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Friday, January 25, 2013

Rosenthal: Mets and Bourn match unlikely

Scott Boras
According to Ken Rosenthal of Foxsports, the Mets and Michael Bourn seem a unlikely fit in Queens.

The Mets would have the support of the MLBPA if they continue lobbying for the right to surrender a second round pick instead of a first rounder should they sign a free agent linked to draft pick compensation.

But sympathy for the Mets would only go so far just one offseason after the completion of baseball’s collective bargaining agreement. MLB wouldn’t want to establish a precedent and would likely fight a grievance by the MLBPA.

Scott Boras, Bourn’s agent, is a factor in this as well, Rosenthal reports. MLB isn’t inclined to do Boras any favors such as making an exception for Bourn.

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