdespin and Mike Baxter  and Justin Turner on the pine, who all hit in the clutch for Terry Collins in the past..

My Outlook for the 2013 New York Mets - The Mets have the potential to win between 81-90 games this season.. The Mets this season lack some depth that has to be addressed. The Nationals and Braves are in their prime and are going to be tough competition in the NL East. The Mets are going to have to play way over their heads to land a playoff spot..The Mets need to win 90 Games at least to get in, will they?? We will see....

Lets the Game Begin!  I will be there for the Opener - Let's Go Mets!

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